7 ways to wear a double-breasted black blazer

One of the many reasons I'm glad it's finally spring is that it's now warm enough to wear a blazer as a jacket. (You can normally get away with doing this most of the year in San Francisco, however we just had one of the coldest, wettest winters since I've lived here.) As I've said many times before, nothing makes me feel more pulled together than a blazer. If you're going to invest in an item of clothing, I always recommend channeling your funds toward a good one. That said, a few years ago when I was looking for the perfect double-breasted blazer, I discovered that even the mid-range designers (like Veronica Beard and L'Agence) made theirs in polyester. So when I found my Zara double-breasted blazer, which was a very reasonable $90, I thought, why bother spending $800 for practically the same thing? I am clearly not alone in loving this blazer, because Zara is still selling the exact same style more than a year and a half after I bought mine; in fact, they've even added more colors. I wear mine all the time IRL, and it literally goes with everything, but here are 7 of my favorite ways to wear it. 


An honest review of the Sarah Flint Perfect Riding boot

Boot trends may come and go—ankle versus midcalf, square-toe versus pointy—but a classic knee-high riding boot is always in style. I've been looking for the perfect pair for several years now, and what's that they say about the very thing you've been looking for being right under your nose? I've been working with Sarah Flint as an ambassador for awhile now, and when it came time to pick out a new pair, I saw her Perfect Riding Boot and it was like my prayers had been answered. It's a tall order to call something "perfect" in the official name, but as far as these boots go, it's pretty accurate—spoiler alert, they are indeed perfect. I was given this pair as a gift for referring so many new customers to Sarah Flint, but the following review is my honest and unfiltered opinion. 


Sephora sale picks & what's in my bag

Now that it's been over six months since I left Sephora, I'm slowly adjusting to normal civilian life where I'm not constantly showered with free products (although I do still receive quite a bit for the blog). I've also found I'm a lot pickier when I actually have to buy something myself—it's amazing what not having a discount will do. That said, Sephora's Spring Savings Event starts today for Rouge, on the 18th for VIBs and Insiders, plus all Sephora Collection is 30% off for the entire event, now through the 24th. If you want to try something new, here are my recent favorites, plus what I'm planning to buy for myself. 


What to wear with wide-leg pants

My love of black pants probably began when I was in college. I had a pair in a stretchy boot-cut polyester from Contempo Casuals, where I worked, and they made me feel very chic and grown-up. I wore them out to parties and bars, with going-out tops of course, or with a more demure sweater or blouse when I needed to look polished. Conservatively speaking, I probably own about 10 pairs of black pants at the moment, and yes, I wear them all. Some of them are skinny—a silhouette that I truly don't think will ever go fully out of style—some are straight leg, but what my closet has been missing is a true menswear-inspired wide-leg trouser. I've been searching for the right pair for awhile and have had some misfires, but I've finally found The One, and it's so good, I've been living in this pair for the last month or so. Styling wide-leg pants can be a little tricky, especially if your closet is heavy on longer tops (which look better proportionally with skinnier pants), but I'm here to help. Here's what I'm wearing with my wide-leg trousers.

Get the look: black blazer and white denim maxi skirt

While the weather hasn't quite gotten the memo that it's officially spring, I'm at least starting to think about what I want my wardrobe to look like this season. One of the most surprising yet welcome developments is that denim maxi skirts appear to be making a comeback. So how serendipitous that this month's most-repinned look from my Outfit ideas for ageless style Pinterest board features that very thing! Coincidentally, as I was putting this collage together, I realized that this look is pretty much a skirt version of the last Get the Look post I featured, so clearly you all are on a black-and-white kick. Hey, if it ain't broke...let's break it down (see what I did there?!).