Lo and behold, the Go International: Luella Bartley collection is quietly up and running at The whole thing is very cute indeed, and I'm ordering the tulip skirt, the pencil skirt, the button tank, the beaded necklace, and the cuff bracelet. And let me just say how happy I am that the collection is available online.

Also, last week, Everlast announced a collaboration with stretch-jersey maestro Norma Kamali; the collection will be available this spring in department stores. In the meantime, hit Spiegel for the Norma Kamali Timeless collection, a series of, yes, stretch jersey pieces--some convertible, some just plan ol' separates. Count me in for the convertible tie-waist skirt, a bargain at $89, especially because it can be worn in a million different ways. Finally, I'm getting down with this whole '80s revival.
The (tax-free) week in shopping
Designer consignment wonderland INA has gently used clothing and accessories for men and women for up to 70% off (think Marni, Balenciaga, and other hot labels). 2/2-2/5; check website for store locations and hours.

For lazy vintage shoppers like me, the Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show is perfect--access to 80 vintage vendors, all in one place! Go to the website and print out the coupon to save $5 on the $20 admission fee. 2/3-2/4; 1-8 Fri., 11-6 Sat.; Metropolitan Pavilion, 125 W. 18th St. (6th & 7th Aves.).

Bluefly's clearance store in Soho is back, and it opens for a preview on Thursday from 4-8 p.m. The email promises Marc Jacobs bags, Jimmy Choo shoes, and Prada sunglasses. I'm there. 2/2-2/4; 4-8 Thurs., 2-7 Fri., noon-6 Sat.; 72 Greene St. (Spring & Broome Sts.).

LES mainstay Johnson has girly tees, skirts and more for $25 and up at this cash-only sample sale. 2/4-2/5; noon-6; 177 Orchard St. (Houston & Stanton Sts.).

Men's and women's clothing by Ted Baker London are $50 and up. Through 2/5; 11:30-7, noon-6 Sun.; 107 Grand St. (at Mercer St.).

For the Goth bride in your life, bridal dresses and assorted eveningwear from Morgan Le Fay are 75%-80% off. 2/2-2/6; 11-8; 67 Wooster St. (at Spring St.).

Wacky Beverly Feldman shoes are 75% off at her annual Super Bowl Sunday sale. 2/5; noon-6; 7 W. 56th St. (5th & 6th Aves.).

Select items are 50% off at Pleats Please Issey Miyake. 2/1-2/12; 11-7, noon-6 Sun.; 128 Wooster St. (at Prince St.).

They're ba-ack! Click here for coupons for Lord & Taylor's winter sale & clearance.

Macy's semiannual Home Sale is now in effect; get free shipping on a $125 purchase when you enter code HOMEFREE at checkout.

This week, Clothingline has Philipe Adec, plus outerwear & more. Through 2/2; 10-6; 261 W. 36th St. (7th & 8th Aves.), 2nd fl.

Replenish your lingerie supply just in time for Valentine's Day at Victoria's Secret: Take $15 off a $100 order, $30 off a $150 order, or $75 off a $250 order when you enter code VDAY at checkout through 2/14.
Project Runway recap
So far this season of Project Runway, I've thought the whole model bit was dumb--you know, when they ask last week's winner whether he/she wants to keep his/her model, and the designer inevitably says yes. Not so this week, with Zulema--she not only challenged three models to a walkoff, but then took Gay Uncle Nick's model (and muse), sticking Nick with her former model, whom even Tim Gunn referred to as "marshmallow-like." Yeow. Poor Nick was on the verge of a nervous breakdown, and I thought it was curtains for him as he tearfully complained to the camera and moped around. The designers paid a visit to Michael Kors' studio, where he showed them his inspiration for his spring collection, then gave them all Olympus digital cameras (sponsor alert!). The designers were given an hour to go around Manhattan and take photos of interesting things that inspired them; it was interesting to see what that was, as crazy Santino snapped pictures of pretty much everything, whereas Chloe was inspired by architecture and Kara signs. Right. (Poor Nick was so down, he was barely taking pictures of anything.) After deciding on their most inspiring photo, the designers had to sketch and create a garment based on that photo. But before they got to work, Tim Gunn gave them all a tough love speech, in which he pointed out to each designer the area in which they need to "make it work." And I decided Tim Gunn would make the best Dad ever. At this point, Daniel V., who so far has not shown much of a personality at all, gave Nick an incredible pep talk that not only kicked Nick's ass back into gear but made me want to hug Daniel V. And he is a true competitor, because his runway look was incredibly sophisticated (granted, it would not be flattering on 90% of the women in this world, but it was very couture, and the judges love that sort of thing). Our dear Jay (season one's winner) made an appearance as a guest judge, and while there was a bit much of "Last season this" and "Last season that," he was very honest and unpretentious, which was nice after weeks of Michael Kors' bitchiness and Nina Garcia's...well, bitchiness. Anyway, Jay clearly liked Andrae's gutter-inspired silver gown (as did I--I loved that he made something so gorgeous based on something so ugly), but Daniel's orchid-inspired outfit won out in the end. Chloe's dress was very Chloe; Santino's amusingly looked like something Austin Scarlett did last season (as Jay helpfully pointed out); and Nick's was pretty but uninspired (hey, he lost his muse, so give him a break!). It came down to Kara's very literal caution-tape dress (which looked like something you'd buy in a Rave store circa 1988) and Zulema's shapeless, apparently unfinished schmatte, but, as we all know, Karma's a bitch, so model-stealer Zulema got kicked out. And I approve fully, because, honestly, I think everything she's designed thus far has been kind of butt ugly.

Next week, I have a feeling Nick and his lovely muse will be reunited, plus the designers take yet another field trip...
Website of the week
I think we can safely say that Goth is here to stay--at least for another season. Case in point: Lindsay Lohan was on the cover of US Weekly wearing an Alexander McQueen skull scarf; earlier this week I read on Gawker that she was spotted "looking Goth" at the Sunday-night party at the Maritime Hotel. Now, I by no means think LL is a fashion icon (despite their night together at Scores, LL is no Kate Moss), but she's a client of Rachel Zoe, one of the most influential stylists in Hollywood. And if the kids start wearing something after the starlets have been wearing it, well, then we have a full-blown trend. So, if you want to dabble in Goth without going whole hog, I suggest adding some Goth accessories to your outfit. McQueen's skull scarf is a good place to start, but I think jewelry is a good way to go too. I've always been a fan of Goth jewelry--I love the ridiculously pricey Chrome Hearts, as well as Cher's favorite (that's Cher the singer/actress, not me, nor Alicia Silverstone's character in Clueless) Loree Rodkin. So a new addition to that whole genre is Exhibitionist NYC, a Lower East Side-based store and showroom. The site is simply organized by collection, which I think is a good starting point. Some of the items are missing prices, but I'm sure if you call or email the store, they can help you out. The Spirito Signature collection is quite pricey--most of the baubles are four figures, but they're also totally gorgeous (and made from precious stones). I'm a big jewelry girl, so I love the Cocktail Couture collection, filled with oversized gems (like this lovely Topaz cocktail ring). The hardcore Goth stuff can be found in the Memento Mori collections, as well as the Crown Jewels and Religion sections. The most traditional look would be this skull pendant or, for the man in your life, these kickass skull cufflinks. There's great stuff in the Charming section too: I love the look of wearing a ton of necklaces at once, for example. You can also shop from a section of items currently featured in magazines (it doesn't tell you, however, what was in which magazine); I don't know who featured these pretty star pendants, but they're so cute, who cares? Now, if I weren't facing a huge expense in the near future (i.e. moving), I think I might treat myself to something. Here's my short list: this aquamarine tiered necklace features my birthstone; I think these cognac citrine and sapphire earrings are gorgeous, but they might be a bit heavy for my tiny, detached earlobes; I like this skull and crossbones necklace because it's an interesting, fresh take on the whole skull trend, plus it's on the affordable side; I love this beautiful three-strand pearl and lion necklace, which has that layered look without having to buy three separate necklaces; and I love the simple, innocent look of this angel wing charm. So while Goth fashion might be a fleeting trend, I think Goth jewelry is a smart investment--well, just like any piece of jewelry. Diamonds--or rubies, or emeralds, or aquamarines--are, after all, a girl's best friend.
The (half)week in shopping
From the "it almost sounds too good to be true" department, Big Drop's warehouse sale has
Citizens of Humanity, True Religion, Mint, Rebecca Taylor and more for up to 80% off. Through 2/12; 11-8, noon-7 Sun.; 1321 3rd Ave. (at 75th St.).

The drool-worthy Catriona MacKechnie has fancy-schmancy lingerie from Dolce & Gabbana, Khurana, and more for up to 80% off. Take the 34Ds and die, bitches! 1/25-1/28; 11-7:30, noon-6 Sun.; 400 W. 14th St. (9th Ave. & Washington St.).

Valentine's Day is around the treat yourself to a pretty piece of jewelry by Catherine Angell. Her Victorian-inspired semiprecious baubles are up to 50% off. Through 1/30; noon-7, noon-6 Sun.; 43 Greenwich Ave. (W. 10th & Charles Sts.).

Get 20% off everything--sale and regular-price merchandise included--during the excellent Girlshop's Me Spree, through 1/29.

Save 50% (or more) at PB Teen's bedding sale.

Get a free LipFusion Color Shine sample with any order at Sephora when you enter code KISSME2006 at checkout (while supplies last).

Save up to 30% at La Redoute's spring preview sale (sadly, there are no new designer studio items--yet).

Save 20% at Bloomingdale's when you enter code TREAT at checkout through 1/28.

Click here to check out DVF's vintage collection online trunk show at Plus enter code VDAYFS for free shipping through 2/6.

Save 15% at Bluefly when you enter code MISSEDYOU497 at checkout through 2/4.
Posts coming tomorrow
Sorry for the slacker-ness. I've been entertaining an out-of-town guest, i.e. getting drunk every night. Illicit posts-from-work coming tomorrow, I promise. Please check back soon!
Some Cheryl Shops readers left comments asking about the Stella McCartney tennis collection and the Luella Bartley for Target collections and when they'll be hitting stores. Stella's tennis collection is due in Bloomingdale's, Nordstrom, and (I'm assuming) the Adidas store at Houston and Broadway on March 17th. A press release and handy photo preview slideshow can be found here. (Note: The press release says the collection is hitting stores in mid-February but The Daily reports March 17th).

As for one can neither confirm nor deny when the goods are arriving. The main rumor is February 1st, and that the collection will remain in stores for 90 days. Elle has a nice preview of the collection in its February issue; the excellent Fashionologie so kindly scanned the article. Target also has a special little site set up for the Luella launch; you can sign up for an email or text message notification to let you know when the collection drops. Again, as soon as I have better info, I'll let you guys know, so please check back!
Project Runway recap
This week I had the company of HG and HI while watching Project Runway, and I must say, this week's fun, crazy show was even more fun with company. After the stress of last week's Banana Republic competition, the designers got to blow off a little wearing ridiculous polyester skating outfits (loved Emmett in his magenta poet blouse), skating around an ice rink, and meeting their next challenger: Olympian Sasha Cohen. (Um, that would be the ice skater, not the dude who does Ali G.) Yes, the designers had to design an ice skating costume, sparkles, trim, stretch fabric and all. And we knew this was serious business, because they not only had two days to complete the challenge, but they had to use an overlock sewing machine--which, of course, kept breaking. Oh, and Santinio once again went crazy with the trim. (I'm starting to think maybe he has OCD.) The girls and I really liked Gay Uncle Nick's asymmetrical gray and peach outfit, and I loved Chloe's pretty ruffled dress (although girlfriend needs to step back from the turquoise); we figured either Emmett and his crotch ruffle or Zuleema and her illusion-fabric overload were a goner. But apparently little Sasha doesn't have the best taste, because even though the judges seemed to be persuading her to pick Chloe's, she chose Zuleema's design, and we were dumbfounded. (HG, who works in Rockefeller Center and can thus see the designs up close and personal, said Zuleema's was sparkly and actually more pretty in person). Santino's feathery creation was actually kind of cool in front but a big ol' mess in the back, and the judges scolded him lightly for not listening to the client. Yes, kids, that's what happens when you're an egomaniac. But Santino uncharacteristically withstood the criticism, and Emmett and his frumpy crotch ruffle were given the boot.

Next week, er, my DVR kind of freaked out, but I can tell you that our beloved Jay, season one's winner, will be making an appearance...
Website of the week
A few months ago, I mentioned here that MW and I are preparing to move in together. We're still, um, preparing, but things are moving along...slowly. So with all this waiting and waiting (if all goes well--knock on wood--we're still about a month away), I've had more and more time to think about how I'm going to decorate the place. My latest find is Wingard Home, a small but focused website with mod metal, leather and ceramic home accessories, from lamps to bulletin boards. The site is simply organized, and you basically shop by category, most of which are self-explanatory. One of the more unique categories is Mo-bi-le-o's, which are these very cool metal curtain-type things that you hang on the wall, whereas the frames category contains features fairly traditional frames. Other items are reminiscent of others' designs, but in a more streamlined way; for example, this sunburst clock reminds me of the George Nelson clocks that sell on DWR for like $800, whereas the Totem Collection of vases is kind of Jonathan Adler-esque. I love this random steel bamboo, perfect for those without a green thumb. Also on my list: these totally mod pleather pillows (although I promised MW no more decorative pillows); these ice pop blue ceramic vases remind me of the vintage ones sold at The End of History on Hudson St. (but at way more affordable prices); and I love the square steel Mo-bi-le-o's. But one of the things I found most inspiring about the site--aside from its very reasonable prices--is how fresh the white-and-chocolate color combination looks. In fact, I'm so enchanted with it that now I'm thinking I'll forgo my usual color overload for this clean, crisp palette. Of course, I still have a month or so to change my mind...
Golden Globes fashion report
It's been awhile since I've done a Red Carpet critique, so here are my best and worst (plus honorable and dishonorable mentions) from last night's Golden Globes.

I absolutely adored Girl of the Night Reese Witherspoon's vintage Chanel frock, whose mix of chainmail and '50s debutante chic worked for me. She also accessorized best, with a hot (and supportive) husband.

I'm probably the only person who liked Gwyneth Paltrow's maternity-friendly Balenciaga, and I don't care--the girl takes risks, and she looks great in everything. And if getting knocked up gives you a glow like hers, well...I'll look forward to that in, oh, 10 years or so.

I definitely liked Felicity Huffman's goddesslike dress the best of all the Desperate Housewives' dresses. One could argue that the style was a bit too young for her, but I think she looked beautiful.

My coworkers thought Keira Knightley looked too skinny in her Valentino column dress, but I thought she looked super-chic, especially with the glittery oversized belt.

She may have traded art-house films for dumb action ones, but Kate Beckinsale still knows how to dress, and she looked feminine and sexy in her vintage Dior.

Honorable mention
Sarah Jessica Parker's Rochas gown did not translate well on camera, but drag it to your desktop and lighten it in Photoshop, and you can appreciate the gorgeousness of its tiers upon tiers of delicate eyelash lace.

Maria Bello's dresses are always a bit long on her (does her stylist not know how to hem?), but she manages even to make Elie Saab (a designer I find very mediocre) look hot.

Poor Hilary Swank withstood questions about her separation with grace and dignity, and while the front of her Jean Yu dress was kind of boring, the back was hott with two T's. And I applaud her for wearing an independent designer.

Natalie Portman's vintage Chanel kind of looked like Madonna circa 1984, but with her cute little pixie haircut, it worked.

And I know Emma Thompson's Roberto Cavalli dress didn't quite fit right (she was on the verge of a major wardrobe malfunction if she were to lean forward), but damn, she's got to be in her mid-40s, and she's never looked better.

I applaud Pamela Anderson's attempt to cover her breasts--in vintage Blass no less--but the dress did not fit and appeared to be choking her. Either take out the DDs or get a custom gown.

It pains me to knock a Marc Jacobs dress, but Anne Hathaway looked like an 8th grader going to her first dance. And I admire her anti-MysticTan stance, but she kind of looked like death warmed over. A little bronzer never hurt anyone, honey.

When Harrison Ford handed Virginia Madsen his drink while he opened the envelope, it was perfect, because she looked just like a cocktail waitress, especially with her boobs pouring out of her dress.

If Heidi Klum keeps wearing dresses like this, I think it's seriously going to undermine her credibility as host of Project Runway. Well, maybe not, but still.

Only Mariah Carey could make Chanel look this trashy.

Dishonorable mention
While I love the color of Evangeline Lilly's Elie Saab gown, I've also seen the exact same cut on Patricia Heaton, Halle Berry, Marcia Clark, and countless other actresses who've worn his gowns over the years. Enough already.

I love Charlize Theron, and I love John Galliano, but I do not love this dress he made for her. It looks like it was made with swatches and remnants.

I applaud Scarlett Johansson for finally wearing a color (i.e., not beige or white) on the red carpet, and it suits her well. However, her breasts are hanging out, and the cut is very conservative, especially for a 21-year-old girl. She needs a new stylist, pronto.

I loved Geena Davis's cheeky acceptance speech, but nothing makes you look more middle-aged than an Escada gown (that applies to you too, Jaime Pressly).

Even though my college boyfriend was obsessed with her, I love Drew Barrymore. It appears that she's put on a little weigh, which is fine, but what is unforgivable is the fact that she did not feel compelled to wear a bra--under a sheer chiffon dress that could have easily accommodated one. Because the only thing that makes you look even more middle-aged than wearing an Escada gown is having your boobs hanging down at your elbows.
The week in shopping
Henri Bendel's legendary winter sale is now in effect; True Religion, Luella, and Pucci are among the labels on sale. Through 2/1; 10-8, noon-7 Sun.; 712 5th Avenue (56th & 57th Sts.).

This week, Clothingline hosts a Diesel sale for men, women, and children. See website for photos and pricing info. Through 1/21; 10-7 Tue. & Thurs., 10-6 Wed. & Fri., 10-4 Sat.; 261 W. 36th St. (7th & 8th Aves.), 2nd fl.

Travel accessories are 25%-70% off at Cheryl Shops fave Flight 001. 1/20-2/12; 11-8:30 weekdays, 11-8 Sat., noon-6 Sun.; 96 Greenwich Ave. (W. 12th & Jane Sts.).

Cool East Village shop A. Cheng has modern fall/winter clothing on sale. Through 2/28; 11:30-8 weekdays, 11:30-7 weekends; 443 E. 9th St. (1st & Ave. A).

Deck out your apartment with minimalist furnishings from Armani Casa, now up to 70% off. Through 2/19; 11-7 Tue.-Sat., noon-6 Sun., closed Mon.; 97 Greene St. (Prince & Spring Sts.).

Gift wonderland The Yellow Door is taking an additional 20%-30% off already reduced jewelry from M&J Savitt, Gucci, Penny Preville, and others. Through 2/1; 4 Prince St., 1308 Ave. M, Brooklyn.

Spend $150 and get this luxe sample-loaded makeup bag at Bergdorf Goodman, online and in stores through 1/30.

Select items are up to 75% off at Benefit's 30th anniversary Sale-Abration through 1/31.

Winter sale items are now up to 70% off at
(Last week's) Project Runway recap
Seeing as how Banana Republic is a huge sponsor of Project Runway, I was expecting the eponymous retailer to show up sooner or later, especially since it did last season. Lo and behold, this week's challenge was to design a day-to-evening outfit for Banana, and the winner of the challenge would have their actual design mass-produced and sold in select stores (and online). Twist #1 was that the designers had to work in pairs; Daniel/Andrae, Marla/Dirty Diana, and Kara/Zuleema all paired off rather quickly while Gay Uncle Nick veered toward Chloe until Emmett zipped in there, so poor Nick was stuck again with Santino, a.k.a. the egomaniac. Things were not looking so good for Kara and Zuleema, whose frumpy garment rendered Tim Gunn speechless (Zuleema ended up saving the day while making poor Kara cry); meanwhile, Gay Uncle Nick congratulated himself for checking Santino's excessive use of trim but fretted over the fact that Santino was still running the show. Alas, before the runway show, the designers were taken to an actual Banana store, where they were each assigned a window, which they had to decorate in order to show how their garment goes from day to night. The very mass-markety aspect of this was that the public--i.e. Banana Republic customers--got to vote on the winner of the challenge. I thought Emmett and Chloe had the best window (as well as the best outfit) , but as we found out after the runway show, Daniel and Andrae's dress-and-jacket combo was the winner--and, to be fair, it was the most Banana Republicy of the bunch. (I checked on the website and it's not available yet, but I will let you know as soon as it is.) Now, as for who was out, it came down to Marla and Dirty Diana's frumpy suit (why didn't the judges point out how wrinkled it was?) and Gay Uncle Nick and Santino's bizarre, so not Banana Republic kimono suit. And while the latter was pretty bad (c'mon, Nick, you can do better!), the former was so incredibly blah, even Banana Republic shoppers hated it (oops, did I just say that?). Yet another twist was that both losing designers had to leave, so it was auf wiedersehen to both Marla and Dirty Diana. While we all knew Marla's days were numbered, I'm kind of sad about Dirty Diana--her voice may drive Santino nuts (good!), but I was entertained by her quirky-cool designs.

Next week, the designers create an ice-skating costume (hmm, Winter Olympics tie-in with Bravo's parent network, NBC?).
Website of the week
As regular Cheryl Shops readers know, I have a bad habit called Us Weekly. And while I love to read about Nicole Richie's "workouts" and Lindsay Lohan's "diet tips" as much as the next girl, I really like to read it (or, rather, look at it) for the pictures, to see what the trendy young celebs are wearing while they're out and about. And I've noticed recently that all of a sudden, the girls are wearing jeans by brands I've never heard of. (What happened to True Religion as celeb denim brand of choice?) Anyway, Kate Moss (whom Big Boss just spotted tonight on Mercer Steet) was recently seen buying several pairs of J Brand jeans in L.A., and in a search for this elusive brand, I came across Raw Clothing, a San Diego-based site that's all about tees and denim. (While I would normally make fun of a California-based outfit that's all about tees and denim, Raw Clothing makes no pretenses about being "fashion," so they're okay by me.) According to the site, Raw is San Diego's #3 tourist destination (after the zoo and Sea World), and from their near-epic selection of denim, you can see why. They stock old standbys (Paper Denim, Seven, Chip & Pepper), cult labels (Hudson, J & Co., Taverniti So), and even ones I've never heard of (1921, Elvis, Robin's). And while they also carry familiar T-shirt lines (Juicy, James Perse), they have countless indie and below-the-radar lines, all modeled by refreshingly tattooed young ladies. I should also note that the site carries L.A. Made, an awesome knitwear line that's like American Apparel, minus the creepy '70s-style porno ads. So, this is the J Brand jean we'll probably all be scrambling after in a month or so. I also love this cool Goth-ish Debutante tee by yet another line I've never heard of, Anzevino and Florence; this Missoni-esque space-dyed tunic by Kristee's; and this cute Leafy top by Split. And before I go into denim-and-tees shock, I should mention that Raw Clothing also can outfit the men and children in your life. If all of this is too overwhelming, you can utilize their nifty Wish List feature; if not, items ship via UPS, by weight. Frankly, my head's still spinning. But the next time I read about a new denim brand in Us Weekly, I'm coming here first.
Cheryl shops for...leggings
Maybe it's my New York City Ballet Workout DVD, or maybe it's the fact that Big Boss suggested I style miniskirts with them for my next photo shoot, but all of a sudden, I have an inexplicable urge to buy leggings. Yes, I know Sienna, Kate, Mary-Kate, et al. have been wearing them for months, and they're ridiculously trendy, which is reason enough not to wear them. (There's also the issue that I wore leggings the first time around, in the '80s, and they say if you wore it the first time, pass on it the second time.) But I feel like leggings haven't yet hit the mainstream, so maybe they're still ok. And they'll look so cute paired with the ol' denim mini, flats, and a flowy, feminine boho tunic (very Marissa on The O.C.). So, I did some research.

Now, there are leggings, and there are footless tights. As for the former category, there are websites such as Blair that have probably been selling these since the '80s. I would not recommend ordering from here, as today's legging is cropped, the better to show off your dainty ankles and Marc Jacobs flats, and to not make your legs look like sausages. I found that Abercrombie and its crazy younger sibling, Hollister, both carry a heather gray pair for $24.50. For basic black or brown, celebrity favorite Intuition has hopped on the leggings bandwagon. There's also Victoria's Secret, my #1 source for leggings back in the early '90s. But I think the best bet is Cheryl Shops fave American Apparel, whose $26 style comes in nearly every color in the rainbow.

As for footless tights, I think these are a wise decision, because they can be had for under $10. Urban Outfitters's footless tight is $10 and comes in a variety of colors. This lovely style from My Tights is a mere $7.75. Another great source for footless tights is dance catalogs and websites; All About Dance has an Ultra Soft Hip Rider Capri tight for $7.90 (which comes in the classic ballet pink, suntan, and black colors); Cheryl Shops fave Danskin has the ultra-high-quality low-rider tight from the NYCB collection. And, hey, if I buy anything from the NYCB collection, I can always repurpose it for my ballet workouts, right?
The week in shopping
Last time I went to the Hollywould sale, I stood outside in the sweltering heat for an hour, and apparently missed Mandy Moore and Zach Braff walking by while I was inside, still sweltering. And I left empty-handed. Still, Holly's shoes are hot, and at this sale, they're 60%-80% off. 11/13-11/15; 11-7 Fri. & Sa., 11-5 Sun.; 198 Elizabeth St. (Prince & Spring Sts.).

A store after my own heart, Brooklyn's Diane T. has clothes and accessories from See by Chloe, Sigerson Morrison, Marc by Marc Jacobs, and more for 50%-60% off. 1/15-2/15; 11-7 Tue.-Fri., 11-6:30 Sat., 1-5 Sun., closed Mon.; 174 Court St. (at Bergen St.), Cobble Hill, Brooklyn.

For Cheryl Shops' few but awesome male readers, Cloak's ubercool, goth menswear is 40% off. Through 2/10; noon-8, noon-7 Sun.; 10 Greene St. (at Grand St.).

Select furniture I still can't afford is up to 50% off at the Conran Shop. Through 1/22; 11-8 weekdays, 10-7 Sa., noon-6 Sun.; 407 E. 59th St. (at 1st Ave.).

A. Cheng has cute East Villagey clothes for chicks on sale. 1/15-2/28; 11:30-8 weekdays, 11:30-7 weekends; 443 E. 9th St. (at 1st Ave).

Score snazzy Judith Ripka jewelry for 50%-70% off. 1/12-1/13; 10-6; the Benjamin Hotel, 125 E. 50th St. (3rd and Lex), 2nd fl.

Hey, sneaker freaks: Save 40%-70% on classic kicks at, um, Classic Kicks. 1/12-1/16; 11-7; 298 Elizabeth St. (Prince & Houston Sts.).

Brit import Reiss has men's and women's clothes and accessories for up to 70% off. Through 1/31; 11-8, Mon. - Wed., 10-8 Thurs. - Sat., 11-7 Sun.; 387 W. Broadway (at Spring St.).

Modernist home furnishings are 20%-50% off at Troy. Through 1/21; 10-6 weekdays, 11-6 Sat., closed Sun.; 138 Greene St. (at Prince St.).

Save an additional 25% on all sale items at Urban through 1/15.

Shop Saks' nifty Marc by Marc Jacobs trunk show and get a cute handbag with your $250 purchase (love the empire waist jersey dress) through 1/17.

Save up to 70% in store at Bergdorf's.

Most items are 50% off at Kirna Zabete's fall/winter sale.

Save up to 65% at Neiman Marcus's Last Call sale.

Save up to 60% at Vivre's fall-winter sale.
Two important news bites
After months of speculation, a formal announcement was made today that Phoebe Philo is leaving Chloe. This is important because not only has she produced critically acclaimed and commercially successful collections for Chloe, but she also jump-started their accessories business with the much-in-demand (and oft-copied) Paddington and Silverado handbags. (Phoebe also sparked much speculation that she was the real design talent behind Stella McCartney's tenure at the label.) So why is she walking away from such an influential, lucrative job? To basically be a stay-at-home mom...which the family-lover in me appreciates, but the femininst kind of doesn't. In the meantime, her design team (who handled duties while Phoebe was on maternity leave) is handling the fall 2006 collection; Roland Mouret is rumored to be in the running to replace her. I say, if it ain't broke, don't fix it: Why not just keep the design team in place?

In other news, Proenza Schouler is rumored to be hopping on the Target bandwagon. From yesterday's WWD:

THE NEXT BIG TARGET: Could Proenza Schouler's Jack McCollough and
Lazaro Hernandez be Target's next design stars? The fashion duo is said to
have held talks with the Minneapolis-based chain about creating an exclusive
lower-priced line. A deal could still be months away, but if it came to fruition,
McCollough and Hernandez would follow in the footsteps of designers such
as Isaac Mizrahi and Cynthia Rowley and labels such as Fiorucci.
The Proenza Schouler line for Target will likely be part of the
discounter's new "Go International" initiative, which, like Hennes &
Mauritz's outings with Karl Lagerfeld and Stella McCartney, features
limited-edition collections from established designers. Target, which
is said to be in talks with several international designers, is expected
to launch Go next month with a collection by Luella Bartley.

Now, I'm waiting to see if women are camping out overnight at Target for Luella Bartley's collection next moth. I'm guessing no (Luella Bartley is no Stella McCartney), but if this Proenza Schouler thing works out, I'll be on the 2/3 train out to Brooklyn at 8 a.m., mark my words.
Project Runway recap
After two weeks ago's Project Runway lingerie debacle (all you need to know: Santino is really annoying and a bad leader; Daniel Franco was one of the most gracious losers I've ever seen), I was ready to see the designers each do what they do best: work alone. Of course, I started to panic when Heidi Klum announced the designers would be creating a party frock for a famous young socialite...I cannot stand Paris Hilton, and assumed (almost correctly) that it would be her. Thankfully, Paris is not classy enough for Project Runway--no designer in his/her right mind would make a hoo-hoo-exposing dress for her (although maybe Zuleema would make a butt-cheek-baring one)--and the lucky socialite was instead Paris's comparatively demure younger sister, Nicky. Now, you could argue that Nicky was on the show to plug her clothing line, Chick, but I'll give her the benefit of the doubt, that she's really a fashion lover (as opposed to, say, her sister, who just loves fashion that shows off her hoo-hoo). The designers made it through the challenge with minimal drama--Daniel V. bought brown fabric instead of black, people were stealing each others' dress forms, Marla can't design for shizznit--and first introduced their designs to Miss Nicky at a cocktail party at Marquee (which was conspicuously empty--when did they film it, at 4 in the afternoon?). While some of the designers were pretty straightforward in introducing their designs, good ol' Santino seized the day and slipped Nicky his business card, in case she wants him to design more dresses for her. Slick, man. Slick. Oh, and Diana, the science-dork girl, got drunk and sha-sha-shaked her booty, thus earning her the rather amusing nickname "Dirty Diana." I should mention the big controversy of the show, which was that Marla designed a dress that not only looked like something Nicky had recently worn, but that had been provided in the "dossier" given to the designers for inspiration. And Nicky, smart girl, spotted it right away. So on the runway, the clear top three were Chloe (who designed a very "Chloe" dress), Gay Uncle Nick (whose gorgeous turquoise asymmetrical creation was my favorite), and Santino (very Santino), while the bottom three were Marla (obviously), Dirty Diana (whose pieced skirt was not very flattering), and Guadalupe, whose dress was just cracked out beyond belief. Sadly, Santino won the challenge, which leads me to believe that Nicky Hilton does not have a very good bullshit detector, and also makes me feel bad for Gay Uncle Nick, whom I think is just as talented--if not more so--as Santino. And while Marla's dress was probably equally ugly, Guadalupe got the boot. Which is good, because I haven't really liked anything she's designed thus far anyway. As for Marla, I like the idea of her--she's 50 years old, a successful businesswoman, has no formal training--but I don't think she's particularly creative as a designer. I still think her days are numbered.

Next week, the designers have to work in pairs. Oy vey.
Websites of the week
Even though I have a taste for the finer things in life, I am really a bargain shopper at heart. Which is why I love this time of year--not only are there post-holiday sales galore, but the retailers' fiscal year ends in January, so they mark stuff down in hopes of 1) clearing out all their merchandise to make room for spring stuff and 2) scrounge out as much money as possible. This often means issuing coupons. Now, I am never ashamed to use a coupon, even at fancy places like Barneys. But at this time of year, I use them with reckless abandon. Which is why I was overjoyed to find out about Wow Coupons. (Please ignore the annoying dollar-bill guy as the page loads, and click through.) Wow Coupons provides printable coupons for retailers, grocery stores and restaurants, plus travel deals and rebates. Since I don't go to theme parks or eat at Chuck E. Cheese, I'll focus on the Retail section. Now, unlike those other "coupon code" websites, which I find hard to navigate (plus half the codes have expired), Wow's listings are in a tidy, multi-column format with shopper-friendly store logos, a clear explanation of the deal, and when the deal expires (if it's expiring soon, an animated "hurry" is added behind the store name). Among today's deals: a free facial treatment at Clarins counters nationwide, 20% off coupons for almost all May Co. stores, 20% off your purchase at Rampage stores, and $10 off a $50 purchase with your MasterCard at Steve Madden stores. Okay, so it's not a coupon for Barneys, but it is a good resource. With deals like these, who can afford to be snobby?
The week in shopping
Finally, writing "The week in shoping" doesn't take me three hours. I should note that nearly every store and website is having a sale; here are some notables.

Both the website and store version of Girlshop have goodies by Lauren Merkin and other hip designers for up to 75% off. Through 1/31; store hours 11-7 Mon-Wed., 11-8 Thurs.-Sat., noon-7 Sun.; 819 Washington St. (Little W. 12th & 13th Sts.).

A trip to Soho is definitely in store for me this weekend: A.P.C. has clothing and accessories for men, women and children for 30%-50% off. 1/5-1/31; 11-7, noon-6 Sun.; 131 Mercer St. (Prince & Spring Sts.).

Get your Aussie fix at Elizabeth Charles: Australian and New Zealand designers' clothing is 30%-60% off. Through 1/31; noon-7:30, noon-6:30 Sun., closed Mon.; 639 1/2 Hudson St. (Horatio & Gansevoort Sts.).

Pretty, delicate Tina Tang jewelry is a wonderful 50%-70% off (think semiprecious stones and sterling silver for $20 and up). Through 1/8; noon-7 weekdays, noon-6 weekends, 230 Mulberry St. (at Prince St.).

Treat yourself to a bra that actually fits--and is on sale, to boot--with an appointment at Bra*Tenders. 1/5-1/31; call 212-957-7000 to make an appointment; 630 9th Ave. (at 45th St.), ste. 601.

I've done serious damage before at Shop; their small but well-chosen selection is cute, cute cute (and now majorly on sale). Through 12/31; noon-7; 105 Stanton St. (Ludlow & Essex Sts.).

Get fancy, old-school stationery for up to 75% off at Dempsey & Carroll's sale. 1/5-1/6; 11-7; 136 E. 57th St. (Park & Lex), 4th fl.

Score sexy swimwear, vintage stuff and jersey gowns by Norma Kamali for 75% off. Through 1/13; 10-6, closed Sun.; 11 W. 56th St. (5th & 6th Aves.).

Get 20% off plus free shipping on independent designers at Mighty Flirt through 1/8.