Holiday Gift Guide: Your One-and-Only Mom

The older I get, the more like my mom I become. If you ask me, this is definitely not a bad thing, but if you ask my husband, that means we're equally hard to shop for. However, I know exactly what she wants.

1. Okay, I know what you're thinking: There's no way I'm getting my mom hangers for Christmas. But hear me out. Joy Mangano's huggable hangers are covered in velvet, which means nothing ever slips off of them. But as an added bonus, they're much thinner than regular hangers, meaning Mom can squeeze even more into her closet! And isn't that really the gift that keeps on giving?

2. If your mom waxes nostalgic for the glory days of air travel, this Lulu Guinness lips suitcase is the most glamorous carry-on around. It's not a first-class upgrade or more legroom, but it's a start.

3. Sheila Johnson's super-luxe scarves feature designs based on her photographs and benefit the Lady Salamanders, the first all-women's street soccer team. With a generous size and lightweight modal fabric, they can be worn year-round and, in a pinch, double as travel blankets.

4. I wasn't expecting to inherit my mom's love of fresh flowers, but now that I have a weekly habit, I totally get it: Fresh flowers instantly transform your living space, in a subtle but powerful way. H.Bloom has gift subscriptions ranging from $29-$85 a month; of all the "of-the-month" clubs out there, this one might be my (and Mom's) favorite.

5. Your grandmother might have told you never to give knives as a gift, but your mom would be all over these Shun Kai Pure Komachi knives, color-coded for various tasks and made of high-carbon stainless steel.

6. Moms: Frozen to the bone one minute, sweating from a hot flash the next. This supersoft J.Jill cable-knit poncho will keep her cozy when needed, and it's easy to whip out her arms when she needs to cool down.

Holiday Gift Guide: Other People's Kids

In spite of the fact that I devote several weeks' worth of posts to gifts for everyone in the family, let's face it: the holidays are about kids. Which is definitely something that's been on my mind—and everyone's—for the last few days. I don't have any children of my own, but I am Aunt Cheryl to numerous friends' children, as well as my own flesh-and-blood nieces and nephews. After all that's happened, it almost seems petty to show your love with presents they may play with for a few weeks or wear for a few months. But it's all about the little things, and whatever joy I can give these kids, I will. They're so worth it.

1. These stuffed organs will take playing doctor to a whole new level. Or, at least they'll make bodily functions seem more fun and less yucky. 

2. I am a fan of anything that makes a kid look like an animal (in a cute way!), but SpiritHoods totally raise the bar. There are lions, tigers, and bears (oh my!) to choose from, but a leopard print is perfect for the budding fashionista. 

3. True story: I once watched my friend's then-18-month-old daughter pick up her iPhone, open the YouTube app, find her favorite video, and play it. I would not be surprised if this kid is running a major corporation by the time she's 30. If this sounds familiar, perhaps the Laugh & Learn baby iPhone case is in order. 

4. I think backpacks are only acceptable if you're under the age of 16, but when they're as cool as this spiky, dinosaur-inspired Mad Pax, you might be able to squeeze out a few extra years' wear.

5. Back to #2, again, kids + animals = utter cuteness. This babysuit with hat turns the newborn in your life into a living, breathing sock monkey. 

6. For your Movember-supporting friends and their spawn, this mustachifier pacifier has the funny look of a mustache without all the scratchy stubble. Which makes sense when you have baby-soft skin. 

Holiday Gift Guide: Your Techie Brother

He's somehow parlayed an adolescence spent locked up in his room in front of his computer into a lucrative career, and yet it seems like he'll never actually grow up anyway. (Case in point: My forever-young husband, who's sitting next to me while I write this, said, "Ooh, I want all that stuff!) Here's what to get your tech-savvy brother.

1. The mold growing on the cheese in his refrigerator doesn't actually count as cooking, but this at-home molecular gastronomy kit might just strike a similarly scientific vein.

2. To a generation raised on cell phones, watches are more of a decorative accessory rather than a useful way to check the time (hey, that's what iPhones are for!). Thankfully, with Modify watches, the options are endless, and you can mix and match faces with bands for a veritable timepiece wardrobe.

3. Considering everyone I know who snowboards has broken some part of their body at some point doing so, I am not really an advocate of the activity. But since your brother is not one to play it safe, at least make sure he looks good on his way to the hospital in Von Zipper fishbowl goggles.

4. Gen-Y is all about customization, so your bro is totally going to be all over these Skullcandy Aviator Edit headphones, which allow you to create your very own individual pair. Hey, if they're good enough for W118 by Walter Baker...

5. You might need to buy this book for yourself, lest it become the only way he communicates from now on, but at least How to Speak Wookiee will provide your brother with a fun party trick.

6. Made from recycled materials, Etines' Jameson 2 Eco kicks are doubly environmentally friendly: They support the company's Buy a Shoe, Plant a Tree program to revitalize the Brazilian rainforest. And we know how your brother feels about anything Brazilian.

Holiday Gift Guide: Your Little Sister

She knows all the words—and the moves—to "Gangnam Style," she can text faster than the speed of sound, and one day, she's going to run the world. You know, once the Pretty Little Liars marathon is over.

1. Wearing a hat is so uncool and yet her Beats by Dre don't really provide any insulation. Enter these Juicy Couture faux fur headphone earmuffs, which provide both warmth and good sound in a fun, animal-friendly package.

2. Knowing most celebrity fragrances, Pink Friday by Nicki Minaj probably smells like a mixture of hairspray, gum, and Bieber Fever. But the bottle will look so cool on her dresser, who cares?

3. Much like a teenage girl, this Stella & Dot Renegade Cluster bracelet is the perfect mix of pretty and tough. And, if her boyfriend gets fresh with her, it can, in a pinch, double as a weapon.

4. Hey girl, make sure feminism doesn't become the F-word: Treat her to the Feminist Ryan Gosling, a fun yet thoughtful way of examining gender inequality.

5. Humor her obsession with Girls' Generation and treat her to this metallic-accented tiger tank top from Baby Centaur, a South Korean line. Next up: Working on perfecting her K-pop wink.

6. Her lip balm habit is singlehandedly keeping Sephora in business, so why not encourage her entrepreneurial spirit with a DIY lip balm kit?  Maybe she'll create the next Fresh Sugar Rose!

TheFind Guest Post: Label Love: Markus Lupfer for ASOS Black Label

Ever since Markus Lupfer's capsule collection for ASOS Black Label was first announced back in August, I've been pretty anxious to catch my first glimpse, and now that it's finally arrived at the online retailer, I'm certainly not disappointed! Although it is a bit less glitzed-out than Lupfer's own ready-to-wear collection, I'm totally loving all the boxy tees, cut-out dresses, and moody stained glass-inspired prints. The overall attitude is naughty meets nice, courtesy of plenty of leather and tough-girl silhouettes, as well as girlie details like cinched waists and delicate sheer sleeves. The good news is that this 10-piece mini collection offers up slightly more affordable pieces than Lupfer's usual fare (he describes it as the "nonintimidating" side of fashion), though naturally it's still a bit on the pricey side, ranging in price from $175 to $525 (after all, this is ASOS Black we're talking about)! If you think these exclusive pieces are worth the splurge, check out the full collection over on ASOS!
 —Alexandra Gambardella

Content provided by TheFind in partnership with Cheryl Shops.

Holiday Gift Guide: Your Dear Old Dad

My dad is a man of few words, especially when it comes to ideas for Christmas presents. Thankfully, like most dads, he's pretty passionate about a few things (not pictured: wine) and when you get 'em right, you're the golden child.

1. My dad is bonkers about the weather, particularly when a natural disaster is in progress. With this solar-powered crank radio, he can keep up to date on all the goings-on, even after the power goes out (as it tends to do in my parents' house).

2. Creed Green Irish Tweed was originally created for Cary Grant, and if that doesn't define a dad-perfect scent, then I don't know what does. As a bonus, it smells so fresh and masculine, I can't imagine any guy—of any age—not loving it.

3. The only thing cuter than your dad in a bow tie is your dad in an oversized velvet Albert bow tie from Lanvin.

4. If he's not already a fan of it, Game of Thrones has everything dads love: charming rogues, warring clans, headstrong princesses, dragons...and, um, boobs. Get him caught up with the Season 1 and Season 2 DVDs so you can discuss Season 3 when it starts airing next year.

5. Like ties, socks are often the punchline to bad-gift jokes. Zoraab, a new site that's hoping to change that, offers non-lame footwear for the dapper dude, and while you can purchase pairs individually, I think their sock subscription (available in 2-, 3-, or 5-pair increments) is truly the gift that keeps giving.

6. My dad's ties to Chicago sports—and to architecture—run deep, but I think any sports fan (in other words, nearly any dad) would appreciate a ballpark blueprint from his favorite baseball stadium. As for the Cubs, there's always next year, right, Dad?

Holiday Gift Guide: Your BFF

Shopping for your girlfriends is a little like shopping for yourself, at least when your girlfriends are as awesome as mine are. (As my guru says, the light I see in others is a reflection of the light within myself.) So while it's hard to put a price on friendship, these gifts certainly can try.

1. Your BFF would be the first person to admit that the standard-issue white iPhone headphones are hopelessly unglamorous. Luckily, these Deos earphone covers jazz them up with the full Swarovski crystal treatment.

2. You'd kill anyone who harms your bestie, but for those rare cases when you can't be around, this Carol Brodie evil eye candle will keep her protected (and with a nice berry-and-spice scent to boot).

3. You'd buy her the real thing if you could, but since she knows the extent of your credit-card debt, your girl would be just as happy with this CĂ©line-ish Thursday Friday XO Here pouch (also available in faux-nel, Balenciaga-esque, and PS-non).

4. True story: I was with two girlfriends recently, and two of us whipped out our Sephora birthday gifts for 2012, the Sugar Rose lip balm from Fresh. The third friend was incredibly jealous. Don't let this happen to you—give the gift of Fresh Sugar Kisses.

5. Because she never says anything when you teeter out of the house in 5-inch stilettos that you have to change out of after 30 minutes, return the favor with Corso Como's Ballasox flats, which come in a purse-stashable pouch for emergencies.

6. Recycled keys engraved with uplifting words, The Giving Keys pendants are both green and charitable—the company employs workers transitioning out of homelessness. They're designed to be given away to someone who needs their message, so consider this the gift that truly keeps giving.