MasstigeWatch: Target's Go International All-Stars and Derek Lam for eBay

Just think: It was almost five years ago when I got excited about Target's very first Go International collaboration with Luella Bartley. My, how far we've come. There have been 18 designers since its inception, and to celebrate Go International's 5-year anniversary, Target is launching Designer Collective [subscription required], a collection of 34 dresses created by 17 of the Go designers (only one, Patrick Robinson, declined to participate, presumably due to his commitment with the Gap). The best part of this, however, is that the dresses are all previously sold styles. In other words, Designer Collective is like a Go International greatest hits collection. Which, if you think about it, is pretty darn brilliant. After all, aren't there pieces you wish you had scored when you had the chance? Designer Collective is due in stores March 13; we should see a preview sometime in February. And to refresh your memory, here's a list of past Go International designers:

Luella Bartley
Tara Jarmon
Paul & Joe
Behnaz Sarafpour
Proenza Schouler
Alice Temperley
Erin Fetherston
Richard Chai
Jonathan Saunders
Thakoon (designer of my favorite Target dress of all time, pictured above)
Tracy Feith
Zac Posen

For a trip down memory lane, click here to read my past musings on Target's designer collaborations.

Derek Lam is also throwing his hat into the masstige ring, albeit in a slightly unconventional way. Like Narcisco Rodriguez and Norma Kamali before him, Lam is partnering with eBay; however, the twist on his collection is that it will be crowd-sourced. Lam will unveil his designs next February during Fashion Week; fans can vote on their favorite looks at, and the final collection will be available for purchase in spring/summer 2011. I am curious to see how this plays out--I am a huge fan of Lam's, and as someone who finds even his sales on Gilt Groupe out of reach, I'm excited he's testing the masstige waters. However, crowd-sourced projects can often go awry (as Refinery29 points out), so I am a bit nervous. I guess this means I'll just have to vote like crazy for my favorite looks. Will you help?

Cheryl Shops Fall Shopping Guide: Pegged Pants

Unlike trends, silhouettes move at a much slower pace. This is a good thing, because a major shift in silhouette involves a dramatic reinvention of one's wardrobe. A silhouette is the overall shape and proportion of one's look; it influences everything you wear and how you put it all together. Silhouettes tend to change every 7 or 8 years, although most people tend to associate them with decades: think the fitted tops and bootcut pants of the '90s, the heavily padded shoulders of the '80s, the long, lean look of the '70s, the boxy mod look of the '60s, the hourglass New Look of the '50s, and so on. In 2010, we're coming to the end of the era of the skinny jean. Yes, there are women who've been steadfastly wearing their boot-cut jeans all along, but think about it--when it comes to pants, it's been mostly skinny jeans and leggings, right? (A side note: Dresses have become incredibly popular during this time period as well, something that may or may not have to do with the dominance of skinny pants and the fact that many women don't feel comfortable wearing them.) I sense that a change is coming, a shift in what we wear and how we wear it. Yes, dresses are great, but I'd really like to see women embrace pants once again. I think the next big thing is flared pants, a retro high-waisted fit that's completely in line with the '70s revival that dominated spring runways from New York to Paris. Going from skinny to flare is a big change, however, and I have a feeling flares aren't going to catch on for several months. For now, however, I think pegged pants are a great option for right now. The shape gives one last nod to the '80s, a decade (I hope) we're leaving behind, and makes the perfect transition from skinny to flare. After all, there's nothing like living in the now.

Almost all of the pants I'm featuring in this trend are cropped, which seems a bit silly for fall and winter, but they're actually the perfect length for wearing with booties--the cropped inseam lets you show off your latest footwear finds. These Thom Browne pleated pants even feature striped grosgrain trim at the cuffs, the better to draw attention downward. These obviously have a strong menswear inspiration but, like most of Browne's clothes, subvert tradition.

A more feminine interpretation, these Fendi pants have a more streamlined fit and a dramatic asymmetrical ruffle detail at the hip.

Alexander Wang's "Clueless meets Wall Street" fall collection got mixed reviews (and, yes, all together, it was at times a bit much), but there were some completely sexy pieces in it, like these pegged pants. I absolutely love the side cutouts--you can tuck in a shirt by day and let your skin show at night--and the leather cuff at the hem is totally tough. Yes, in my eyes, Alexander Wang can do no wrong.

There's something about these Edun cropped pants that makes me think of fall--pair them with a cozy cardigan and a great scarf, then grab a cup of hot apple cider and plop down in front of the fireplace. Perfection.

The key to wearing pegged pants is to make sure they fit well through the thighs and legs, and these Myne Tamara pants manage to balance the pleated hips with nicely tapered legs. The asymmetrical detail is cool too.

These Pure DKNY pleated pants are probably one of the easiest pairs to wear--the pleats are subtle, and the streamlined shape is good for curvier figures. They're also stretch wool flannel, which makes them warm and cozy for winter months.

These Charlotte Russe pleated pants are the cheapest of the bunch, but, well, it shows. If you end up with this pair, I'd suggest taking them to your tailor--even with a few slight alterations, they'll be cheaper than every other pair here, and some tapering in the legs can make them look much more expensive than their price tag.

For just a few dollars more, these Gap cropped slouchy trousers appear to have a much better fit (although the reviews warn about the narrow calves). These definitely have a strong menswear inspiration, but with a softer, more feminine fit.

These Cheap Monday peg pants are one of my favorite pairs, just because they're perfectly balanced--the hips and thighs are slouchy, but the leg opening is proportioned well. Because they're higher-waisted, that draws the eye to another small part of your body, i.e. your waist. And they're great practice for spring's upcoming high-waist flares--start tucking in your shirts now.

In These Shoes: Hunter Verbier Boots

I'm the middle of market week right now, although, to be fair, it's more like market month. Basically, showrooms all over the city are hosting previews of their spring collections, which is great, because I get to preview a lot of merch up close, and it gives me all sorts of ideas, for both the near and not-so-near future. This morning I went to see Hunter, of Wellingtons fame, and while they make a lot more than rain boots (great clogs, boat shoes, and messenger bags, among them), when it comes to waterproof footwear, no one comes close. I have a pair of traditional Hunter Wellies, and the things are virtually indestructible (then again, I'd expect nothing less of the boots that carry the Royal Warrant of Appointment for Her Majesty the Queen of England). If you find the Welly a little too traditional, however, Hunter makes a lot of great fashion-forward boots too--the key point being that they're stylish without being too cutesy or over the top, a feat that British brands tend to perform quite well. One of my favorite new Hunter styles is the Verbier boot. It has a wedge heel, which gives you a little bit of height while still being sturdy, but the coolest part is the back lacing (each pair comes with two pairs of laces in case you feel like changing it up). It's a little cheeky and unexpected, and yet it's still kind of classic--all in all, it's a modern twist on the rain boot (it comes in purple and gray too). And as any Hunter aficionado can tell you, just add Wellie Warmers to make them winter-friendly. They'll almost make you look forward to cold, rainy (or snowy) days.

Sample Sale of the Week: Yves Saint Laurent Friends & Family

Friends & Family sales used to be reserved specifically for just that--friends and family of a label or store's workers. In many cases, they remain as such, but with the proliferation of (ahem) shopping blogs and coupon websites, Friends & Family sales have increasingly become marketing tools. Not that I'm complaining. There are generally two types of Friends & Family sales: the first tend to involve coupons or discount codes for 20 or 25% off your purchase; the second are warehouse sales in which a designer clears out old inventory, often at ridiculously low prices. This week's Yves Saint Laurent sale falls into the latter category--but it's open to the public and promises prices up to 75% off retail. Lilah Delilah at Madison Avenue Spy has some helpful tips (note to self: watch out for big men hoarding bags), and having been to this sale before, I can attest that prices definitely fall on the last day, if you can manage to wait that long. 10/28-10/30; 8-8 Th & F, 9-4 S; Metropolitan Pavilion, 125 W. 18th St. (6th & 7th Aves.).

If shopping from the comfort of your own computer is more your speed, some stores have already started on fall markdowns, notably Shopbop, where prices are up to 70% off, and Saks Fifth Avenue, where they're 40-60% off.

TheFind Guest Post: Ikat Prints Stay Fashionable Through The Fall Season!

While ikat prints seemed to be one of the the hottest trends last season, spotted in the form of swingy skirts, beach totes, and summer sundresses, it doesn't seem to be losing its style steam anytime soon! Luckily, the exotic tribal print isn't just summer-specific, and there are plenty of ways to rock the ethnic print while still keeping it fresh and season-appropriate well into fall. Ikat prints traditionally are a sign of wealth, power, and prestige, and the modern take on the look is undoubtedly chic in a way that still manages to look earthy and effortless. Revive your dreary-day work look with an ikat-printed shirtdress by DVF, or for an interesting night-out take on the print, this cowl-back jersey dress by Velvet reinvents the look by using sequins for some sparkly texture in lieu of contrasting dyes. And of course, you can always accessorize with the print instead with an ikat scarf or handbag!

Pictured above: Diane von Furstenberg Yacia Printed Shirtdress, Tolani Ikat Print Scarf, Rachel Roy Wanderlust Ikat Clutch, and Velvet Kenna Ikat Sequin Dress.

-Alex Gambardella

Save on Ikat Prints at Macy's from TheFind's coupon site

Content provided by TheFind in partnership with Cheryl Shops.

Cheryl Shops Fall Shopping Guide: Maxi Skirts

Remember the last time maxi skirts were in? The Olsen twins had just started school at NYU and their dumpster-diving chic was all the rage. I had this awesome brown tiered maxi skirt that I got at Forever 21; I wore it until the elastic waistband gave out. Man, I loved that thing. So I've been waiting patiently for maxi skirts to make a comeback, and I am happy to report that the time is now. Lots of designers showed them for fall, but unlike the last iteration, this season's maxi skirts are of the more refined '70s variety, versus the hippie bohemian ilk. In other words, these maxi skirts are polished and grown-up, and I find their length very refreshing. Not to mention, they're quite practical for fall and winter--unlike minis, they actually keep your legs warm. They also cover a multitude of sins and, when properly fitted, can be incredibly elongating. Polished, flattering, and cozy--can you ask for more?

Several decades after launching her namesake line, Donna Karan is creating some of the best work of her career. This fishtail skirt from her resort collection is kind of a wonder to behold. It's satin, which is normally stiff and formal, but she makes it look earthy and organic with a crinkled effect and a slouchy shape. I especially love it paired with the bouclé sweater--it's the definition of ease.

Alexander McQueen's fishtail skirt has a similar shape to the Donna Karan look above, but in black wool crepe, the effect is more Goth and dramatic. It's definitely more of a fall mood, but this skirt can be a building block for so many outfits, and it's refined enough to work for day or night. Plus, it's McQueen, so you know it looks fabulous on.

Then again, if you're going to splurge on a maxi skirt, I suggest marching straight over to Rick Owens, who has been showing maxis for years. Owens is a master of this silhouette, and it shows. This skirt is actually from his lower-priced Lilies line (you don't want to know how much a regular-price Rick Owens skirt costs), and it's jersey, which means it's ultra-comfortable. The ruching creates a flattering look through the hips; you can also pull up the skirt and wear it as a strapless dress (hello, two items for the price of one!). Click through the images to see how Net-a-Porter styles it and tell me you wouldn't want to wear this skirt every day.

Geren Ford had a wonderful 1930s-inspired collection back in February, and this
seamed long skirt
was one of my favorite items in the collection (she showed it with a fabulous black and white blouse). I like how it plays with volume, being fitted through the hips and softly flaring out in a fluted shape toward the hem. It's glamorous, but versatile enough to wear during the day.

I tend to rave about Nicholas K's shows, because they are always full of stuff cool girls want to wear. Case in point, this checked maxi skirt, which looks fabulously grungy. The texture is cool, and I love that it's a bit longer in the back--the better to show off your boots in front!

Speaking of skirts that show off your shoes, I love the tulip hem of this Donna Mizani
silk skirt
. The shape is relaxed yet pretty, and the fact that it's silk means you can wear it year-round. Bonus: it's on sale!

I'm tempted to get this Forever 21 skirt, since that's where I got my last beloved maxi skirt, shot elastic waistband be damned. Unlike my old one, this has a more streamlined shape, and it's woven, not knit. It's a little no-frills, but for under $20, I think that can be forgiven.

I really like this Veronica M skirt--it looks a little summery (or maybe just California girl), but the pattern appeals to me, especially because diagonal stripes are incredibly flattering. This one seems like more of a weekend option, unless you can get away with a more casual look for work.

ASOS (which now has a U.S.-based site!) has a ton of maxi skirts in all shapes and sizes, most of which are well under $100. I picked this one, because the contrasting panels are really interesting, and the fit is body-conscious while still being quite flattering. Skirts like this are made for wearing with lots of long, slouchy layers--the perfect wintertime outfit.

Shop it: Gilt Groupe's Wedding Sale

Before I turn into the woman who won't shut up about her wedding, I promise this is the last wedding-related post this week. (And for awhile! Really, I promise!) But this info was too good not to share. So, earlier this spring, Gilt Groupe had a wedding weekend, a series of sales in conjunction with Martha Stewart Weddings (the best wedding magazine, btw), featuring everything from dresses to cufflinks. The good news is that the sale is back and better than ever, and the four-day extravaganza starts tomorrow, 10/20. Here's what to expect:

Day One: For the Bride and Groom
Wedding dresses, jewelry, accessories, lingerie, and suits from designers like Alberta Ferretti, Vera Wang Collection, and Hanky Panky.

Day Two: For the Bridal Party
Bridesmaid, mother of the bride, and flower girl dresses, jewelry, and accessories, plus beauty for everybody, all grouped by color.

Day Three: Honeymoons and Experiences Dream honeymoon packages on Jetsetter, makeup artist and food packages on Gilt City, and diet and beauty packages from Clean and Completely Bare.

Day Four: Home and Registry
This is a bit of a stretch, since you can't exactly register for any of it, but you can at least treat yourself to china, crystal, stemware, candles, and bedding from brands like Frette, Michael Aram, and D. L. and Co.

What's more, Gilt is running a sweepstakes for the next Gilt Bride. To enter, upload your favorite picture of yourself & your betrothed with a paragraph explaining how you'd make your wedding Gilty. The winner will be crowned Gilt’s style ambassador for their next wedding event and, more importantly, will win a dream honeymoon worth $5,000. The contest starts tomorrow, 10/20, and runs through 11/10.

Of course, you need to be a Gilt Groupe member to partake of all this awesomeness. If you're already a member, you can access everything at If you're not yet a Gilt member, join here (it's free!).

I haven't been this excited since the first Alexander Wang sale on Gilt!

MasstigeWatch: Lanvin for H&M, Pierre Hardy for Gap & more

Let the leaks begin! Fashionologie has unearthed the first photo of the upcoming Lanvin for H&M collaboration. Shot by David Sims, the image features a wide range of models (L to R, Hannelore Knuts, Jane Schmitt, Tati Cotliar, and Natasha Poly), perhaps alluding to Lanvin's all-ages appeal. All I have to say is, I'll take one of each, please. We'll get a full view of the collection on November 2 and it hits H&M stores worldwide November 23.'s Style File blog has bad news about the fall Pierre Hardy for Gap boots I had been eagerly anticipating. First, only the black peep-toe boots will be produced--which means no yellow-soled boots, and no gray peep-toe boots, which were the pair I really wanted. The black lace-ups were supposed to hit stores today, but due to a vague delay, they'll now hit October 28.

Finally, Racked National reports that Urban Outfitters is adding another lower-priced designer line to its stable: PJ by Peter Jensen, a London-based Danish designer known for his quirky-girlish aesthetic. PJ hits U.S. Urban Outfitters in December.

In These Shoes: Pour La Victoire Divia Bridal Shoes

So, I bought a wedding dress. Contrary to my previous thoughts on the matter, I ended up spending, well, a lot. It turned out that I had a lot more tied up in the dress than I had thought. My original idea was just to wear a white evening gown by a designer I admire, like Lanvin or J. Mendel; this turned out to be even more expensive than buying a regular wedding dress. Then I thought that I could find something unique and flattering for under $2,000. Flattering yes, unique no. So seven bridal salons later, I ended up buying one of the first dresses I tried on; in spite of the fact that MW and I will be eating ramen noodles for the next eight months, I am very happy with my purchase (I was even able to do some negotiating! Who says the recession is over?), but let me tell you, shopping for the wedding dress was by far the most stressful part of wedding planning thus far. Then again, I still have the seating chart to do. Anyway, now comes the fun part: shoes!

My wedding shoe challenge is twofold: First, my ceremony will take place on the beach (weather permitting), and thus I need shoes that will be sturdy enough on sand. Second, if I wear heels higher than 3 inches, I tower over MW. So, ideally, I need a semi-low wedge that's elegant enough to wear with my goddess-like silk gown. Easier said than done, right? I was excited when I found the Divia by Pour La Victoire, which just happens to be one of my favorite shoe makers. They come in white, but I like the blue (hey, takes care of the "something blue"). The exaggerated bow makes them feminine while the wide ankle band with back zip is fashion-conscious. The wedge heel is elegant and sculptural, but one tiny quibble: it's 4 inches, which would make me just a bit too tall. For $127, which greatly alleviates the cost of my dress however, maybe I can dig my heels into the sand.

Sample Sale of the Week: Elie Tahari plus Friends & Family sales

Chances are, you work in an office. If not, you might someday. Either way, you need appropriate clothes--classic but interesting, conservative yet inspiring. For work-friendly wardrobe staples, hit the Elie Tahari sample sale, where corporate-appropriate clothes and accessories for men and women are up to 70% off. Go with your coworkers, if only to make sure you aren't all buying the same stuff. 10/19-10/23; 8:30-7:30, 10-5 Sat.; 510 5th Ave. (enter on 43rd St.).

And now begins the season of Friends & Family sales, those wonderful times when you can take 20% or 25% nearly everything (a few weeks before everything gets marked down by 30%, that is). This week, two major department stores get in on the action. Use code FRIEND7 for 20% off (15% off jewelry, 10% off beauty and fragrance) at Saks Fifth Avenue 10/19-10/24; take 25% off at Lord & Taylor with code FRIENDS through 10/24, plus free shipping too.

New shopping news! Club Monaco at Shopbop

I was in high school when Club Monaco opened its first store in Chicago; its modern, updated basics got me through multiple internships and my first post-college job. Originally a Canadian chain, Club Monaco was bought by Ralph Lauren in 1999 and has since been churning out chic, trend-conscious yet understated clothes; the store is probably most often compared to Banana Republic, but it's way more stylish and urbane. Unlike Banana Republic, Club Monaco has no e-commerce presence--until now, that is. Shopbop, which also sold Madewell before its own website launch (and continues to do so), is now the official online retailer of Club Monaco for women; word on the street is that Club Monaco is testing the Internet waters before it launches its own site sometime in 2011. As for what's on Shopbop, it's a fall and holiday capsule collection, and as with most of Club Monaco's stock, many of the pieces are work-friendly. One of my favorite items is the Isabel tee, which doesn't photograph quite as well as how it looks in person, but it's a simple top with beautifully detailed beading at the shoulders. I was also quite taken with the Simona plaid skirt, pictured at right--I've been looking for a new pleated camel skirt (specific, I know), and this is one of the best ones I've seen. There are also some great accessories, including the very affordable wool thigh highs (just $24!), luxe but reasonable fingerless shearling gloves, and the supercool metallic liquid scarf.

The best part is that to celebrate the launch, Shopbop and Club Monaco are teaming up for a sweepstakes (which normally I don't mention here, but this one was too good to pass up)--the grand prize includes a trip to New York for two, a one-on-one styling session with Kate Ciepluch and Club Monaco Vice President of Women’s Design Caroline Belhumeur, and two $1,000 gift cards – one to Club Monaco and one to Shopbop. And even if you already live in NYC, it's two free shopping sprees with professional advice. I mean, hello. Click on the little icon below to enter--the deadline is October 31, 2010.

Club Monaco at

Cheryl Shops Fall Shopping Guide: Leopard Print Bags

There is no question about it: Leopard print is everywhere this season. It's on coats, dresses, skirts, tops, belts, shoes, and so on. And while fashion editors will say things like, "Leopard is the new neutral," I think that a little leopard can go a long way, and how much you can handle depends on your personal style. If you're feeling iffy about it, the best way to introduce something new to your wardrobe is through accessories, and while leopard belts and shoes have been around for awhile, I think the time is right for leopard-print bags. In a funny way, I can kind of see how these can be considered a neutral--you can wear them with pretty much any color, and the leopard print itself is made up of neutral colors. And while there's no exact source of the leopard-print trend (then again, is it a trend if it's been around for ages anyway?), there are a lot of great ways to wear it.

Christian Louboutin is famous, of course, for his red-soled shoes, but he also makes fabulous red-lined handbags, and his Marianna is a beauty. It's haircalf, which is my favorite skin for leopard print, the chain strap is elegant but a little edgy, and the shape is generous without being overpowering.

During Fashion Week, I saw a woman with a gorgeous Prada bag from this season, and while I can't seem to find the exact one online, here's another in the same luxurious skin: Prada's Cavallino frame bag. This one is actually quite practical--it can be carried as a tote or as a shoulder bag, and the size is perfect for everyday. Which, I guess if you're spending $3,500 on a bag, you'd want.

My favorite at this price range, however, is this drool-worthy Yves Saint Laurent Roady hobo. The shape is so simple and unfussy, it lets you focus on the beauty of the print, which, like leopards in the wild, gets darker in the center. Pure gorgeousness.

Tory Burch's Holland satchel reminds me of the Prada bag above--it's similar in size, shape, and even in skin (it's haircalf too!). The print is a little more uniform, and the hardware is a bit less flashy, but at $525, I think this is a solid investment. And if anyone can make leopard totally ladylike, it's Tory Burch.

Slightly more edgy is this Karen Millen bag--it's pony too, but the black leather trim frames it, and there's some subtle hardware detail too. The leopard is a bit more modern too, due to the higher contrast between all of the colors.

I first saw this 3.1 Phillip Lim leo tote on the arm of Harper's Bazaar market editor Joanna Hillman during Fashion Week; I've had it stuck in my head ever since. Granted, all the September fashion magazines featured a 3.1 Phillip Lim satchel that has either yet to hit stores or has sold out already--that's the one I really want. Still, this is a great bag--the shape is classic, but the quilting keeps it fresh.

This Juicy Couture leopard tote is technically for kids, but it looks pretty darn grown-up to me, with its contrasting straps and goldtone hardware! (If you're buying something like this for your kids, do you want to adopt me too?) Then again, that might be a cat face at the flap pocket. Nevertheless, this just goes to show that you can find wallet-friendly options in unexpected places.

A super wallet-friendly pick is Aldo's oddly named Schmutzler tote (seriously, Aldo, maybe you should take a note from YSL or Prada above when naming your bags--this one makes me think of the word schmaltz, which is not a good thing). For $28, the design isn't extraordinary, but I think this would actually make a chic laptop bag.

This Nine West Plain Jane satchel, on the other hand, is anything but plain--with its multiple straps, buckles, and hardware details, it looks a lot more expensive than its $70 price. Even the leopard print looks pretty nice. Bags like this prove that while leopard might not exactly be neutral, it can be quite ladylike.

In These Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Bjork Boots

Fashionista does a series of posts called Adventures in Copyright in which they point out obvious designer knockoffs; I suspect many people use them to shop. When I saw this post last week, featuring Steve Madden's, er, interpretation of a Burberry boot, I thought not bad--the faux-shearling lining looks nice and cozy for winter, the buckles are edgy, and the lug sole has great traction in inclement weather, however the Madden boot's spindly heel looks anything but sturdy. So I was very excited when I found these Jeffrey Campbell Bjork boots; they have the same buckled shearling look, but on a nice, thick wooden wedge sole instead. Plus, I'd venture they don't violate Fashionista's Adventures in Copyright rule, because the heel is so different, and the buckle placement is crisscrossed instead of straight across--they're more "inspired by" rather than "copied from." At $210, these are a fifth of the price of the Burberry style, and you can also use promo code STRUT at checkout through 10/31, which takes these below $200--a veritable bargain for winter boots this hot. Now if only the weather would cool down enough for you to wear them...

Sample Sale of the Week: 7 For All Mankind Warehouse Sale

For me, Seven jeans (or 7 For All Mankind jeans, which is their proper name) were like a gateway drug for designer denim. I've since tried everything from Earnest Sewn to Current Elliott, but throughout it all, my Sevens are there for me, seeming to say, "Cheryl, why do you even bother? You know I'm the best." So if you are similarly devoted, head on over to the Metropolitan Pavilion this weekend for The Warehouse Sale's Seven jeans sale. Now, because The Warehouse Sale is an L.A.-based company, they have all sorts of VIP nonsense; if you want to go a day earlier than everyone else, click here to get the VIP pass (you'll have to print it--they won't let you in without it). As for why you'd want to go to this thing, prices start at $65 and go down by $10 daily, and thousands of units are available, for men and women. VIP day is Thursday, 10/14; otherwise the sale runs 10/15-10/17 from 11-8 daily; Metropolitan Pavilion, 123 W. 18th St. (6th & 7th Aves.), 5th fl.

Another sale worth hitting: Slane & Slane, which makes some of my favorite jewelry--it's very sculptural and organic. And now it's 50% off at their sample sale now through 10/15; 9-6; 260 5th Ave. (28th & 29th Sts.).

TheFind Guest Post: Trendy Takes On Tweed That Won't Make You Look Like a Grandma

For some reason, there's something about tweed that seems to give off a dated, stuffy vibe. Maybe it's because of the itchy wool fabric you used to always hate as a kid, or maybe it's just the association with the kind of matchy-matchy suit your grandmother would show up wearing to Easter brunch. In any case, this season's tweed pieces are all about reinventing the fabric into something that's chic, cozy, and undeniably modern. Coats, trousers, skirts, shorts, and even bags and shoes -- there's nothing tweed can't conquer, and if you choose wisely, you can make the trend work for you in a way that's preppy-chic but hardly uptight!

I'm loving this tweed jacket by Nanette Lepore -- the cargo pockets give it a modern equestrian feel, plus the rust color is totally in this season! For a basic black coat that's anything but boring, this long Milly Phoebe Coat has that military inspiration that took over the Fashion Week runways! If you can pull them off, pegged pants are coming back, and these BDG trousers can be dressed up or down for almost any occasion. And would you ever expect tweed to be appropriate for a night out? Check out this sequin and tweed mini skirt from J. Crew -- it's the perfect mix of naughty and nice!
-Alex Gambardella

Save on Tweed Clothing and Accessories at Shopbop from TheFind's coupon sit

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Cheryl Shops Fall Shopping Guide: Shearling Aviator Jackets

A few months ago, I was watching the Rachel Zoe show on Bravo, and it was fun to see her DYING over the BANANAS jackets on the fall 2010 Burberry runway in London; while my reaction was not quite so over-the-top, I was definitely dying over them in my own way. Shearling jackets are something that, while luxurious, have a tendency to look boxy and dowdy; Burberry made them look young and hip. A jacket is always one of the first things I buy for fall, hence why I'm starting with them; it's a great way to set the tone for the season, and it's often one of the first fall items you break out. With jackets this cool, I can't wait for the weather to take another dip.

I have a fantasy fashion shopping list, and one of the items on it is a Rick Owens leather jacket. They are, really, the coolest, and they have an amazing fit, because Owens constructs them with ribbed inserts, which allow the jacket to be super-snug yet comfortable. This shearling jacket is like a super-luxe version of his signature biker style, with the supersoft lining providing just that extra bit of oomph. The slightly impractical light color makes it even more fabulous.

Adam's aviator jacket is, in the grand scheme of things, reasonably priced considering it's leather with a real shearling collar. It doesn't have as much drama as some other styles, but it has cool quilting on the back shoulders, and the caramel color is flattering on a bunch of skin tones.

Then again, if you're shopping in this price range, why not go straight to the source? Burberry's shearling jacket is just perfect, from the dramatic funnel collar to the deep zip vents on the cuffs. Plus, this is the only true shearling, made from sheepskin with shearling lining. It is, you have to admit, pretty bananas.

This McGinn jacket is probably the most similar to the Burberry look above, with its trim and color scheme, but that's pretty much where the similarities end. While I love the look, $500 for a non-leather jacket is a bit much, although, strangely, the shearling trim at the cuffs and collar is in fact real.

This Aqua jacket is similar to the Burberry style too, but at $198, it's much more affordable, albeit less detailed. It is, however, 100% synthetic; then again, if you are into being animal-friendly, this is a stylish pick.

I make no secret of my admiration for BCBG, and with jackets like this cropped style, you can understand where I'm coming from. It has a great big collar and, like the Rick Owens style above, knit inserts to ensure a snug look. The cropped length is pretty chic too. The best part is that aside from the already gentle price, it's on sale at the moment (plus enter code COLUMBUS10 for free shipping).

This Express jacket has a confusing name: (Minus the) Suede Shearling Jacket. It's all synthetic, by the way, as is nearly everything at this price point. However, whatever uncertainty its name might cause gets cancelled out by how obviously awesome this jacket is. In other words, it's a great look at a great price.

An even better deal is this Forever 21 moto jacket, which is under $40. It's probably not very warm, but that also means you can wear it sooner rather than later. Just don't wear it too much--I'm concerned about its washability.

One of my favorite jackets of the bunch, however, is this New York & Company faux shearling jacket. I like that the color is a bit unusual (sexily, they call it "olive secrets"), and it has a nice distressed look. And I'm not alone in thinking this--apparently none other than chose it as a "most-wanted" fall item.

Lucky Shops 2010

Confession: I have never been to Lucky Shops. For some reason, year after year, I am always out of town the weekend it happens. This only multiplies its mystique for me, however; I envision Lucky Shops as a fun shopping party with the hippest labels and amazing prices, and in my daydream, Lucky editors like Jean Godfrey-June and Anne Keane are there helping me pick out lipstick and jeans, respectively. Well, at least the first part is true--some of my favorite designers will be for sale (Bing Bang, Vena Cava, Pour La Victoire, among many others) with prices up to 70% off retail. There will be cocktails, mini-makeovers, giveaways, and other enticing extras--after all, it's not just shopping, it's a shopping event. Such awesomeness does not come free, however: You'll need a ticket to enter Lucky Shops, and you have several options. The most fabulous is the $185 opening-night VIP party celebrating Lucky's 10-year anniversary; Lucky will donate 50% of the ticket price to charity, and in addition to first dibs on the merch, you also get a VIP gift bag worth $500 (so, really, it's like your ticket is free. Okay, maybe not quite, but close). If you just want to shop, you can go for the $40 or $35 Friday tickets, $30 Saturday tickets (less selection, but prices will get chopped), or a $60 two-day shopping pass. All the details can be found here. Now, normally I don't advocate paying money to shop, but this is Lucky we're talking about, so you know the sale is going to have stuff so good, you're going to want to add "-y" to nouns just to describe it (you know, as Lucky often does). Tickets are on sale now--you have exactly a month to get yours!