In These Shoes: J.Crew Everly T-Strap Pumps

At my day job, I'm neck-high in fall fashion. On one hand, it's weird to be talking about wool and leather and dark colors when it's over 90 degrees outside, but on the other hand, I can't wait for it to be fall. I love going to the beach and I really love sandals, but I do not like sweating, humidity, how the city smells, air-conditioning, or bugs. My comfort level falls somewhere between 65 and 75 degrees, so, yes, I know, I should move to San Francisco. But I digress. I'm totally looking forward to that sweater-and-jeans weather that starts up around late September, and while I can't even bear to look at fall clothes right now, I can at least look at fall shoes. And I would like to look at these J.Crew Everly pumps, and then look at them some more, and then look at them on my own feet. They're the type of shoes that at first you think, "These won't go with anything in my closet," but then realize, "These go with everything in my closet." The archival foulard print is so unique, it will elevate whatever you're wearing, and the pointy cap toe is very on-trend for fall (trust me: pointy toes are back). These shoes are an investment, but as I noted last week, investments are where it's at. And, as I've discovered, closed-toe come in handy in the summer when your pedicure starts chipping but you don't have time for a new one. See, some things are seasonless.

Lazy shopping: late summer sales

As you may expect from someone who's written a shopping blog for nearly 10 years, I treat sale shopping like a competitive sport. The important thing to know is that markdowns get steeper as the season goes on, but the stakes get a bit higher too. In my previous sale-shopping post, it was early in the season, and thus a great time to snap up more classic pieces—things you're almost willing to pay full price for but are excited to find on sale nonetheless. Now, in late summer, retailers just want to clear out merchandise to make room for fall items, hence the markdowns are at least 50%, and sometimes up to 70% or 80%. The catch, though, is that what's left is sometimes a bit tricky: trends that didn't quite resonate, extreme sizes, adventurous prints and colors. Which is why when I buy stuff at the end of the season, I take chances. Hey, it's fashion—it's supposed to be fun! A bright-yellow bag, a crazy tribal print, metallic jeans...why not, right? Here's what I've been eying.

Clockwise from top left:

Fallon choker, $50

Rag & Bone Jasmine sweater, $198

3.1 Phillip Lim Lemon Lark tote, $438

Antik Batik Opyla Mini Dress, $154

Thakoon Addition Hawaiian Print Blouse, $105

Loeffler Randall Valentine Wedges, $224.99

Rag & Bone/JEAN metallic jeans, $99 (plus extra 40% off)

Buy it: Forever 21 hot pink blazer

For the last few years, I've been trying to practice the French philosophy of shopping: Invest in the best items you can afford. In other words, quality over quantity. I decided to start doing this after my twice-yearly closet cleanings yielded piles of cheap synthetic clothes from H&M, Target, and the like, many of which I'd worn only once or twice. Add those up and I could've bought one nice dress or blazer that I'd probably still be wearing to this day. For the most part, I've been pretty well-behaved; I allow myself one or two pieces per season at Zara, which I believe has the best quality of all the fast-fashion stores, or ASOS, which often has items so trendy, I can't find them anywhere else. But every once in awhile I slip up, but I'm human and these things happen. My latest cheap thrill: this open-front blazer from Forever 21. I wanted a hot-pink jacket, and while there are many luxe options out there, like this gorgeous Rag & Bone tuxedo jacket ($500, ouch!), I decided I didn't want to invest in something that could potentially have a short shelf-life. All things considered, it's a pretty nice jacket for $30: For polyester, it's rather light and airy, with a fluid fit, and, perhaps most shocking, it's fully lined. The color is bright (it also comes in a more subdued pink), but it makes me happy and totally perks up whatever you're wearing, whether it's a dress or a T-shirt and cutoffs. I've gotten my fix, but instead of going on a bender, I'll appreciate this jacket for what it is: a fleeting high.

TheFind Guest Post: Add Girly Detail to Your Summer Look with Scalloped Shorts

Horizontal stripes, high waists, hot pants, skinny jeans... some trends aren't made for everyone. In fact, some are made with a very specific, not-often-found-in-nature body type in mind, making them almost impossible to pull off by about 93% of the population. But that shouldn't hold us back – luckily, many of the hottest styles this season are designed to be effortlessly pretty and stylish, as carefree as our summer afternoons. Take scalloped shorts, for example. Unlike the resurrected 90s-fabulous cut-off short, with its daringly high hem, distressed details, and not-so-flattering silhouette, the scalloped short is flattering, feminine, and sophisticated without trying too hard. Not too short, not too tight, and with the perfect dash of girly flair without looking too frilly, scalloped shorts can be dressed up or down to suit whatever summer fetes you have planned!

From left to right: Ella Moss Beatrice Scallop Short, J. Crew Scalloped Cotton Shorts, Belted Petal Shorts from NastyGal, and Free People Scalloped Lace Shorts.

- Alexandra Gambardella

Content provided by TheFind in partnership with Cheryl Shops.

What's happening on my Instagram

As you know by now, I'm not one of those bloggers who takes photos of herself and posts them, otherwise known as a "personal style blogger." This is mostly because I'm shy. However, I've been carefully testing the waters on Instagram, which is by far my favorite app on my iPhone, primarily because it makes every so-so photo I take look like a near work of art. (It's also available on Android, so if you don't have it already, download it. I promise, it'll be worth it. And if you still have a Blackberry...seriously, you still have a Blackberry?!) It's also my favorite extension of Cheryl Shops—more so than Facebook, Pinterest, and even Twitter. It's a quick, fun way to document what I see and do—everything from Fashion Week and press previews to my travels and my social life (warning: I drink a lot). But, if I'm being totally, narcissistically honest, what I really like doing is taking pictures of things I'm wearing. Or things I want to be wearing. So, thanks to the good people at Intel, makers of the new Ultrabook, I bring you my favorite Instagram photos of late.

As you can see, I'm slightly obsessed with my footwear. But then again, you probably already knew that. So, follow me on Instagram at @Cherylshops for more photographic adventures. And if you're in the market for a new laptop, now you don’t have to sacrifice beauty for power. Introducing the ultra-sleek, ultra-responsive Ultrabook™, Inspired by Intel. Visit for more information.

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