What to wear with Bermuda shorts

Back in the early '90s when I was a grunge-loving teenager who shopped equally at Salvation Army and Contempo Casuals, I remember my mom favoring a type of shorts that were long, pleated, and occasionally decorated with a bold floral print. I was perhaps a bit embarrassed when she wore them (sorry, Mom!). Thirty years later, this exact style has flooded my Instagram feed, and to the mortification of my inner 15-year-old, I found myself wanting a pair. The funny thing is, I saw lots of chic young women wearing them, not just 40-somethings, so maybe that's what really made me go for it, or at least justify it. Maybe we really do turn into our mothers after all? Regardless, read on for a mini review of the shorts I ordered and some styling tips. 

What I wore in New York

A very dear friend of mine always jokes that she never makes it into my IG stories whenever I visit New York, and I always respond that it's because I'm so present and having so much fun with her that I don't even think to pull out my phone and take pictures. The same thing goes for this post—I had every intention of shooting a different outfit every day of our five-day trip last week, but...we were having too much fun and kind of forgot to. The good news is that we did manage to capture two of them (I'll re-create the others sooner or later), and coincidentally enough, they both kind of reflect the areas of the city in which I wore them. Here are some of the things wore last week in NYC.