Cheryl shops...the Fresh sale
I love Fresh. I wrote a story on the company when they were but a fledgling storefront in Boston, and I've been using their products ever since. Milk Milk is the only lotion in the world that doesn't irritate my eczema, everything smells amazing, and even the packaging is aesthetically pleasing. So I was totally psyched that they were having a sample sale...and so were hundreds of other women, apparently. I waited close to 90 minutes to actually get into the sale, in spite of warnings from the super that the wait was going to be over an hour and three pissed-off, empty-handed women who started telling everyone that it wasn't worth the wait. People seemed to be coming out of the sale with bags full of stuff, and I had been waiting so long already...When I finally got into the sale, I almost started crying. It was so crowded, I could barely move, but this was due mostly to the line of people waiting to pay, which snaked around the room (which was very small to begin with)--and the people were blocking most of the tables full of merchandise. As for the merchandise, they had a lot of everything and prices were very reasonable (most items were $2-$5, nothing was more than $10), but they only carried discontinued merchandise. No Milk line, no Sugar line, no Soy line. They did, however, have a lot of makeup, soap, shower gel and coordinating lotion, and accessories like soapdishes. Thinking a lot of the products would make good Christmas presents, I started to load up, then realized that if I were to actually pay for everything, I'd be there for at least another hour, making my now two-hour lunch a three-hour one. So in a fit of frustration, I left. My advice is to go either tomorrow or Saturday, avoid prime lunch hour, be prepared to wait, and don't expect to find your Milk & Rose Shampoo or your Sugar Body Scrub, 'cause it ain't there. me crazy, but I might actually go back tomorrow.

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