ANTM Watch
I think I speak for many people when I say the second season of America's Next Top Model was the best. While my favorite contestant from that season, Shandi, was robbed of winning (and has since been spotted working at the Empire State Building Walgreen's), I was glad fellow fashion lover Yoanna House won, even though, at 24, she's a bit over the hill for a model. I was a bit worried about her career (god forbid she should turn up on "The Surreal Life" like season one's winner Adrianne Curry), but I was pleasantly surprised recently when I discovered Yoanna's taken over Elizabeth Hasselbeck's hosting duties on the Style Network's The Look for Less. Her first episode was a bit uncomfortable--stuttering, wodden delivery--but four episodes into the job, Yoanna's owning it. She always looks super-stylish and well-accessorized (I'm guessing she's wearing her own clothes), she's a pro at the witty banter, and she even serves as a kind of fashion fairy godmother, helping out with the shopping when the stylist gets into a pickle (for those who haven't watched the show, they get $150 and an hour to help a lucky lady pick out an outfit for a big event). So I'm glad to see Yoanna has found a good job. It may not be walking the catwalk for Chanel, but it's way better than making out with Greg Brady on cable TV.

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