Fall Shopping Guide: Flat Black Patent Leather Boots
I have a major weakness for boots. I have a lot of them. I justify owning so many pairs, because in winter, they're pretty much all I wear. And while I probably don't need to buy another pair per se, there's always room for more. I don't own any patent leather boots, which is a shame, because if you think about it, they're perfect for inclement weather--patent leather is waterproof and much easier to care for than regular leather. So here are several great options for a flat black patent-leather boot. Think of it as the fashionista's snow boot.

My dream boots are these delicious Lanvin ones (they're sold out on the Barneys website, but still available at Kirna Zabete!). I like that the zip is in the back, and the detailing at the toe will prevent your feet from looking like weird, shiny flippers (it will also make your feet look smaller, counteracting the shiny, reflective nature of the leather).

These Burberry boots are a bit shorter in height, but if you ask me, 14 inches is the optimal length for tucking in pants, or for wearing with longer, knee-length skirts. Also, for $650, not too awful price-wise.

These Miu Miu boots are very similar to the Lanvin ones, in that they have detailing at the toe, but this pair has a more ornate wingtippy look to them. They also get bonus points for covering the knee--not a look that everyone can pull off, but easier than true thigh-high boots.

I like the petal-like detail at the top of Pelle Moda's Hansel boots. And for those of you who freak out about wearing totally flat boots, these have a tiny little wedge heel, for just a bit of a lift.

These Bless boots from BCBG are totally clean in their styling, and the shorter, half-length zipper gives them the look of a pull-on, but if you're wearing these over pants, allows you to adjust the hem without getting all bunchy.

Do you ever see a pair of shoes and think, "Where have you been all my life?" That's how I felt when I came across 8020's Jackie boots. The ingenious thing about them is that they look flat, but actually the three-inch wedge heel is concealed. So, yes, these are technically not flat boots, but when they look this hot, do you really care? Best of all, they're only $200, which I feel is an exceptionally good deal.

At a mere $110, the Chinese Laundry Tabb boots are the least-expensive boot featured here. They're simple, but they can hold their own against the above boots, and on a practical note, they have a rubber sole.

I guess these London Fog Wales boots are technically rain boots, but as far as rain boots go, they're quite chic. They're also totally waterproof, which is reassuring.

Another one of my favorite styles is Steve Madden's Swoop boots. I have somewhat of an aversion to zippers on boots, so I like that these are a pull-on style. True, the leather does not look like the highest quality, but for $150, I think they're a good deal.


Kelli Strong said...

would you be able to do this again for this season?? i'm looking around and cannot find any i like!!!

i'm in love with the London Fog Wales boot, if only it came with a zipper in the back.. :\


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