Boudoir D'huitres Fall 2010

Where & When: Tuesday, February 16 at 8:00 p.m., 475 10th Ave. (way the heck out west, near the Lincoln Tunnel entrance)
Runway Recap: A theatrical introduction by opera singer Sarah Callinan. Powdered bouffant hairdos. Knuckle rings topped with roses and studded boots. There was enough of a modern clash in Boudoir D'huitres' seemingly baroque presentation to jolt us forward into Fall 2010. The exhibit featured silks, lace, and leather clinging tightly to the body in crimson, black and white. These are not the outfits of warmth and approachability; rather, the air of a femme fatale.
Standout Look: The Sarah Jessica Parker (just below, second from right). Not the best in the line, but the combination of the model and the choice of outfit tickled me.
Bonus Points: This was a really enjoyable show for me as a photographer because I was granted permission to stand at the end of the runway on the media risers. It's amazing how much simpler runway photography becomes when you're in the right spot.
Where to Buy: Click here to experience Boudoir D'huitres' flash-tastic official site.

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