Fall 2012 Fashion Week in Review: By the Numbers

Shows I attended: 28
Shows Mina attended: 8
Shows declined: 22
Shows I didn't get into due to overcrowding: 1
Number of seasons running that I didn't get into this particular show: 3
Shows we didn't quite make it to: 8
Shows attended that we have yet to write reviews for: 3
Tent shows: 23
Off-site shows: 13
Presentations: 14
Shows attended at "cool kids venue" Made at Milk: 4
Percentage increase from last season: 400%
Average row seated in: 5
Shows with swag: 5
Percentage increase in swag from last season: +40%
Alcoholic beverages consumed in the tents: 0
Alcoholic beverages consumed off-site: 2
Free Maybelline products received in the tents: 1
Free Tres Semmé products received in the tents: 0
Average Diet Pepsis consumed per day: 2
Average Fiber One bars consumed per day: 2
Parties attended: 0
8 p.m. or later shows invited to: 3
8 p.m. or later shows attended: 0
Pounds gained/lost: -2
Ailments caught: 1

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