In These Shoes: Ash Cool Suede Wedge Sneakers

The first time I saw one of the many variants of the Isabel Marant wedge sneakers, beloved by the Man Repeller, among other bloggers, I had a hard time deciding whether they were cool or ugly. Then I realized, this is something I experience with the pieces in my closet that end up garnering the most compliments. Which means I should probably buy a pair, but $680 for something I'm not 100% sure about is a bit hard to handle, not to mention that there's a lengthy wait list for the real Isabel Marant deal. Enter the Cool suede wedge sneakers by Ash, a pretty close approximation for about a third of the price. Ash, one of my favorite shoe labels, has been making wedge and high-heeled sneakers for ages, but this is their first style to feature a concealed wedge, à la Marant. I have absolutely no idea how to wear these—with skinny jeans seems like the most obvious choice—but I look forward to coming up with all the viable possibilities.


Nathadale said...

Nice shoe specially to the teens.

jem said...

I like the shoe, this is almost the same with my son vans shoe.

Joseph said...

i like this shoes and i got same in black
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