Spring Shopping Guide: Colorblock Sandals

As you may have guessed by now, I own a lot of shoes. So many, in fact, that it's hard for me to justify buying a neutral pair—or maybe, conversely, it's easier for me to justify buying a non-neutral pair. That said, I do find that a brightly colored pair of shoes can really perk up your outfit, adding an unexpected element of fun. And while I'm now at the point where I own lots of shoes in bright colors, lo and behold, this season there are all manner of colorblocked shoes, combining two or more bright colors! It's like a whole new world of possibilities has opened up, footwear-wise.

Stella McCartney's shoes are so fabulous, you almost forget they're not made of leather. This colorblock sandal combines hot-pink satin with a sexy red acrylic heel, a surprising twist on the stripper heel. Whatever level of discomfort it might appear to have is softened by that pillowy quilted lining.

Speaking of stripper heels, these Brian Atwood Bellini sandals are named after my favorite brunch drink and boast a tricky 5.5-inch heel. The key, however, is a thick 2-inch platform, which, net, makes them a totally walkable 3.5 inches. Also, how adorable and springy are the colors?

Giuseppe Zanotti holds a special place in my heart, in that he made my wedding shoes. And while the last two pairs have a slightly tarty vibe, these suede colorblock shoes are more ladylike—well, until you get to the 6-inch stiletto.

Call me crazy, but even though these Stuart Weitzman sandals have a big red platform sole, there's something kind of neutral about them—maybe you can't wear them with other colors, but think how many things in your closet you can wear with them.

What prevents these United Nude geisha sandals from veering too far into crazytown is the strip of neutral tan woven in with the wide orange strap and purple sole. Admit it: Your inner 7-year-old loves them.

Diane von Furstenberg's Elan sandals are one of my favorite pair of the bunch—yes, you can go with an all-black or all-white pair, but the nude and lime-green combo strikes the perfect balance between neutral and wild. Also, a great argument against those who think wedges aren't sexy.

Crazy name aside, these Steve Madden Wimzikul wedges are indeed...whimsical...and I like that they come in three different color combos.

With a groovy '70s vibe and a not-too-crazy color scheme, not to mention a totally non-committal price, these Pierre Dumas sandals are pretty much a no-brainer, especially if you're apprehensive about trying the trend. Also, if you're into it, they're "vegan" (i.e. synthetic).

For slightly more of an investment, however, these colorblock sandals from the Limited are a pretty smart choice. The neutral stacked heel and leather keeps them on the sophisticated side, but a pop of color at the ankle makes things interesting.


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