Buy it: Forever 21 hot pink blazer

For the last few years, I've been trying to practice the French philosophy of shopping: Invest in the best items you can afford. In other words, quality over quantity. I decided to start doing this after my twice-yearly closet cleanings yielded piles of cheap synthetic clothes from H&M, Target, and the like, many of which I'd worn only once or twice. Add those up and I could've bought one nice dress or blazer that I'd probably still be wearing to this day. For the most part, I've been pretty well-behaved; I allow myself one or two pieces per season at Zara, which I believe has the best quality of all the fast-fashion stores, or ASOS, which often has items so trendy, I can't find them anywhere else. But every once in awhile I slip up, but I'm human and these things happen. My latest cheap thrill: this open-front blazer from Forever 21. I wanted a hot-pink jacket, and while there are many luxe options out there, like this gorgeous Rag & Bone tuxedo jacket ($500, ouch!), I decided I didn't want to invest in something that could potentially have a short shelf-life. All things considered, it's a pretty nice jacket for $30: For polyester, it's rather light and airy, with a fluid fit, and, perhaps most shocking, it's fully lined. The color is bright (it also comes in a more subdued pink), but it makes me happy and totally perks up whatever you're wearing, whether it's a dress or a T-shirt and cutoffs. I've gotten my fix, but instead of going on a bender, I'll appreciate this jacket for what it is: a fleeting high.


ellareiss said...

I could've bought one nice dress or blazer that i'd probably still be wearing to this day for the most part i've been pretty well-behaved i allow myself one or two pieces per season at zara which i believe has the best quality of all the fast-fashion stores.
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Rachel S said...

Thanks for posting this info! Really useful! I will buy it! Thanks for convincing me.

Alison said...

Ooh, love! And the peach version, tempting!

I have also cut down on my consumption of fast fashion -- Fashionista (or Racked) had a great piece about the real costs of all of this cheap clothing we buy. We can't get rid of it! Salvation Army doesn't want it, resale stores don't want it. Apparently America's #1 export is used clothing, which is sent to third world countries. All of this F21/H&M stuff that goes violently out of style in weeks.

However, sometimes exceptions can be made...this jacket is pretty great, I think I like it better than the Rag & Bone version!

Murano Glas Tiere said...

Thanks for sharing this post. I will look for this dress especially the light pink version!