Buy It: Kerastase Fibre Architecte

In spite of the fact that I've been wearing leggings and T-shirts for the last three days—and the fact that I've put on very little makeup either, the better to let my skin recover from an extra-punishing facial on Saturday—I decided to blow out my hair yesterday. For one, I was worried that we'd lose power, and if we did, who knew when I'd be able to dry it again? But more importantly, I wanted to get another dose of Kérastase Fibre Architecte onto my strands. I have incredibly fine, thin hair, which I highlight; the fact that it's long and I blow-dry it twice a week probably doesn't help. Right after I get it colored, it's voluminous and soft, but a few weeks later, the ends start getting dry, brittle, and stringy. So after I heard several models raving about Fibre Architecte and its near-magical ability to heal distressed hair, I decided it was worth a try (I am also, it should be noted, a Kérastase devotee). The first time, I blew out my hair with Kérastase's Elixir Ultime (also a wonder product), then applied Fibre Architecte once my hair was completely dry. This made my hair incredibly soft but also very flat—the two serums combined were a bit too heavy for my locks. So this time I used Chroma Thermique (the color-friendly version of Ciment Thermique, which I've written about before here) first, then applied Fibre Architecte when my hair was about 90% dry. This worked much better. My ends look much smoother and feel a lot softer, and my hair overall feels stronger, not like it's going to break if I brush it too much. I'm confident that it will get even better with time, too—after all, I've already seen an improvement with only two applications. Two things to note: Fibre Architecte, like all Kérastase products, is salon-quality and thus priced accordingly. Also, it's important to use it in conjunction with good tools—I recently upgraded to a Babyliss Carrera hair dryer, which has three heat settings and thus is much gentler on my hair. It's the next-best thing to a twice-weekly Drybar appointment.

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