Buy It: Daria Werbowy for Mango

Poor Mango. A Spanish fast-fashion retailer with a huge global presence, it's overshadowed most of the time by its sleeker countryman Zara. I can go into a very business-side analysis of why--it's equal parts merchandising and inventory management--but in layman's terms, Zara is generally just a more exciting place to shop.

That may be changing. In catching up on my fashion blogs today, I spotted one of my favorite models, Daria Werbowy, starring in Mango's spring campaign. I went to the website and while it at first appeared that Werbowy created the capsule collection, it turns out she's just modeling it. Which is fine, because she makes the clothes look so great, I don't care who designed them. Mostly black and white, the pieces are basic, but better; I probably have something similar in my closet already but she makes me want to buy it all anyway. And I likely will--at prices like these, I can afford to.

Silk-blend blouse, $89.99 (Shorts coming soon)

T-shirt, $14.99 (Trousers coming soon)

Leather jacket, $359.99
Audrey jeans, $59.99

Bow blouse, $59.99

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