What to wear with a red blazer

My wardrobe is mostly neutral by design—it's more interchangeable that way, however I do enjoy an occasional, well-placed pop of color. Red is strong color that takes a bit of boldness to wear, but I love the confidence it inspires. I had a red blazer that I loved, but it was literally unraveling and unsalvageable, so I decided to replace it. The one I ended up with has quite a backstory (keep scrolling) but I love how casual it is in spite of its strong color. True, you can rock a red blazer with black trousers and feel like a total boss, but I love how approachable it feels with jeans and a T-shirt. Here's how I wore my new red blazer on the weekend.

This blazer is from Vici, which you may know if you follow a lot of influencers and/or have ever shopped directly from Instagram. I fell prey to an IG ad for a (very cute) babydoll dress that was unfortunately huge on me; Vici only issues store credit for returns, which is a good reminder for me (and everyone) to read the fine print before you order anything online! Anyway, I ended up with this blazer instead, and while it's not perfect—the linen-blend fabric is a little scratchy and I wish it were lined for shape—I decided to work with its more relaxed look. It's actually a great layer for right now in San Francisco, as we're in the middle of our Indian summer. It was so warm when we shot these photos, I had to roll up my sleeves! I'm in a size medium, but pay close attention to the measurements on Vici's site if you choose to order anything, because they vary widely. 

I'm kind of amazed that I've never worn this tee here before, because I've had it for years and it's one of my all-time faves. J.Crew's vintage cotton line was one of the many Jenna Lyons–era hits; they wisely brought it back recently. The tee is cut on the bias so it stretches and drapes in a super-flattering way, and the cotton only gets better with age. Mine is at least 10 years old and has nary a pill or pull; I own it in four colors. The fit is true to size; I'm in a small. As for the color, I love gray and red together—it's not as severe as red with black or white (and you won't feel like you're in a White Stripes video). 

Are you tired of my Frame jeans yet, especially since you just saw them recently with a long cardigan? Good! I was going to wear my Levi's with this outfit, but until I lose the five pounds I've gained, those are out of rotation. Thankfully these have a healthy amount of stretch and the high waist holds me in. I also tried on a pair of my (formerly favorite) Rag & Bone jeans with this outfit and can someone explain to me why we thought low-rise jeans were so great? You can pry my high-rise jeans out of my cold, dead, forty-something hands. 

And speaking of things you're hopefully not tired of seeing, I'm also still into my A.P.C. bag and leopard heels from Calla. The former is one of my favorite weekend bags and the latter gives the look a little sexiness, so it doesn't feel too casual. This is the third time you've seen me wear these shoes with jeans (most recently with white ones)—they're just perfect together. 

OUTFIT DETAILS: Vici blazer (current version) | J.Crew vintage cotton tee | Frame straight-leg jeans (current version) | A.P.C. sac demi-lune | Calla Ava heels (c/o)


Laura B said...

That red blazer is so cute on you! And your lipstick matches perfectly!

Nancy 's Fashion Style said...

You should wear red more, it looks fantastic on you!

Mica said...

What a great red blazer! I really need to add brighter piece to my wardrobe, I don't have a red blazer but this looks so good with your jeans and tee! :)

Hope you're having a great week :)

Away From Blue

Margot said...

I absolute love how you style this blazer here.
Theses leopard heels are so cute !

mummabstylish said...

It's a lovely outfit, and that jacket will get plenty of outings for sure. Thanks for sharing on #chicandstylish - much appreciate your support. Jacqui Mummabstylish

Shelbee on the Edge said...

Such a great outfit, Cheryl! I love red with leopard but I never would have thought to pair a gray tee. It looks so great with it! I will have to keep that combo in mind. I have one red blazer but it is too big on me since I have lost weight...although I have gained 10 pounds back in the last few weeks, so maybe I should style my red blazer soon and then lose those damn pounds again! Thanks for linking up with me.