The Cheryl Shops Holiday Gift Guide 2019

Usually I spread my gift guides out over several weeks—or months, as my very organized self did last year—but if you’re anything like me, the holidays REALLY snuck up on me this year, and dear god, how did this happen?! So in the interest of Christmas and Hanukkah being less than three weeks away, I decided to lump my somewhat abbreviated gift guides into one big post. This year, I didn’t filter by recipient; I went straight to price, but included something for all genders and ages in each. Well, except for splurge gifts—those are mostly just for me. ;) So without further ado, here are my favorite gifts for 2019.

1. I am very methodical when it comes to handbags; it often takes me years to find one worth investing in. I think I am finally ready for this Old (but still around) Céline tote, which, if you happen to be in Britain or the EU, is waaaay cheaper than in the US (thanks, strong dollar)!
Céline medium phantom cabas tote  $1600

2. Everyone and their mother is now making a teddy coat, but Max Mara is the brand that started it, and they’re one of the few that don’t make theirs with synthetic materials. At nearly $4k, this one is definitely an investment, but we should really view our clothes that way—especially outerwear, which can last for dozens of years.
Max Mara teddy bear coat $3690

3. A woman can never have too many diamond rings, and dainty ones are perfect for stacking. I’ve been working with Mejuri recently, and because they’re a direct-to-consumer company, their prices are much lower than what you’d find in department stores. They recently had their only sale of the year, but even at full price, this star ring is a great value.
Mejuri pavé star ring $190

4. This fragrance smells like roses and chocolate with an undercurrent of patchouli, all things I generally stay away from when it comes to perfume. And yet together, they create one magic scent that I find completely intoxicating. It’s perfect on a cold winter’s night.
Tom Ford Noir de Noir $240

5. I still wear a watch every day—it was my college graduation present and I love it dearly. It is, however, on its last legs, as much as it pains me to admit that. The only thing that could come close to replacing it is this classic from Cartier.
Cartier Tank Française $3650

6. I thought $549 was ridiculous for a glorified curling iron until I tried the Airwrap at the Dyson store a few months ago, and this is the splurge category. I already have a Dyson dryer, and I don’t really need this, but I kind of want it. This is the deluxe version that comes with all of the attachments—it’s a blow-dryer, curler, and hot brush all in one, and it is truly incredible, not to mention easy to use once you get the hang of it.
Dyson Airwrap styler $549

1. I think literally everyone could use a bracelet like this—especially if you’re like me and in spite of having at least 5 phone charger cables, can never actually find one. Whoever invented this thing deserves an award.
Torro bracelet phone charger $50

2. I love getting called into my VP’s office because she’s usually burning this candle. Like many of Byredo’s scents, it seems kind of odd on paper, but smells completely amazing IRL. And yes, I know candles are not traditionally the most personal gift, but I can’t imagine anyone not loving this one.
Byredo Bibliothèque candle $85

3. Like most everything Jonathan Adler makes, this pillow is very tongue-in-cheek, and can either read as a compliment, a joke, or a goal, depending on who you give it to.
Jonathan Adler internet famous pillow $98

4. Alison Roman has a new cookbook out (about dinner parties, although millennials don’t like calling them that), but I’m a few years behind and think most people would prefer her first book anyway. I’ve heard the recipes are fantastic too—simple and easy yet delicious.
Dining In by Alison Roman $32.50

5. Confession: I rarely do a full wash of my water bottle at work. (I’m convinced the kitchen sponge is far dirtier.) Thus this self-cleaning water bottle seems like a good idea, if not a slightly ridiculous and lazy one.
Larq self-cleaning bottle $95

6. I recently discovered the direct-to-consumer cashmere brand Nadaam—I own (and love) one of their sweaters already and thus think you can’t go wrong with their unisex $75 cashmere sweater. It never goes on sale, but at that price, it doesn’t need to.
Nadaam essential cashmere sweater $75

1. Raise your hand if you’ve bought a basil plant from the grocery store, only to have it die on you a few days later. Hopefully this one won’t be subject to the same fate.
Basil hydro grow kit $25

2. Word hair clips are all the rage right now (I own two myself). You could put someone’s name on one of these…or you could put something like WINE. Just saying. ;)
Baublebar custom hair pin $24

3. I appreciate that we’re trying to save the turtles, but I am also filled with rage whenever I’m given a drink with a paper straw. I think carrying these metal puppies in your bag would solve both problems. (And they come with a cleaner!)
Orrefors stainless steel straws $20

4. I devoured this book on the plane home from Copenhagen and have been recommending it to pretty much anyone who will listen. It was a pure delight, and I can’t wait for the movie, which Reese Witherspoon is producing, btw.
Daisy Jones and the Six $14.82

5. The word “adulting” still makes me chuckle whenever I hear it, so I’m assuming these stickers would have the same effect on whomever you give them to.
I Adulted stickers $15

6. Facial sprays aren’t just for VSCO girls (although they’d definitely love this set). Everyone can use a little pick-me-up, especially this time of year.
Mario Badescu facial spray trio $15


The Exclusive Beauty Diary said...

Such a beautiful gifts ideas. Thank you so much for sharing.

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Carrie @ Curly Crafty Mom said...

Those wood hair clips are so cute and I've never seen them before! It'd make the perfect gift!

Carrie said...

Love the word hair clips. I am your neighbor at Shelbee's link up today.

Nancy 's Fashion Style said...

Love those Hair clips! Hope to see you on my Fancy Friday linkup party!

Yiota said...

Beautiful picks!!! Those hair clips are so pretty and cute!!! x


Mica said...

I'm not a ring person but that tiny star ring is the cutest! :) thanks for sharing your gift ideas! I have finished buying and wrapping all my Christmas presents, the year has flown by so I really tried to get it all done early, can't believe how close Christmas is now!

Hope that you had a great weekend :) It was a hot one here, summer has definitely arrived!

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Claire Justine said...

Some lovely ideas here Cheryl. I really need a teddy bear coat. Thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays :) Hope you can join us again tomorrow.

Shelbee on the Edge said...

I was seriously drooling over your splurge list! Absolutely gorgeous pieces. And I love the name/word hair clips. How adorable! Thanks for linking up.