The LoveShackFancy Edie dress vs. a Gap dupe

LoveShackFancy is a brand that I tend to shop very sparingly—it's ultra-feminine, in a way that often reads young to me (and I'm not alone)—but they do a boho summer dress like no one else, and when they get it right, they're very very good. Case in point: I still wear this dress, which I featured back in 2018, all the time. That said, their dresses are on the pricey side (usually $300–$400). So when I heard talk of a good dupe from Gap, my ears perked up—given Gap's propensity for sales, chances were I could get one for a song (spoiler alert: I did). So I decided, in the name of journalism, to put it head-to-head with its reported inspiration, the Edie dress. Here's how they compare. 

The original: LoveShackFancy Edie dress

While LSF currently offers this dress in black and white, I scored this pink tie-dye version at an online sample sale late last fall. It was a final sale, but thankfully I lucked out with a medium, as I had read reviews online that this style can run a little small. Let me say, I LOVE this dress. It is incredibly soft and comfortable. In spite of being pretty fitted through the bodice, the many buttons do not gape (the elastic at the back waistband might have something to do with that). It's lined in the skirt, which has a generous slit to keep it from looking too frumpy. I think the lace details are so pretty, yet overall it doesn't feel precious. When you wear it, you will catch the attention of every girl under 10 years old (see, kids love LSF!). It's a princess dress for an elder millennial princess who got divorced in her 30s and found her knight in shining honor on an app. 

OUTFIT DETAILS: LoveShackFancy Edie dress | Gap denim jacket | Toteme bag | Birkenstock Arizona EVA sandals

The dupe: Gap lace midi dress

This dress has been around for at least three seasons now; I was late to the party but glad to see they're offering it yet another year; it's obviously a top seller for Gap (which, by the way, has been looking really good to me lately, product-wise, including their recent collab with Doen). This year, they're offering it in basic black and white, as well as a lovely soft lilac color; in years past, pink and green were part of the lineup. I went with black (obviously) because I was lacking a short-sleeved black midi dress in my wardrobe, and while I wanted to compare it to the Edie, I didn't want two identical dresses either. That said, it's not exactly like the Edie; the higher neckline is actually closer to the Beth dress, but the body (complete with elastic back waistband) and lace trim feels more Edie. Really, it's a mashup of the two styles. 

OUTFIT DETAILS: Gap lace midi dress | Balenciaga First bag (current version) | Veja V-10 sneakers | Amazon sunglasses

How they compare

Fabric: Both dresses are 100% cotton. Edie is lined from the waist down; Gap's version comes with a removable slip dress underneath, which is a really nice touch. The Gap dress is soft and lightweight, but I worry that the fabric is a little too thin. The LSF feels like it's been washed a thousand times and hung to dry in the sunshine. In other words, it is deliciously soft, but not in a way that feels too delicate; there's a little more substance to it.  

Fit: I ordered a medium in both; that was definitely the right choice for Edie, as I found the sleeves and bust to be just right, if a little on the snug side. I maybe could have gone with a small from Gap but I worry that I would have had button-gaping, and I don't mind the slightly more relaxed way it hangs. The Gap dress is a bit shorter on me (I'm 5' 7") and doesn't have the dramatic slit that the LSF one does. 

Price: While you can sometimes score one for 20% off or so, Edie is $325 and since it's currently in LSF's permanent collection, it has yet to go on major markdown. (You can find a secondhand one for less on The Real Real or Poshmark.) I did get mine for $81 from 260 Sample Sale, however it was a discontinued color. The full price for Gap's dress is $118, which is still a lot better than $325, but we all know that starting prices are theoretical at Gap, so it's currently 50% off. For the record, I got mine for $33, which I believe included redeeming some of my Gap rewards points. That's a tenth of the price of the original, folks. 

My honest review

There is no question that Gap's lace midi dress is a great dress. It fits well, it's feminine yet polished, and it's really well made, especially considering the price. And speaking of the price, as long as it's on sale, you could buy all three colors and still spend less than what one LoveShackFancy dress costs. You should totally buy this dress—I did, and I really like mine. That said, I love the Edie dress. The neckline is more flattering, the details and trim are that much more refined (the pintucking on the bodice is gorgeous), and the overall effect is just a little more confident and sexy. If you have the means to afford an Edie, I do not think you will be disappointed. I am strongly considering buying another one in white, but in the meantime, both the Gap and LoveShackFancy dresses will be on heavy rotation for me this summer. You can't go wrong with either! 


Emily said...

I love this comparison! Both are beautiful on you.

Ratnamurti Saraswati said...

Both very flattering. But the pink one?? Wow. Gorgeous on you

manassas dui attorney said...

Find out how the LoveShackFancy Edie dress and the Gap dupe vary from each other to make an informed decision. Modernize your look right now! Thank you; this is the best information I've found online on it. I was just looking for it.

Laura B said...

This is a great review and comparison! Both are very cute on you and while I love the Gap price, the LSF dress is more flattering and looks like better quality.

Doused in Pink | Chicago Style Blog said...

The Gap always comes through - such a great dupe dress! But the pink is so dreamy!

Jill - Doused in Pink

Jessica Jannenga said...

I just love reading about dupes! Usually the fabric or material is less than, but it would be expected for price. I really love both on you. The softness factor would be key for me as well. Love the details and how it fits.
thanks for sharing!
jess xx