Assorted holiday shopping tidbits
I'm starting to get tired of holiday shopping e-mails and it isn't even Thanksgiving yet. Still, here's what's out there:

Can you fit anything in this Marc Jacobs key pouch? Probably not. But it's $95 and it's damn cute.

If you're not a big fan of clutches but still feel the need to carry one since everyone else is doing it, check out this Ferragamo clutch, a veritable bargain at $110.

For a truly indlugent purchase, the Prada Lip Tint Set is $65, which is a lot, considering you're getting basically six samples and a pouch that you can't really do anything with.

The above gifts can be purchased at If you spend $100 or more, get free shipping by entering the code FREESHIP3 at checkout.

I can't link to specific items on the Barneys website, but if you go to "Holiday Catalog," then "Other Fun Stuff," there are some great cashmere pillows that say "Lucky," "Snob," or "Chic" for $125 (although why is "Chic" brown and orange? Hello, Cleveland Browns!). For the Chosen People, there's a modern $98 menorah with crazy $28 candles. And that's about all that's affordable at Barneys.

Crate and Barrel has a Holiday page with links for Christmas, Hanukah, and Thanksgiving. I like the red-striped bowls, the twist double old-fashioned (with generous capacity), and the sequins placemats. My mom would probably like the snow deer dessert plate. In fact, if your mom is semi-cheesy like mine, this is probably a great place to look for Christmas gifts for her.

Net-a-Porter has a nifty new "Tell Santa" feature. Click on the item you want, such as this Rick Owens wrap cardigan, then click on "Tell Santa", and you can e-mail the link to Santa, your boyfriend, your sugar daddy, or whomever else you think will shell out $1100 for it. By the way, does anyone happen to have Santa's e-mail address?

Click here to preview Bluefly's holiday gift guide (it goes public on November 19). It's a lot of gloves and scarves, with some nice Italian leather accessories thrown in.

Coming next week: Gifts for boys.

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