I'm not supposed to be shopping for myself, but...
New at Girlshop:

This Blue J buckle cuff looks very similar to the Marc Jacobs version and is about a fifth of the price. (It's also vegan-friendly!)

Suddenly, Free People, formerly found at Urban Outfitters, has gone totally classy. Everything in this mini-boutique is supercute--and ladylike.

I loooove Lulu Guinness, and this purse is so typical of her girly style.

Yochi has some great chandelier earrings (I like these, in pink pearl).

This coat, by Dosty, is very Matrix, but a little sexier, and a little less goth.

Finally, it's $133 and you could probably knit one yourself without too much difficulty, but Anna Kula's helmet hat is just the cutest thing.

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