Project Runway recap
A bit late--sorry--but in last week's Project Runway, the designers had five hours to make a swimsuit that could double as eveningwear. As always, there was a twist, which was that the designers then had to accompany their model (in swimsuit) that evening to a party at the Maritime Hotel in which they had to get the attention of Richard Johnson, pompous dick and writer of Page Six. Clearly, this was a task that favored Austin and Jay, the most flamboyant of the bunch. Austin, however, had an advantage, because he had a 16-year-old model who was more than happy to stick her ass in Richard Johnson's face. The name of the winner of the competition--it was down to Jay and Austin indeed--was printed in Page Six the next morning; Austin, who did have a really cool suit, inevitably won. Kara's suit was pretty lackluster, but she already had an in, having won last week's competition. What Wendy and Kevin made barely qualified as a swimsuit, while Robert pissed everyone off by comparing women to cars (and, even worse, making an ill-fitting suit). But Alexandra, who's from Miami and who should've thus had a natural advantage, got kicked off for a suit that wasn't "original" enough. Now, she kind of shot herself in the foot by flat-out saying she was inspired by Missoni and Michael Kors, but designers have always ripped each other off, so I don't really see what the problem is. I'm kind of disappointed--I thought Alexandra was pretty talented, in a no-bullshit, no-diva-attitude kind of way.

Next week (or, rather, this week), the designers have to work together to create a collection. Heh, heh, work together.

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