Project Runway recap
I've heard from several readers that they miss my America's Next Top Model recaps now that the season is over. I enjoyed writing them but felt they were kind of self-indulgent. But, hey, if you guys like 'em, I'll keep at it. ANTM doesn't return until March, however, so in the meantime, Bravo's Project Runway will have to do.

In this week's episode, the designers first picked their model for the week, then learned they'd be making a made-to-order bridal gown for her. Inevitably, some models were easier to work with ("something with a low V-neck in front and in back") than others ("it needs to be covered in diamonds", "roses, roses, roses"). Kara Saun (why is she the only designer called by her first and last names?) made a really classy, sexy gown and won; Austin's was totally cracky, but Nora, whose immaturity has heretofore overshadowed any talent she might have, got kicked off for compromising all of her design sensibilities in order to please her (admittedly demanding) "client". As loopy as he is, I like Austin, although his designs are a bit costumey. Then there's Wendy, who becomes increasingly more annoying as the show progresses (in this episode, she turned out to be completely two-faced). And I think Alexandra, the quiet blonde from Miami, might be a dark horse in the running--there's no drama with her, and she turns out really cool stuff week after week. That leaves Jay, who is a drama queen but keeps impressing me with his range, and then I tend to get the other two brunet male designers confused (never a good sign).

Next week, the designers have five hours to make a swimsuit. Drama and bitching are sure to ensue...

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