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This week's website of the week is in honor of Halloween, which was yesterday, but at lunch today, I heard all about the big Goth ball that was transported to NYC from New Orleans, where it usually takes place. (Believe it or not, one of my coworkers is way into the Goth scene--who knew?) Goth has been a big buzzword this fall, with magazines citing Marc Jacobs and Rochas' fall collections repeatedly (it also ties in to that whole Edwardian trend). So after reading a story in the October W, I knew I had to make D.L. & Company website of the week. The creator, Douglas Little, is a bit bananas, but in a cool, accessible way. His line got its start with a line of candles scented with poisonous flowers like Thorn Apple, Mandrake, and Oleander (the candles themselves aren't poisonous, obviously--he's not that Goth). These candles are fancy-schmancy and come in very intricate packaging--which at least helps to justify their $75-$125 cost, prices at which Diptyque candles start to look like a bargain. Anyway, you can read all about the candles on the site--the scents and the packaging. On the website (which, sorry, is all in Flash, so I can't link to anything in particular), D.L. & Co. has branched out into skull plates and paperweights, candy jars, skull stationery, and a candle inspired by the upcoming Memoirs of a Geisha movie. (And, coming soon, a collaboration with Harry Winston for a fine jewelry line.) Sadly, you can't shop online, but there is a very extensive selection of retailers listed, and if there still aren't stores close to you, carries many of the candles. For those of you actually in NYC, the Barneys on Madison Avenue reportedly has a whole D.L. & Co. boutique installed in the Chelsea Passage section on the 9th floor (aside from candles and skulls, you can reportedly buy vintage coffins and other vampire-friendly wares). Think of the line as a nice way to dabble in Goth--without powdering your skin and adopting an all-black wardrobe.

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