So, tomorrow is the big day! For those of you who find that confusing, the "big day" would be the debut of Stella McCartney's line for H&M. (Funny story: My coworker said to me today, "So are you going before work, at lunch, or after work?" and without her even mentioning H&M, I totally knew what she was talking about.) So here's the deal. You can preview the entire collection here, which is a really nice feature that allows OCD people like me to plot their course of action (I'm interestied in the dress that looks like a bathrobe, the skinny jeans, the blouson sweater, and the metal mesh belt). There are 40 pieces in all, and all are for women (sorry, boys). Stores open at 10 a.m. tomorrow morning; I'm going before work (I think), so expect a report by the end of the day. Here are the stores in the U.S. that are carrying the line:

640 Fifth Avenue, at 51st Street, NYC
731 Lexington Avenue, at 59th Street, NYC
435 Seventh Avenue, at 34th Street, NYC
1328 Broadway, at 34th Street, NYC
558 Broadway Soho, NYC
515 Broadway Soho, NYC
1530 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia
1025 F Street, Washington, D.C.
840 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago
350 Washington Avenue, Boston
150 Powell Street, San Francisco (starting November 19)
150 Post Street, San Francisco (starting November 19)

Good luck and godspeed.

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