Website of the week
While I basically make it my job to know about new websites and places to shop, sometimes a few sites slip through the cracks and I'm, like, the last to know. One such site is eyes.lips.face, or e.l.f. The gimmick, or "philosophy," behind e.l.f. is that everything is $1. Yes, a dollar. But instead of being cheap and nasty like other makeup that costs $1 (like, say, Wet 'n' Wild, although I do like their 666 lip liner), e.l.f. is made of quality ingredients--they believe, refreshingly, that innovative cosmetics don't have to be expensive (take that, Chantecaille!). The e-commerce portion of the website is organized quite simply: by facial feature, plus tools, cases, looks, and gifts. I love the "create your kit" feature where you select a makeup bag, then fill it up with makeup. The nice & neutral is a great starter kit ($20!) containing shades that flatter everyone. Can't decide? Get the master set--yep, it contains every single product sold on the site, and it's only $100 (which would buy you some eye shadow, a lipstick, blush, and mascara at the department store). If you don't want to make that much of a commitment (or if you just don't have enough space), the line is great for trying out stuff you wouldn't normally spend money on, like the eyeliner in midnight blue, the facial whip in lilac petal, or the nail lacquer in Rachel's Brick House (a dead ringer for Chanel's Vamp). Also on my list: the professional eye-widener, a.k.a. white pencil, whose price puts my $18 Shu Uemura pencil to shame; the soothing lip gloss in bark; the healthy glow bronzer; and, for the love of pete, this Tweezerman-like slant tweezer for, yep, $1. Plus, now through 3/13, get free eye makeup remover pads (yeah, a $1 value, but still) when you enter code eyepads. Shipping on all orders is $5, which seems kind of steep considering everything is $1, but then again, everything is $1, so who's complaining? Not me--the only thing I can complain about is not having discovered this site sooner!

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