Project Runway is back!
So, I must admit, I was up until midnight last night--between The Hills, So You Think You Can Dance (seriously, this is one of my favorite shows right now), and the double Project Runway episodes, it was far too much quality TV in one night! The "Road to the Runway" pre-episode featured everyone from Santino to Chloe interviewing prospective candidates, who ranged from the quirky to the flat-out weird. We also got updates from season one's Wendy Pepper, Kara Saun, Austin Scarlett, and Jay Carroll, all of whom--except maybe Jay, who might kind of have his head in his ass--seem to be doing quite well. On to the first real episode. After a little champagne reception on the rooftop, the designers were given their first challenge: to design a dress with materials found in their apartment. Cut to designers frantically ripping down curtains and un-uphlostering the furniture. Vincent, the oldest of the bunch, is clearly a bit kooky, based on the upside-down basket hat he sent down the runway. I'm intrigued by Laura, the 42-year-old mother of five and architect with a distinct fashion sense (but no formal fashion training); Malan, the bizarro continental-type guy; and Alison, who may or may not be talented, but she's so cute, I already have a total girl crush on her. And, I loved the dress that Michael, the hip-hop guy, designed for the challenge--it was totally girly, made out of coffee filters and looked like light-as-air chiffon. Keith won the challenge with the first dress he ever made (beginner's luck!), but I think Robert, the Barbie-clothes designer, was robbed--his "if Maria from West Side Story had wall hangings" dress was absolutely adorable. I think he's the one to watch. Any man who survived working under Isaac Mizrahi is a winner in my book.

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