Project Runway recap
I want to go out for drinks with the person who designs the challenges for Project Runway, because they've just got to be a super-creative, fun person. As a dog lover, I thoroughly enjoyed last night's episode, where the designers had to pick a toy dog (toy being miniature, not fake), design an outfit for the dog's owner, then design a coordinating outfit for the dog. I loved how all of the designers (well, except Laura) were totally into their dogs--and some, like Vincent, were a little too into the dogs, but I still thought it was sweet (and it was hilarious when his dog kept trying to take off its hat on the runway). Bradley, in some kind of weird pre-birthday crisis, was not having a great time creating his outfit (and I thought his dog collar was kind of a cop-out), but I thought the finished product was really interesting-looking, and the gold-and-blue motif was color-coordinated rather well with his pup. Keith turned his nose up at kind of the essence of the challenge, pretty much refusing to design anything for his crazy Chinese crested dog, setting the stage for future annoyances that are sure to come. I loved Alison's modern, not-at-all-cutesy ensembles, but I'm happy Uli won the challege--she should've won last week's Miss U.S.A. challenge, but her gown was probably too sophisticated for pagentry. After seeing last week's and this week's episodes, I'm kind of shocked that Angela is still on the show, but I'm glad that Katherine went home this week--I think she, instead of Malan, should've taken the fall last week. Her dress was cute, but it was plain, and she fell into the "spent more time on the dog's outfit" category. And, as a side note, I was happy to see Vera Wang on this week's episode, instead of Michael Kors. I always love Michael's bitchiness, but sometimes it's nice to have some actual constructive criticism. And Vera is both incredibly talented and business-savvy--qualities that would befit Project Runway's winner.

Next week--dun dun dun!--a contestant is asked to leave. Is it sabotage? Is it...drugs? I'm intrigued.


Anonymous said...

i hear it was plagairism (sp?)

and i was glad that the judges finally told angela that she has no taste

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