So that's why you have to check your coat at sample sales...
I tend to get annoyed when I have to check my coat (and especially my purse) at sample sales, but after reading this item in today's Page Six, it all started to make sense.

ADAM Lippes, who started the adam+eve fashion line two years ago, caught a group of four shoplifters who are suspected of knocking off sample sales all over town and selling the wares on eBay and street corners. Lippes was holding a sample sale at Milk Studios on West 15th Street Tuesday afternoon when four large women in trenchcoats came in. Mark Leffam, adam+eve design director, said, "One of our customers alerted Adam that the women were stealing stuff." When they went to the check-out line, each with one item, Lippes asked the ladies to take off their coats. One woman tried distracting Lippes by pulling open her shirt exposing her breasts and yanking open her pants while shrieking, "What are you trying to say? Look! I ain't got nothing on me!" Lippes, unfazed, insisted the women take off their coats. Inside them, he found "huge fake butts made of nylon in which they had stuffed over $7,000 worth of clothing apiece," Leffam said. Lippes and his staff kept the perps at the studio until police arrived. "They started begging and crying and went away in handcuffs," he said. At the station, police told Lippes "they found even more stuff hidden . . . elsewhere." Eww.

That gave me a pretty good laugh. And it makes my sample sale mania seem much, much less crazy.

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