Object of Desire: Goyard Trunk by Assouline
With all of the heavy "recessionista" reporting going on in the media lately, leave it to the New York Times to write a rather amusing article about the rich shopping on the down-low in today's Style section. Ridiculous premise aside, the takeaway is that there are still a lot of wealthy people in this city, and they've got money to spend. If I were one of them, I'd spend it on this limited-edition Goyard trunk, filled with 100 Assouline books. Revolve Clothing, a Cheryl Shops favorite normally on par with Shopbop and the like, is offering "The List" this holiday season, a series of one-of-a-kind supergifts, kind of like the random million-dollar gifts in the Neiman Marcus catalog. Their first offering is this pristine white trunk, a collaboration between Goyard, the famed French luggage maker, and Assouline, the French publisher of art books. I've sung the praises of Goyard before, and I love Assouline's little biographic fashion books--they're light on words and heavy on photographs, and you can usually find them in used-book stores, so I pick them up whenever I can, because they make wonderful references. So I don't know what's more appealing--the old-school Goyard trunk or the mini Assouline library. Of course, for $20,000, that money could probably be better spent making a donation to an actual library, but I doubt any library houses its books so stylishly.

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