Morgane Le Fay Fall 2009
Where & When: Friday, February 13th at 11 a.m., Morgane Le Fay boutique
Runway Recap: You know that quiet girl you went to high school with, the one who listened to Belle & Sebastian and devoured Thomas Hardy novels? She's grown up now, she has money, and she shops at Morgane Le Fay. Designed by Liliana Casbal, the collection featured ethereal chiffon dresses, bustled skirts with cascades of ruffles, and sharp hunting jackets, while feathered accents and a few Mongolian lamb pieces added a dreamy dose of texture. While you could probably lump Casbal's designs in with Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood--the romantic, neo-Goth school, if you will--Morgane Le Fay is not as dark and macabre as the former, and not as fussy as the latter. In other words: It's just right.
Standout Look: The wispy, almost deshabillé chiffon dresses were so gorgeous, my eyes nearly started tearing, but I found the birdcage dresses even more intriguing. Expect to see them in the editorial pages of your favorite foreign fashion magazines this fall.
Bonus Points: Props to the models for navigating the complicated circular runway--seriously, it was like something out of an America's Next Top Model challenge--with minimal collisions.
Where to Buy: Morgane Le Fay boutiques at 67 Wooster and 746 Madison Avenue, and more locations here.

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