Cheryl Shops Spring Shopping Guide: One-Shoulder Dresses
If you want to get technical, one-shoulder dresses have been around for thousands of years--at least since the toga days of the Greco-Roman Empire, and prehistoric women quite possibly could've worn their animal pelts asymmetrically across their bodies. The style became popular in the 1930s under the influence of legendary designer Mme. Alix Gres, and ever since then, the silhouette has drifted in and out of popularity. But all of a sudden, the one-shouldered dress was back in full effect on the spring runways. And it's easy to see why: The cut is almost universally flattering. It draws attention to the collarbone and shoulders, which, no matter what the rest of you looks like, are generally features that are good to highlight. And, if you're like me and have a grueling wedding season coming up, it's a fresh style to add to your roster of wedding-guest dresses.

Sue Stemp's bow dress looks like something Blair Waldorf would wear on Gossip Girl--it's a perfect balance of prim-and-proper and naughtiness. The asymmetrical bodice and bubble hem keep it fashionable, not fussy--in spite of the front bow.

Carolina Herrera's Shoulder-tie cocktail dress looks like a skirt and a blouse (but, aha! It's all one piece). It's simple, but the shoulder bow is just dramatic enough.

This draped Michael Kors dress is nearly perfect, because while it has a fluid, draped look, it's not at all costumey. It's sleek and totally modern, and you can see why it's almost sold out.

The Acne Jeans Claudia dress is brilliant for a wedding--due to its voluminous fit, you can hit the hors d'oeuvres--and the chocolate fondue fountain--big time without your pooch showing up in photos.

This T-Bags Grecian dress is a little slinkier--Spanx might be in order--but the ruching can do wonders to camouflage any figure flaws. I also love the idea of wearing a knit to a wedding--hello, comfort!

The Battalion's ruffled dress appeals to me because the ruffled neckline gives your bust a little boost and disguises any upper-arm flab. As a bonus, it's made of 100% bamboo, making it eco-friendly as well.

Alloy's ruffled one-shoulder dress is probably a little too casual for a wedding, but it looks just right for a night out--especially when it's hot and you want to wear as little clothing as possible.

The T-Bags dress above is pretty reasonable, but this similar style from Mossimo Black is an even better bargain, at a mere $31.99. The fact that it's available in sizes 2-18 is a testament to how versatile the cut is for a range of body sizes and types.

The director of photography at my company says that the cheaper the dress, the better it photographs. I've found this to be generally true; one of my regular wedding-rotation dresses was $34.99 and, in photos, looks like it cost 10 times that. Judging by the photo of this adorable Jodie bow dress from Delia*s, I'd say it falls into that category.

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