Object of Desire: Mulberry for Apple laptop bags

My laptop bag is so hideously ugly, it tends to inspire either gasps of horror or fits of giggles. It's purple faux croc--yes, it's as bad as it sounds--and most people are incredulous that I can carry something so unsightly. My response is usually that, really, there are no attractive laptop bags out there. And, also, I figure potential thieves will be so put off by my cheap-looking bag, they won't even imagine there's a $2,000 laptop inside. That said, my laptop bag is damn ugly. And after seeing the beauties that Mulberry has designed for Apple laptops, I'm thinking it might be time for an upgrade. The real showstopper is the Bayswater bag, which, at $1,200, costs more than the basic Macbook that goes inside it. The more masculine Brynmore holds a 15-inch Macbook Pro; a series of chic but not entirely practical Daria and Bayswater sleeves are $550; my favorite, however, is the elegantly understated Seth, for $895. Of course, if I carry my computer in this bag, it might make it a magnet for theft. But considering how classic and chic it is, that's a risk I'm willing to take.

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