MasstigeWatch! Rodarte for Target

Rodarte's Go International collection for Target is probably one of the most anticipated in months, at least in fashion circles, considering that the Mulleavy sisters who design the line are huge critical darlings. Inspired by Harold & Maude, Bonnie & Clyde, and Rosemary's Baby, the collection definitely retains Rodarte's signature deconstructed-glamour aesthetic while totally appealing to a wider audience--in other words, it's a marriage made in masstige heaven. I love the leopard-print dresses and the lace cardigans, and there are also pretty tulle skirts and lingerie-inspired dresses. The collection is perfect for the holidays, and I think you can expect to see several, if not most, of these looks out on the town on New Year's Eve. These are my favorite looks of the collection (I definitely have my eye on the lace cardigan and leopard-print dress ensemble).

Of course, if photos alone don't get you excited about the collection, here's a cute video narrated by Tavi, a.k.a. Style Rookie.

Rodarte for Target hits stores this Sunday, December 20th! I'm considering having my parents drive me straight to Target from the airport (I'm heading home to Chicago), but I suppose I can wait a day, or at least a few hours. Chicagoans might not know who the Mulleavy sisters are yet--they're not quite on the familiarity level of, say, Anna Sui--but after this awesome collection, I think they will.


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