TheFind Guest Post: Hoops: Updated

A cornerstone of any collection of accessories, the hoop earring has been a part of our wardrobes for decades. In either plain silver or gold, their merest touch of glimmer creates the perfect finishing touch for any ensemble from casual to formal. These days, jewelry designers are updating the classic hoop with tiny details that you rediscover the form with a fresh perspective.

Kyler by Joy O offers a collection of hoops with geometric angles, developed by strategic hammering of the metal. Citrine by the Stones offers a lightweight richness on the basic shape with their Large Wire Hoop Earrings. Each one is actually seven different hoops wound together in an 18K gold plated finish.

Elizabeth Showers adds a different type of detail, by incorporating small silver balls all over the surface. This little bit of texture makes all the difference! Or, consider Stella & Dot's Devi CV Hoop Earrings in either silver or gold metallic. The glimmering crystals are set inside of an organically-shaped hoop, adding an ethereal dose of sparkle just below the ears.

These options update your staple hoops with new and interesting details, taking them from boring and basic to fresh and original!

- Annie Wilson

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