TheFind Guest Post: Shine Bright With Natural Stone Jewelry From Dara Ettinger

While I love the idea of jewelry made of natural materials, some pieces, whether stone or hemp or shell or feather-embellished, read a bit too boho or hippie-chick to suit my particular style. Maybe I just had it all wrong or maybe I've just been looking at the more "blah" variety of natural jewelry, but jewelry designer Dara Ettinger's pieces have me whistling a whole different tune! Her sparkly, brilliantly-colored collection of pendants, cocktail rings, and earrings put an earthy spin on the traditional "bling," and are far more eye-catching than any natural stone pieces I've ever seen!

With raw-cut pieces of amethyst, agate, and other stunning natural stones, designer Dara Ettinger is all about showcasing bold, natural beauty by letting shiny, shimmery stones speak for themselves. While some chunky cocktail rings may normally be a bit too vintage-tacky or costume-y, her Disco Rings are bold in a way that's fashion-forward and edgy yet totally fascinating and timeless in their pure natural form. For something a little less bright and in-your-face, her neutral-toned amethyst pendants are just as sparkly and unique without verging on ostentatious. Who knew something so simple could create something so lustrous and affordable at the same time?

- Alex Gambardella

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Good job! I really like the way you have composed and presented the whole post.