TheFind Guest Post: Cara Accessories 'Critters' Cocktail Rings Are Creepy Crawly Chic!

April showers bring May flowers... and you know what Spring also brings? Bugs! But it's hard to hate the season's creepy critters when they're brilliantly colored and beautifully bejeweled, and quite honestly, make for some pretty fierce accessorizing! From birds and bees to fish and even reptiles, Cara Accessories new 'Critters' collection of oversized crystal cocktail rings takes the most unglamorous parts of nature and spring and makes them gorgeous instead of gruesome with rainbow-colored crystals and gold plating. Ranging from $38-68 (available at Nordstrom), you may not be able to collect them all (unless you really want to), but they're certainly a cute, affordable little addition to your spring jewelry collection! The first step is choosing your favorite, then deciding if you actually want to show up at a party rockin' a fish on your finger (but that's just me).

What do you make of these critter-shaped cocktail rings? Are they festive and whimsical or do they just give you the heebie-jeebies?

- Alex Gambardella

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Alyssa said...

I love these fun cocktail rings! I think that the bee / moth in the center is my favorite. In fact... he needs to be on my finger this second! He's so cute! :)