Holiday Gift Guide: Your BFF

Shopping for your girlfriends is a little like shopping for yourself, at least when your girlfriends are as awesome as mine are. (As my guru says, the light I see in others is a reflection of the light within myself.) So while it's hard to put a price on friendship, these gifts certainly can try.

1. Your BFF would be the first person to admit that the standard-issue white iPhone headphones are hopelessly unglamorous. Luckily, these Deos earphone covers jazz them up with the full Swarovski crystal treatment.

2. You'd kill anyone who harms your bestie, but for those rare cases when you can't be around, this Carol Brodie evil eye candle will keep her protected (and with a nice berry-and-spice scent to boot).

3. You'd buy her the real thing if you could, but since she knows the extent of your credit-card debt, your girl would be just as happy with this CĂ©line-ish Thursday Friday XO Here pouch (also available in faux-nel, Balenciaga-esque, and PS-non).

4. True story: I was with two girlfriends recently, and two of us whipped out our Sephora birthday gifts for 2012, the Sugar Rose lip balm from Fresh. The third friend was incredibly jealous. Don't let this happen to you—give the gift of Fresh Sugar Kisses.

5. Because she never says anything when you teeter out of the house in 5-inch stilettos that you have to change out of after 30 minutes, return the favor with Corso Como's Ballasox flats, which come in a purse-stashable pouch for emergencies.

6. Recycled keys engraved with uplifting words, The Giving Keys pendants are both green and charitable—the company employs workers transitioning out of homelessness. They're designed to be given away to someone who needs their message, so consider this the gift that truly keeps giving.

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