Holiday Gift Guide: Your Techie Brother

He's somehow parlayed an adolescence spent locked up in his room in front of his computer into a lucrative career, and yet it seems like he'll never actually grow up anyway. (Case in point: My forever-young husband, who's sitting next to me while I write this, said, "Ooh, I want all that stuff!) Here's what to get your tech-savvy brother.

1. The mold growing on the cheese in his refrigerator doesn't actually count as cooking, but this at-home molecular gastronomy kit might just strike a similarly scientific vein.

2. To a generation raised on cell phones, watches are more of a decorative accessory rather than a useful way to check the time (hey, that's what iPhones are for!). Thankfully, with Modify watches, the options are endless, and you can mix and match faces with bands for a veritable timepiece wardrobe.

3. Considering everyone I know who snowboards has broken some part of their body at some point doing so, I am not really an advocate of the activity. But since your brother is not one to play it safe, at least make sure he looks good on his way to the hospital in Von Zipper fishbowl goggles.

4. Gen-Y is all about customization, so your bro is totally going to be all over these Skullcandy Aviator Edit headphones, which allow you to create your very own individual pair. Hey, if they're good enough for W118 by Walter Baker...

5. You might need to buy this book for yourself, lest it become the only way he communicates from now on, but at least How to Speak Wookiee will provide your brother with a fun party trick.

6. Made from recycled materials, Etines' Jameson 2 Eco kicks are doubly environmentally friendly: They support the company's Buy a Shoe, Plant a Tree program to revitalize the Brazilian rainforest. And we know how your brother feels about anything Brazilian.

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