Object of Desire: Clare Vivier Duffle Petit Tote

In my last post, I wrote about love, lust, and shopping. To continue with that theme, think about the first month or two in a relationship. Not that is-he-into-me-or-not uncertain period, but that giddy, euphoric, holding-hands, making-out-everywhere, butterflies-in-your-stomach, barely-coming-up-for-air phase. That is how I feel about San Francisco. I wake up to an amazing, sunny view of the city and that pretty much sets the tone for the rest of my day. I feel lucky to be here. That and whenever I fill out an address form, I think, "Oh yeah, I live in California now!" and giggle.

Speaking of addresses, my apartment is right on the edge of Lower Pacific Heights, which I've quickly concluded is the best neighborhood of the city in which to shop. Key in this conclusion is my proximity to the Fillmore Street branch of Steven Alan; I will admit, it reminds me a little bit of home, and I do find that comforting (hey, you never forget your first love, right?). I recently stopped by the store after a few hours of day drinking outside in the sunshine, and I promptly locked eyes on Clare Vivier's Duffle Petit bag. This was no case of beer goggles; it was more like I walked into the bar, er, store and spotted the man, er, bag of my dreams. It's a classic shape with the option of double handles or a longer, adjustable shoulder strap; the size is big enough to hold all the essentials but not so big that you feel the need to overload it with crap. (Ahem, like I used to.) Vivier has also started lining her bags, which is key--I'd been deterred from buying one in the past for that reason alone. What really sold me, however, is that it is monogrammable. In my old age, I'm becoming very vain, and thus I like to see my initials slapped on everything. Sheets? Sure! Stationery? Of course! But those are so practical. Monogramming a bag says, "I'm SO not going to sell this purse on The Real Real six months from now!"

I almost pulled the trigger--after all, I owe myself a bag, which is my traditional present to myself when I get a raise or a new job. However, I have a more immediate concern: furnishing my apartment, which happens to be significantly bigger than my apartment in New York. (That's right, I said BIGGER. First World problems, I know.) So I am on a clothes-and-accessory-shopping diet*, but as soon as I'm ready to binge, I'm marching myself four blocks up the street and slapping down my Amex. After all, once you find The One, you don't want to let it slip away, do you?

*Okay, so I am human. I cheated and bought this garment-dyed hemp T-shirt by Jungmaven and it was the best $30 I've spent in awhile. It. Is. So. Soft. Seriously, new favorite T-shirt. It's for men, so size down; I think I'm seriously going to buy one in every color. Once my shopping diet is over, of course. Of course.  

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