What to wear in December

It's my last outfit post of the year, and while I love everything I'm wearing, to be honest, I don't think that it's all completely working together. Three of the things are new, and I wanted to get them all up on the blog as soon as possible because I'm excited about them and wanted to tell you about them. But I will admit, I think I was trying to make fetch happen a little here. It's okay—bloggers are not perfect (god knows I am not) and sometimes we make outfitting mistakes. That said, there's a lot I do love about this look. Here's how it all came together.

NakedCashmere Amory blazer

I have somehow fallen off the NakedCashmere email list; I had no idea they were having a huge Black Friday sale until I checked my Shop LTK and saw that y'all were shopping it like it was going out of style. So of course I had to join in ;) I had five things in my shopping bag but pared it down to just one: this cashmere blazer, which is my current obsession. NakedCashmere is my favorite direct-to-consumer cashmere brand because their cashmere is, hands down, the most luxurious and high quality, however they've slowly been hiking up their prices, so I've been trying to allow myself one amazing piece per year. And this blazer was totally worth it (thankfully it's still 50% off). It's perfectly slouchy without looking sloppy, and it's so cozy. It's the perfect hybrid of a cardigan and blazer; I don't feel silly wearing it while I work from home, yet I'd feel totally dressed-up enough wearing it to work. I'm in a size small, which you can see is still incredibly generous on me; I'd say size down if you want something more fitted. 

This does, however, bring me to my first outfit regret, which is that I layered another sweater underneath (in this case, my Amazon Aware cotton crewneck). While I love the colors of everything together, the double knits on top added a little too much bulk here—I looked like I was wearing football padding in some of these shots. That said, this is a great cotton sweater that works year-round. 

Quince silk midi skirt

Full disclosure: I work for Quince, and if you've never heard of the company before, I describe it as like the Kirkland brand at Costco, but for luxury goods. It's direct-to-consumer, and we keep prices low by manufacturing in small batches and shipping directly from the factory, usually by air freight (the logistics of sending stuff via shipping container to a warehouse and/or then to a store add A LOT to most items' cost). The founders are fanatical about keeping standards high and customers happy, and I can attest, the products are really good quality. This skirt is 100% silk and, believe it or not, it's washable. It is so smooth and slinky, and it feels like you're wearing nothing. As someone with straight hips, I've struggled with bias cuts in the past, but this one drapes so beautifully. I do, however, recommend sizing up (I'm in a medium here). I get a small merchandise credit every month, so look for a lot more from Quince in the future! 

Faux fur bag

You've seen this one a few times this year (most recently with a cutout dress); I bought it after having a cocktail at brunch in San Diego, and while it's a little over the top (not to mention very Bottega Veneta derivative), I totally love it. It's a great bag to carry on a night out, or whenever you want to add a little irreverence. Sometimes you just need to have a little fun with your outfit, am I right?

Isabel Marant Taiya clogs

I was really excited to hear that clogs were a big trend for fall; I was determined to take advantage of the exchange rates and get some Herm├Ęs clogs when I was in Vienna in September, but I could not find a pair in my size to save my life. After months of combing the secondhand market (where prices are even higher!) I happened to come across this pair by my favorite designer, Isabel Marant, and I fell in love at first sight. They're pretty much perfect: they have a cool heel that's offset by a thick platform, and the slingback strap can also be worn over the instep, as I've done here. (She has a newer design that has a buckle so it lays better, but I prefer the more streamlined look of this one.) They're really comfortable, and there's a thin but effective layer of rubber on the sole, so they're not at all slippery. They run true to size; I'm in a 39 (I'm an 8.5 US), which is what I usually take in Isabel Marant shoes. And while I LOVE these clogs...I don't love them with this outfit. They're too warm and rich in color, and I feel like they're throwing off the more dusty tones of everything else I'm wearing. But they're so good, I think I owe them a make-up outfit. Look for them again in 2023 ;) 

OUTFIT DETAILS: NakedCashmere Amory blazer (on sale!) | Amazon Aware sweater | Quince silk midi skirt | Faux fur bag | Isabel Marant Taiya clogs (on sale; also here and here)


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stylesplash@live.co.uk said...

Such a stylish outfit! I look forward to seeing how you next wear the clogs, they look excellent quality!

Emma xxx

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December is a great month to get creative with your wardrobe! Layering is key, so don't be afraid to mix and match items such as sweaters and coats to keep you warm and stylish. Have fun with accessories like hats and scarves, too!

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I love these looks, you've shared some super choices Cheryl Many thanks for joining my linkup. Jacqui x


It's that time of year again when you start thinking about what to wear in December! It can be tricky to figure out what to wear