My 5 favorite vacation dresses

 It's peak summer travel season and hopefully you've got a big trip coming up. (I do next month!) When I vacation in the summer—or anytime I go somewhere warm—I tend to pack mostly dresses. I don't want to think too much about putting outfits together when I'm trying to relax and decompress, so there's something so easy about throwing on a dress and going about your day (or night). I definitely dress a little differently when I'm on vacation, but there's something kind of glamorously escapist about embracing the fabulousness of resort wear. Think more carefree boho vibes, less polished minimalism. I have several go-to brands that capture that sprit so well; here are my 5 favorite dresses to wear on vacation. 

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2023 picks

Ok, I really got burned last year with my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale picks—after hours of poring over everything on the website, making collages, and writing careful assessments, nearly everything I featured sold out on the first day, before I was even allowed to shop. (I guess that means I have good taste?)  I was so irritated that I vowed never to cover the sale again...until the catalogue arrived and I thought, Ok, I'm giving this one last shot, but doing things a little differently this time. Instead of diving deep into every category, I picked my top 8 items that I am actually hoping to buy. And since the NSale is usually a good time to stock up on tried-and-true wardrobe classics and beauty essentials, I'm sharing my top 10 items that I actually own and highly recommend. Icons, Ambassadors, and Influencers (e.g. Nordstrom cardholders) get to shop now through the 16th of July, and the sale opens up to the public on July 17th. Let's hope everything stays in stock until then!

5 summer must-haves

In recent years we've had Hot Girl summer, Hot Vaxx summer, Hot Coastal Grandmother I missing anything? I don't know what the trending Hot buzzword is this year; maybe it's just Hot Hot summer, based on the heatwave that's hitting most of the country at the moment, thanks to global warming. Of course, here in San Francisco, it's more like Hot Cold summer—I am wearing a wool sweater as I write this, as it's 53 degrees outside today, I kid you not—but a girl can dream...or at least travel to warmer parts of the country, which I will be doing next week. Here are 5 summer must-haves I'll be taking with me.