Cheryl shops for a vacation
I am off to Chicago on Wednesday, so posts are going to be spotty for the next two weeks, what with the holidays and all. Please feel free to comment or e-mail me if you come across any particularly good post-holiday sales. I will definitely be back in full effect on January 2nd. Happy shopping!
Website of the week
Because I am totally into the Christmas spirit this week, the website of the week is not about fashion or shopping--it's about giving. Everyone's favorite upscale furniture emporium, ABC Carpet & Home, has set up a lovely website called ABC Home & Planet, devoted to the art of giving charitably. A small but high-quality list of gifts is divided into "gifts of compassion" and "gifts to visionary organizations." The recipients are varied, from giving a milk-producing goat to a child in the Caribbean to making a donation to the New York-based Housing Works, which helps people suffering from HIV and AIDS. All of the causes are explained in detail, and unlike buying furniture at ABC, you don't need to drop thousands of dollars--literacy for an Afghan girl is just $75. Of course, this is ABC, so a certificate of your good deed comes in a pretty bejeweled bag. And, as an added bonus, the gifts are 100% tax deductible. But gift bags and tax breaks aside, the best part is getting into the true spirit of the season and giving, because god knows a Cambodian family needs a water buffalo more than you need that cashmere sweater.
The week in shopping
C'mon, aren't you sick of shopping yet?

For the Upper East Side young socialite look, check out Tuleh, where their spring and fall collection is a whopping 75%-90% off. Through 12/21; 11-6; 181 Chrystie St.

Elizabeth Charles has Australian designs marked down by 30%. Through 1/5; noon-7:30, noon-6:30 Sun., closed Mon.; 639 1/2 Hudson St. (at Horatio St.).

My favorite shoes, Sigerson Morrison, are 30% off. Bags too, at the 242 Mott St. location. Through 1/2; 11-7, noon-6 Sun.; 28 Prince St. (at Elizabeth St.).

Rafe's downtown-chic handbags and shoes are 30%-50% off. Through 12/24; noon-8, noon-7 Fri. and Sat., noon-6 Sun.; 1 Bleecker St. (at Bowery).

Gianfranco Ferre's very Italian mens's and women's clothing is up to 80% off. Through 12/22; 9-6:30 Tue., 9-5 Wed.; Parsons School of Design, 560 7th Avenue (at 40th St.), 2nd fl.

Get 5% off your order and free ground shipping at recent Cheryl Shops website of the week Vogue Handbags when you enter code VHSALE.

Select styles are 30% off at

This week, Clothingline again has Ben Sherman and Evisu for men and women (as well as all the stuff they had last week, including Kooba bags, Mavi jeans, and more). My boss TC said they had a lot of good stuff, but mostly in size large and up. 361 W. 36th St. (7th & 8th Aves.), 2nd fl.

Take 30% off everything at former Cheryl Shops website of the week Le Train Bleu when you enter code "Merci" at checkout.

Nearly everything at yet another Cheryl Shops website of the week NYC General Store is 20%-50% off.

And virtually every e-commerce site is offering free expedited shipping. Take advantage!
Coming soon
Dispersed throughout the countless last-minute-shopping e-mails I've been receiving from virtually every e-retailer in existence are e-mails announcing the arrival of the resort collections. Last year I had the pleasure of going to Roatan for the holiday, but this year I'll be freezing my ass off in good ol' NYC. So for those of you lucky bitches who are going somewhere, I'll provide a mini guide to resort wear. Look for it next week.
Sayonara, Yaya
So, tonight was the not-at-all-awaited season finale of America's Next Top Model, and as a reader posted here a few weeks ago, I was basically watching just to make sure Yack Yack didn't win. It was close (she was the runner-up), but as I predicted at least a month ago, Eva won. Big whoop-de-doo. This season was the worst so far, because with the exception of Norelle and maybe Toccara, none of the girls were likeable. Also, they all had some major flaw that, in the real world, wouldn't fly. Granted, this is a TV show, so it's more important for them to have interesting people than contestants who would actually make the best models. Has anyone seen Adrienne Curry since her spread in Marie Claire? I saw Yoanna in a toothpaste commercial--hardly the high-fashion work they touted on the show. Eva is cute and has personality, so she'll most likely end up being an actress of some sort. Yaya will probably be a UN translator or something equally obnoxious (no offense if any readers are UN translators; Yaya will be obnoxious doing it--the job, and the respectable people performing it, is not). I'm guessing Amanda will become some sort of spokesperson for the blind. And let's all hope Toccara has a successful career as a plus-size model, because after all she went through, she certainly deserves it.

One more note: I thought all the episodes in Japan were, in a word, dumb. I think the producers just wanted to go to Tokyo and shoot all the Harajuku girls. And I have a feeling that real-life top models like Gisele or Daria aren't strapping on the kimonos and performing tea ceremonies for cranky Japanese businessmen. (Seriously, what was that?) I know Japan is a "fashion capital," but I feel like no one in the U.S. cares. Paris, yes. Milan, yes. New York, of course. Tokyo? Not so much. (Disclaimer: I went to Japan in 2002 and had a blast. The clothes are awesome, but I didn't buy any because a large in Japan is a size 6 here, and no shoe is bigger than a 37.) Let's stay more mainstream next season, okay?

There's a new season of ANTM coming in spring 2005, so in the meantime, I'll be watching Project Runway, my new favorite show. I won't be doing weekly updates (unless everyone really wants me to), but I will do a little reporting during the spring 2003 fashion shows, when the three finalists will present their collections. Keep an eye out for it.
Website of the week
Last week I reached the end of one of my favorite candles. I went around the corner to Flight 001, where I had purchased it, but they no longer carry the brand. I panicked for a second, then came home and Googled the name, and lo and behold, I came across Aromapharmacy's website. I was pleased to find they not only carry candles, but various bath products as well. Most of the merchandise seems geared toward men (there's a heavy emphasis on shaving), but many items are unisex. Aromapharmacy has a whole philosophy, which is that plants have therapeutic qualities, so they blend them in aromatherapeutic quantities and make nifty bath products. (They're based in Los Angeles, hence the nature-loving.) The website is organized simply, by type of product. I was most familiar with the prescription candles (get it? Aroma-pharmacy?); I have Niagra and Valiumello (the one I ran out of), but the candles come in a ton of scents, including the self-explanatory Hung-Over and Thin-Thin. One of the best parts about the candles is the cost: At $14, the larger size is almost a quarter of the price of a (admittedly, very good-smelling) Diptyque candle. As for other products, the Pre-Op hand soap looks promising; Aromaid kits have essential aromatherapeutic oils; and for the man in your life, the shaving kit features three full-size shaving products for $30--quite a good deal. Hmm, one shaving kit for your man, many candles for you!
An article that will make you feel much better about yourself
So, I like to think of myself as a pretty generous person. And I really enjoy shopping for and giving gifts. But while shopping for said gifts, I almost always end up buying stuff for myself too, and this has always made me feel awful. Like, "Jesus, Cheryl, can you for once not shop for yourself?" (The answer, apparently, is no.) But upon reading this article in today's New York Times, about women who, ahem, shop for themselves during prime Christmas shopping season, I felt waaay better. Especially when I read about the woman who dropped $900 on a jacket for herself. Good god, woman! So, go out, spend some money on your loved ones, spend some money on yourself, and don't feel bad about it. A dollar is a dollar is a dollar, and it all helps the economy. Right?
Not so much
Guest shopper SL hit the Hanro sale today. Here's her take on the event:

Hanro sample sale? Sucks. Only old lady nightgowns, most of
which are ugly and/or shrunken and ungiftable even to moms and aunts. 
Didn't really go through the bras and panties, but was told by others
at the sale that those, too, sucked.

In summary, don't waste your time (unless, of course, you like old lady nightgowns).
The week in shopping
Judging by all the jewelry and handbag sales happening, I'd say this week's sales are geared toward last-minute shoppers, a.k.a men. But for us ladies, there's Catherine Malandrino, Paul & Joe, and more.

Frenchy Catherine Malandrino has halter dresses for $179 (were $348), silk skirts for $149 (were $338), sweaters for $149 (were $328), jackets for $299 (were $598), and blouses for $139 (were $398). 12/16-12/21; 9-7, 11-4 weekends; 275 W. 39th St. (8th Ave.), 6th fl.

Hanro makes some of the softest cotton underpinnings out there; everything is up to 75% off at this sale. 12/14-12/15; 8-6 Tue., 8-4 Wed.; 40 E. 34th St. (at Madison), ste. 819.

The always excellent Find Outlet has one of my favorite labels, Paul & Joe. Wool coats are $321, sweaters are $148, and skirts are $140. If I weren't completely broke from Christmas shopping, I would so be there. 12/16-12/19; noon-7; 361 W. 17th St. (8th & 9th Aves.).

Unis has great, sort of vintagey men's and women's apparel for up to 75% off. Through 12/16; 11-7; 226 Elizabeth St. (at Prince St.).

Neal Decker's innovative handbags and totes are $30-$75, up to 75% off. 12/15-12/17; 11-6; 153 W. 27th St. (6th & 7th Aves.), ste. 700.

Catch a Fire by Cedella Marley has brightly colored womenswear for 305-80% off. 12/15-12/17; 9-7, 9-5 Fri.; 632 Broadway (at Bleecker), ste. 901.

Gerard Yosca's sparkly costume jewelry is 50%-90% off at this cash-only sale. 12/15-12/17; 10-6, 10-4 Fri.; 39 W. 38th

Moyna handbags and other accessories are $22-$95. 12/14-12/17; 10-6; 225 W. 35th St. (7th & 8th Aves.), 12th fl.

Mom will love Joan Vass' chic, simple clothes for $25-$300. 12/15; 10-5; 36 E. 31st St. (5th & Madison), 3rd fl.

M+J Savitt's bling is 40%-60% off; call 212-684-4221 ext. 106 to make an appointment. Through 12/16; 9-6; 475 5th Ave. (at 40th St.), 20th fl.

If you're really generous and in a last-minute-gift situation Michael C. Fina's super-expensive household accessories are on sale. 12/14-12/17; 9-6:30, 9-5 Fri.; Parsons School of Design, 560 7th Ave. (at 40th St.), 2nd fl.

Armani is having a sale, with 40% off fall/winter items. Go to the website for locations.

Select items are 40% off at Agnes B. as well. Go to the website for store locations.

Get 20% off at through 12/16 when you enter code FF4PCC at checkout.

I got this e-mail last week, so no guarantees on there being anything left, but Gabay's received a shipment of shoes by Hollywould, Dior, Tod's and more for 50%-60% off. is having a pre-holiday sale with items up to 40% off (including Citizens of Humanity jeans!).

This week at the Shop at, Kate Spade, Cole Haan, Freeze 24/7 face cream, Marciano clothing, Tiffini Dooris jewelry, Gentry de Paris lingerie, and MZ Wallace bags.

Sweaters are on sale at Gap.

This week, Clothingline has Mavi and Seven jeans, Smith's, Kooba and Buzz by Jane Fox bags, and more. 261 W. 36th St. (7th & 8th Aves.).

Last-minute Lord & Taylor coupons. Use 'em Thursday and onward...

Starting 12/17, fall/winter items are up to 70% off at BCBG stores.
Cheryl shops...a bunch of sales that are over now, and Theory
Today was the holiday luncheon, then we got to go home at 3! Yay! So, of course, I went shopping. First I hit the White + Warren sale (today was the last day). They had a lot of nice but very basic sweaters, most of which were $85, but turtlenecks were $50 for some reason. I think White + Warren makes pretty high-quality cashmere, especially compared to some other brands, but the styles are a bit generic.

Which was a huge contrast to Inhabit (today was also the last day for this one), where I wanted to buy every sweater they had. Inhabit had plain v-necks, but they were in different muted colors; they also had wrap sweaters, ponchos, and really interesting pointelle-type knits and other sweaters with innovative textures. I ended up buying a high-quality cotton tank top and a sort-of matching superlight cashmere sweater that has this drapey, ruffle-type thing on both sides--kind of like an open cardigan, but you can probably experiment with brooches and pin it in different ways. Prices were incredibly reasonable--I didn't see anything for more than $100. The sale is over (sorry!), but I signed up for the mailing list, so I'll definitely let you know about the next one.

My final stop was Clothingline for the much-hyped (yes, by me too--I'm guilty) Theory sale. I was, in a word, disappointed. There were a lot of pants, I guess, but they were all in plain black or khaki cotton for the most part, and do I really need another pair of black cotton trousers? (I think I own about eight pairs, so, no.) They had a few ugly blazers, even uglier skirts, and some basic knitwear--nice cashmere sweaters for $80 or so, T-shirts, tanks, etc. They also had a lot of "tailor" suit separates, which appeared to be no different from regular Theory separates, other than that they were made of wool and were only 40% off (as opposed to everything else at 60% off). That was about it. Granted, I waited until Thursday afternoon to hit the sale, so I'm sure if I had gone on, say, Monday, there would've been a better selection. Still, I was disappointed, and I think I would've preferred 70% off--you can get better deals at the Theory outlet store at Woodbury Commons.
Buy it
My god, I have no idea how I have existed these past four or five years with a dial-up connection. I just installed my cable modem, and I feel like a new woman. People, if you're still using a dial-up connection, please contact Time Warner and get a cable modem. It will change your life.
The Cheryl Shops Holiday Shopping Guide Bonus Edition: Your Girlfriend (For Guys)
Because we all know you haven't even started shopping yet.

For the girl who appreciates subtle luxuries: You don't have to drop $1,000 on a designer handbag to make your woman happy (seriously), but a little Louis Vuitton agenda can put a smile on her face every time she peeks inside her bag.

For the girl who thinks she's Carrie (or Miranda, or Charlotte, or Samantha): She probably already has all six Sex and the City seasons on DVD, so she'd love this behind-the-scenes book written by Amy Sohn.

For the girl who enjoys dressing up: La Perla lingerie may be the classiest, but Agent Provocateur is way sexier. Need proof? Check out this Fifi slip.

For the sophisticated lady: Imagine how elegant she'll look with Kimberly Faith's gorgeous opera necklace draped around her neck.

For the old-school dame: She'll look totally chic when she travels and carries this Bobbi Brown train case. Granted, no one really looks glamorous when they travel anymore, but one can try.

For the progressive feminist: If you're a guy, you probably don't remember the scene in Father of the Bride when the daughter freaks out because her fiancee gets her a blender and she views it as a symbol of repression of women, etc. If your girl could give a crap about such issues, get her DeLonghi's commercial stainless steel blender so she can make smoothies and, more importantly, margaritas.

For the girl who's always cold: Personally, I'm either freezing my ass off or sweating like a hog, but I know many girls who are always shivering. So buy her this Juicy Couture fur-lined hoodie and end her teeth-chattering ways.

For the girl who always smells good: I can't give away any secrets here, but Red Flower makes some of the best-smelling products on earth. Take your pick of lotions, bath gels, candles, or all of the above.

For the girl you're afraid to buy clothes for: I can't think of any girl who wouldn't like this Cardi-wrap sweater, which can be individualized in umpteen ways.

For any girl: I think Boucher's four-inch duster earrings would look good on just about anyone, and you can get them in your choice of stone.
Random notes
1) Tomorrow I'm going to jump into the 21st century and get a cable modem. Hopefully this will assist in my doing Cheryl Shops from home.

2) Inevitably, Women's Wear Daily discovered I'd been reading it for free for years (I'm guessing other people were doing it, too) and upgraded its website, so now you can't read anything without a subscription. Bastards. So, unfortunately, I will no longer be linking to it.

3) Along those same lines, while I had much free time to read the various online fashion publications at my old job, I am actually quite busy at my new job. So, in the interest of having some time to myself when I get home from work, I'll no longer be posting a daily digest. I will post some noteworthy news stories as they occur, but it will not be a regular Cheryl Shops feature anymore. Of course, please feel free to comment on this decision; if a lot of people miss daily digest, I'll consider bringing it back.
Website of the week
All of a sudden, for some reason, I am obsessed with designer handbags. I have a Gucci Jackie O bag (it was a college graduation gift to myself), a buttery leather Miu Miu messenger bag, and a vintage Dior logo doctor bag, but other than that, I tend to prefer more quirky, individualistic bags from smaller designers. But not anymore. A few weeks ago, I saw this woman at my nail salon with the most gorgeous tan leather hobo-type bag; I asked her where it was from, and she said Gucci. With a bit more research, I determined this was the large Gucci horsebit hobo and that Jessica Simpson owns, like, four of them. Bitch. Anyway, the bag retails for $1,290 and is routinely waitlisted, although there are pretty good knockoffs going for about $350 on eBay if you're into that sort of thing (I am not). Then I saw a picture of Gwyneth Paltrow (someone who, if you're a regular Cheryl Shops reader, you know I totally idolize in terms of style) with the Balenciaga Le Dix bag, and now I'm completely obsessed with that one (I think it would go better with my cheetah-print fur coat anyway). So in my search for affordable (ha!) designer handbags, I came across Vogue Handbags. All bags sold here are authentic but are 30%-70% off retail prices because they're bought directly from the vendors (hence saving you the retail markup). They have a concentrated selection and carry only Gucci, Fendi, Prada, Tod's, Luella, Balenciaga, Marc Jacobs, and Lambertson Truex--wallets and handbags for the first four brands, handbags only for the latter four. You can shop by brand or search--the site isn't too complex. The deals, however, are pretty good. You can get this current-season Fendi bag for $289 (61% off), a basic Prada bag for $109, and not quite so cheap but still a good deal, this Gucci horsebit bag for $429, which is 37% off. But most importantly, they have my Balenciaga Le Dix bag, as well as my coveted Marc Jacobs Stella tote, in basic black no less! Granted, $800 is still a bit out of my price range, but I signed up for the mailing list and I'm going to wait for a coupon to come, and then I'm going to pounce.
A tale of two shoppers
MK and I both hit the Girlshop sample sale preview (for members only) today; MK was there at noon when the sale opened, and I went after work, at 6:30-ish. Here are our reflections on the sale, MK first:

wallet...hurting...ow, ow, owww...

I just dropped over $300 at the girlshop sale. Ow...
On the bright side, throwin' down a wad of 20's bought me some sweet
goodies! I got there before they opened for VIP day. They had two
boxes of funky silk-lined cashmere Priorities sweaters for $65 each,
so I picked one up in garnet. Of course I raided the jewelry counter
and plucked the prize pieces out right away: Two awesome Double
Happiness bracelets made with Swarovski crystals and gorgeous gold
clasps, and one asymmetrically-delicious semiprecious necklace by
Maya Brenner. Also scored two gorgeous black tops for going out, one
looks sort of gothic Lolita-ish. They'd better fit.

There were two racks of Guyshop menswear, but nothing
impressive...just a bunch of rock tees and unimpressive button-down
shirts. Cute little Totshop section, and a good number of
handbags (T-bags, Felix Rey, Julie Brown). However the nicer purses
were only marked down to like $150, not exactly a steal. Lots of
scarves, hats, and nice leather driving gloves. The women's tops are
so cute this year. There were some boots for sale, but I didn't take
a good look.

Now, my impression. Petty things first, the e-mail from Girlshop noted that they've moved to a different, "more spacious" location. I beg to differ. I could barely move, and I didn't even think the sale was that crowded. The layout was just not conducive to movement. Anyway, I was a bit disappointed in that they only had one small table of jewelry (usually the best part of a Girlshop SS). If you like the clothes, however, they had way more than usual, although the labels represented were definitely of the more indie variety. I saw some great embroidered tunics, silk dresses and skirts, tweed, knit tops, and tees. There are a lot of handknit hats and scarves, as well as leather gloves. As MK mentioned, there are a lot of bags, but very few for less than $100 (the exception to this being a lot of cute Loop tote bags and sequined purses). There are some shoes from Costanca Basto, two racks of guys' stuff, and some cute kids' stuff. As for jewelry, I got a gorgeous necklace from Double Happiness and some earrings and a bunch of bangles with little critters on them from Oscar and Nancy. Somehow that came out to $107. Anyway, it's worth checking out for the quirky accessories and clothing, but I wouldn't recommend looking for anything specific from the website.

The week in shopping
It's T-minus 18 days till Christmas and the sales are in full effect. A smattering of this week's offerings...

Sale of the week: Clothingline's twice-yearly Theory is a sure thing. Women's pants, sweaters, shirts, jackets, outerwear, and more are 60% off retail (and often get marked down as the week goes on). Through 12/9; 10-6, 10-7 Tue. & Thurs.; 261 W. 36th St. (7th & 8th Aves.), 2nd fl.

Another must-shop sale this week is the Girlshop sample sale (also featuring items from sister sites Guyshop and Totshop). They've moved to a bigger space, too! 12/8-12/12; noon-8, noon-6 Sun.; 819 Washington St. (Little West 12th & Gansevoort Sts.).

I love Eberjey's retro-girlie lingerie; undies, camis, nighties, and swimwear is 50%-75% off. 12/9-12/10; 9-7; 40 E. 34th St. (Park & Madison), ste. 610.

Do you really need a reason to go to Helmut Lang's sample sale? Okay, how about past collections for men and women at wholesale and below? Through 12/9; 10-6; 80 Greene St. (Spring & Broome Sts.).

Find party-ready silk frocks and separates at Miguelina's sale; items are $35-$250. 12/7-12/10; 11-6; 20 W. 36th St. (5th & 6th Aves.), 6th floor.

I am sad to say I still don't own a Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress, but I could pick one up at this sale, where they're $125, and tops are $75. 12/7-12/10; 9-8, 9-3 Fri.; 260 5th Ave. (at 28th St.).

For the girly-girls, Lulu Guinness handbags and accessories and Tibi clothing are up to 75% off. 12/8-12/10; 10-5; 230 W. 39th St. (7th & 8th Aves.), 16th floor.

Inhabit's excellent cashmere sweaters are a very affordable $20-$150. 12/7-12/9; 10-7:30; 1441 Broadway (40th & 41st Sts.); ste 3101.

Very feminine Lauren Merkin totes, clutches, and handbags are 40&-70% off at this sale. 12/7-12/9; 11-7; 231 W. 29th St. (7th & 8th Aves.), ste. 201.

Get cashmere sweaters and tees from Three Dots for a bargain $60-$100; 12/8-12/10; 10-5; 230 W. 39th St. (7th & 8th Aves.), 14th fl.

I'm inclined not to shop at the Nanette Lepore sample sale because 1) she was kind of a bitch on America's Next Top Model, and 2) because it's cash only. But her coats are now $250 (were $528), tops are $115 (were $230), and cardigans are $110 (were $218). 12/9-12/10; 9-6; 225 W. 35th St. (7th & 8th Aves.), 6th fl.

Colette Malouf turns out some of the most innovative accessories out there. At this sale, they're 60% off. 12/10-12/11; 10-7 Fri., 11-6 Sat.; 594 Broadway (Houston & Prince Sts.), ste. 1214.

Perlina handbags are $20-$100 (that's up to 70% off) and wallets are $10 at this sample sale. Through 12/12; 10 W. 33rd St. (5th & Broadway), ste. 210.

Menswear maestro John Varvatos is hosting a sample sale for his womenswear line, with prices 50%-80% off retail (many are under $150). 12/8-12/10; noon-8 Wed., 8-8 Thurs., 8-7 Fri.; 26 W. 17th St. (5th & 6th Aves.), 12th fl.

New York Dog has dog carriers, collars, leashes, beds, toys, and more at their sample sale; carriers start at $15. 12/8-12/12; 8-8, 9-6 Sat., 10-6 Sun.; 133 W. 25th St. (6th & 7th Aves.), ste. 8 West. -

Auro has all manner of trendy accessories, from wraps to ponchos to capelets; prices are $20-$90 (retail $150-$300). 12/8-12/10; 9-5; 7 W. 36th St. (5th & 6th Aves.), 13th fl.

Huge in the '70s and '80s, Carlos Falchi's handbags are here to stay, and at this sale, they're up to 70%t off. 12/8-12/10; 10-6:30; 260 W. 39th St., (at 7th Ave.), 16th fl.

Lola hats are up to 80% off at this cash-only sale. 12/8-12/10; 10-7; 535 8th Ave. (at 36th St.), 20th fl.

The very high-end Michelle Roth and Henry Roth bridal gowns are $795 and under (normally $2,500-$10,000) at this sale. 12/11; 9-5; 24 W. 57th St. (5th & 6th Aves.), ste. 203.

I saw the cutest White + Warren sweater in the Neiman Marcus resort catalogue; I hope they have it at this sale, where their famed cashmere sweaters are $25 and up. 12/8-12/9; 8-6; 80 W. 40th St. (at 6th Ave.), 3rd fl.

Highly coveted Area linens are $4-$150. 12/8-12/9; 10-8 Wed., 9-7 Thurs.; 180 Varick St. (at King St.), ste. 936.

Swedish line J. Lindeberg is 60%-80% off at this sample sale. 12/9-12/12; noon-7, noon-6 Sat., 1-5 Sun.; 588 Broadway (at Prince St.), ste. 908.

Yoana Baraschi's very feminine clothes are $39-$99 (were $130-$225). 12/7-12/9; 8:30-6, 8:30-7 Fri.; 330 W. 38th St., (8th & 9th Aves.)., ste. 502.

Maya knitwear is 60% off. 12/7-12/10; 11-7; 58 Thomas St. (at W. Broadway).

Get it done right at queen of fur Adrienne Landau's sale, where fur accessories are $10 and up. 12/7-12/17; 10-7, 10-4 Sun.; 225 W. 35th St. (7th & 8th Aves.), 14th fl.

Nautica's preppy clothes are 60% off. Through 10/9; 10-6, 10-3 Fri.; 40 W. 57th St. (5th & 6th Aves.), 8th fl.

Cousin Claudine's semiprecious handcrafted jewelry is $1-$90; Through 12/10; 8-6, 8-5:30 Sat.; 228 E. 45th St. (2nd & 3rd Aves.), 2nd fl.

Malo knitwear for men and women is 75% off. Through 12/8; 9-6:30 Tue., 9-5 Wed.; Parsons School of Design, 560 7th Ave. (at 40th St.), 2nd fl.

Stores in New York currently having sales of 30% off or more:
Bergdorf Goodman, 5th Ave. at 57th St.
Balenciaga, 542 W. 22nd St.
Bottega Veneta, 697 5th Ave.
Calypso, 426 Broome St.
Christian Dior, 21 E. 57th St.
Chanel, 139 Spring St. (at Greene)
D&G, 434 W. Broadway
Etro, 720 Madison Ave.
Gucci, 685 5th Ave.
Issey Miyake, 992 Madison (at 77th), 119 Hudson (at N. Moore St.).
Jeffrey New York, 449 W. 14th St.
Kirna Zabete, 96 Greene St. (Prince & Spring Sts.)
Ralph Lauren, 379 W. Broadway
Seven New York, 180 Orchard (Stanton & Houston Sts.)

For a limited time, get 10% off Herman Miller products at, Design Within Reach, and
The Cheryl Shops Holiday Shopping Guide: Babies and Pets
Things that make you go, "Awww..."

For a fashionista baby Gywneth Paltrow's daughter, Apple, wears 'em, so you know baby Uggs are the real deal.

For the fashionista pet (but, really, more for you): One of the best parts about having a little toy dog is that you can carry it around in cute carriers like the Charlie bag, a pretty good knockoff of Marc Jacobs' Stella tote.

For a baby who's outside a lot: Since we're New Yorkers who rely on walking and public transportation, we don't have the luxury of carting our kids around in warm, heated cars. So swaddle the kid in Gap's sherpa bundler, which is sure to keep your wee one toasty. For bonus cute points, add the matching hat.

For the cat who rules your apartment: Your cat probably already knows he or she is royalty, but this crown-adorned Swarovski collar will remind you daily.

For the baby with Linus aspirations: If the kid's going to drag its blanket around everywhere for the next six or seven years, it might as well be cute. Hence, Red Envelope's lamb blanket. Cue cooing.

For the New Age baby: If Mom's at Jivamukti every morning at 9, get the kid this Little Yogi Kit so he can start his "practice" at a ripe, early age.

For the eccentric baby: Granted, most New York City babies are a bit on the eccentric side, but it takes true personality to pull off this vintage-y sock monkey sweater.

For a dog with a strong personality: You can't put this ladylike sweater on a German Shepherd. And as much as I think it's totally dorky when people dress up their pets, this sweater is just too hilarious.

For any baby: A little baby probably won't appreciate Kiehl's baby gift set, but rest assured, his parents will--if only to steal the products for themselves.

For any pet: When boring ceramic or stainless steel won't do, Jonathan Adler's pet bowls work for both cats and dogs.
Coming tomorrow
Just as I hit "publish" on the final installment of the Cheryl Shops Holiday Shopping Guide, my computer crashed. Thanks, crappy dial-up connection! Anyway, I'll be posting that and sales for the week late Monday night. Please keep checking back and bear with me as tomorrow is my first day of work at my new job.
*Seeing as how it's 1:30 a.m. now, I'll be publishing a catch-up news digest tomorrow.

*I was really excited about my website of the week, but upon further examination, I discovered that you can't actually buy anything there (for the record, it was, the website of the popular Boston chain, which is a more affordable, and, in my opinion, better, version of Scoop). So due to time constraints, there will be no website of the week this week. Sorry.

*Amazingly, there are more sales. I will try to post them tomorrow, but if not, hopefully I'll get around to it sometime this weekend.

*Tomorrow is my last day of work, and I am so excited. I'm off to pick out my outfit now!
The Cheryl Shops Holiday Shopping Guide: Your Sister or Girlfriend
Granted, some of this stuff would be better for your sister, and some would be better for your girlfriend. I'll try to make a distinction.

For the gal on the go: Dior's Temptations set has toner, lip gloss, and mascara--all essentials--and comes in a cute makeup bag that can double as a small purse. Perfect for your little sister, or for your girlfriend to leave at your place for morning-after touch-ups.

For the health nut: Is yoga still trendy? Ah, who cares--it's important to be flexible. And this striped yoga mat will make those sun salutations far less tedious.

For the liberated gal: All I have to say is, if the Accuvibe is good enough for Samantha Jones, it's good enough for your girl.

For the party girl: At first I saw this mini Moet belt and laughed my ass off. But it's kind of cool, isn't it? I can see Kate Moss wearing it, keeping all the models tipsy during Fashion Week.

For the US Weekly reader: Everyone's favorite busy 18-year-old, Lindsay Lohan, stars in the Dooney & Bourke ads, so a gal who follows her every jiggle would love one of these (actually very cute) coin purses.

For the girl with idle hands: Let me tell you, my life has changed drastically since I learned how to knit. But if you'd prefer to learn to crochet (it's supposedly much easier), Loop's crochet kit will do the trick.

For the not-reckless-at-all driver: Prove you're the more responsible sibling by getting your younger sister this woman-friendly BarbaraK! Roadside Safety Kit. Your parents will thank you.

For the accessory maven: Chances are she's ashamed of the ugly black nylon case that came with her iPod, so get her this e.vil iPod case, an appropriately girly mix of gold lamé and pink fabric.

For the girl who's so over her Tiffany's bracelet: Replace it with this surprisingly understated and affordable Juicy Couture charm bracelet.

For pretty much any girl: Even if she's a bag snob, chances are she'll love this sherpa-trimmed cargo hobo from the Gap. And if not, hey, she can exchange it for something better, Sport!
The Cheryl Shops Holiday Shopping Guide: Your Boyfriend or Brother
After working at a men's magazine for two and a half years, I should know.

For the gadget dork: Now that he has an iPod, he's so over CDs. With this inMotion portable audio system, he can ditch the monster stereo system. Unless, of course, he has his home theatre system hooked up to it...

For the guy who always has at least three days' worth of beard growth: Drop a hint with this Art of Shaving gift set, which features all the tools he needs to execute an old-school shave, plus a 100-page book extolling the virtues of a clean-shaven man.

For the guy who's always checking his cell phone for the time: This Diesel leather-strap watch looks more like a cool, sleek cuff bracelet than a watch, and its innovative design is definitely a good conversation-starter.

For the guy whose wallet is the size of a brick: Once he removes those three-year-old gas station receipts and movie ticket stubs, he can put his cards, money, and a picture of you in this perforated leather J-Fold wallet.

For the guy with a strong inner 12-year-old: The guys in my office are going nuts for the Nintendo DS, which, from what I can tell, is like a souped-up GameBoy. For amusement at the expense of others, read the user reviews.

For the stylish guy: The cool thing about this Ben Sherman Mercury sweater is that I can picture guys with a range of styles wearing it--prepsters can wear it with a polo shirt and docksiders, hipsters can pair it with thrift-store pants and Converse sneakers, and even hip-hop guys can rock it with baggy jeans and Timbs. (Yeah, I'm down with the lingo!)

For the guy who still carries his backpack from college: If he's an big boy now, it's time to upgrade to a big-boy bag. This Hugo Boss St. Moritz messenger bag is sleek, but utilitarian enough not to scream metrosexual.

For the football enthusiast: MW and his friend CK play some football game on PlayStation for hours on end. I can only imagine the fun they'd have with this EA Sports Madden Football Mat.

For the sk8r boy: Crazy Jackass Bam Margera designed a line of skateboards for Element, and this Comanche skateboard deck, vaguely reminiscent of The Partridge Family, is my favorite. Hopefully it won't be used to crash into bushes or a lake full of alligators.

For any guy: When in doubt, do your part to fight dirty-sock odor and buy him some new cologne. Some of my favorites: Dolce & Gabbana, Jean-Paul Gaultier, and Burberry Brit.
Cheryl shops...the Lutz & Patmos sample sale
I hit the Lutz & Patmos sample sale after work today with high hopes, having bought gorgeous sweaters there the past two years. This year...yikes, whip out the AmEx Centurion. (Um, if you have one. In which case you're probably not reading this blog or shopping at sample sales, for that matter.) I saw one sweater for $150; there were several filmsy, not very soft sweaters for $175; most of the sweaters were $200, $250, or more. I was in a bit of sticker shock. Granted, Lutz & Patmos sweaters can retail for up to $1,600, and the ones they had for $450 were a gorgeous, probably 8-ply cashmere, but that was just a bit much for me. So I left empty-handed, but I think I might go back on Saturday afternoon to see if there are any markdowns. A girl can dream...
America's Next Top Model vs. Project Runway
I will readily admit that I watch a lot of TV, much of it reality shows. I may be snobby about fashion, but when it comes to TV, I'm not so classy. (Then again, is TV ever classy?) I am addicted to The OC (how about Cohen and the punk girl, eh?), for example. And while America's Next Top Model has been a highlight of my fall TV viewing schedule, I can now happily say that with the addition of Project Runway Wednesday has become Fashionista Reality TV Night.

However, I am quickly losing interest in ANTM. This season, there has been no Shandi (the ugly duckling-turned-swan) or Yoanna (fat duckling-turned-swan); basically, there are no truly likeable characters, because they're all bitches. (The exceptions to this, however, are Toccara, who got booted several weeks ago, and my favorite, Norelle, who was eliminated this week.) While casting such strong personalities may make for good television, there is no star, there is no one I really want to root for, and I feel like none of the contestants is going to make a kickass model, as opposed to last season, when, by the time they got down to the last four or five girls, any of them could've been a great choice as the winner. But now we're left with Yack Yack, who I hope to god gets kicked off soon because she is so goddamn annoying; Ann, who is gorgeous but can't pose for shit; Amanda, who is a friggin' model dinosaur at 25 years old; and Eva, who is so obviously going to win, I almost don't need to watch the show anymore. Eva's the only one who can walk and she's the most consistent in the photographs, but she turned off Tyra this week when she showed some emotion. I was like, What?!?! I give up.

I perked up considerably while watching Bravo's Project Runway, a reality show for aspiring clothing designers. It's hosted by Tyra Banks' fellow Victoria's Secret "Angel" Heidi Klum, who goes about her duties with a friendly chirpiness but quickly turns into a stern German hausfrau when it's judgment time. The contestants range from a mulleted recent Pratt graduate to a really annoying 41-year-old gown designer/mom from Washington. While a few showed some surprising insecurity, most of the designers are so flamboyant and cocky, it's fascinating to watch. Their first competition was to make an evening gown out of items from the grocery store; the winner constructed his from corn husks, and it was simply gorgeous. The guy who was eliminated was by far the most cocksure and egotistical (but, who I thought, made a pretty decent dress out of admittedly mundane materials). It takes a flamboyant personality to become the head of a clothing empire (hello, Michael Kors or Donna Karan), and as I watched the designers proudly, self-assuredly watch their designs parade down the runway, I knew this was going to be an interesting show.
Yet another reason I'm glad I'm leaving my job
Our Internet access went down at 1:30, and by the time I left work at 7:30, our e-mail was down as well. So while I had a ton of time to waste today (since no one had Internet access, no one could really do any work), I couldn't do anything useful like, oh, post stuff on Cheryl Shops. God willing, the ol' Internet will be up and running tomorrow, but if not, I will sacrifice my prime Apprentice viewing time to finish up the Cheryl Shops Holiday Shopping Guide, because I love all of you way more than I love the Donald.

So, coming Thursday (knock on wood): America's Next Top Model vs. Project Runway, Website of the week, Daily digest, and gift guides for the men and women in your life.

Thanks for your patience!