5 summer must-haves

In recent years we've had Hot Girl summer, Hot Vaxx summer, Hot Coastal Grandmother summer....am I missing anything? I don't know what the trending Hot buzzword is this year; maybe it's just Hot Hot summer, based on the heatwave that's hitting most of the country at the moment, thanks to global warming. Of course, here in San Francisco, it's more like Hot Cold summer—I am wearing a wool sweater as I write this, as it's 53 degrees outside today, I kid you not—but a girl can dream...or at least travel to warmer parts of the country, which I will be doing next week. Here are 5 summer must-haves I'll be taking with me. 

A matching set 

I have been very resistant to the idea of a matching set. Why not just buy a dress? Well, because you can also break the pieces apart and wear them with other things, making matching sets excellent for traveling. You last saw this skirt in my honest review of Spanx Thinstincts; I love it so much, I ordered the the matching top. While I wouldn't normally go for a long-over-long ensemble, there's something about this set that just works—I think because the knit is so lightweight and body-skimming, it doesn't feel overwhelming. Both pieces are now on sale at Zara, making them even more tempting than usual. I'm wearing my usual size medium in both.

A vest

Add vests to my list of things from the '90s that I never thought I'd wear again but here we are. What's new this time around is that I've been seeing a lot of women on Instagram wearing a vest as a tank top, with high-waisted jeans or Bermudas, and I definitely plan to try that as soon as I'm in a climate that's appropriate for a sleeveless top. In the meantime, I'm layering this vest (also a Zara sale find) on top of everything I can; I like how it adds a bit of structure against the slinky knit pieces I'm wearing. I also took a medium in this one. 

Oval sunglasses

Aaaand one more '90s throwback. These are a dupe of the Celine Triomphe sunglasses, and like most of my shades, are from Amazon. I didn't think the oval shape was going to suit my (very wide) face, but I was pleasantly surprised. As a bonus, these are small enough to fit in my tiniest purses. This style comes in a bunch of colors, including a very Kurt Cobain white, but I recommend getting the tortoise and black two-pack. 

Raffia sandals
You also saw these in the Spanx review; when I wear a clingy skirt, a big platform shoe is in order. I love these for summer because raffia is such a light, breathable material and, let's face it, there's no wear you're wearing these in the snow. They almost scream vacation—I can picture them perfectly in Miami or the Caribbean—and that's fine with me. They're also an incredible steal (thanks, Target!).

A ludicrously capacious bag

It's the meme that won't die, even though Succession is (sadly) over, but screw nepo babies and their tiny bags—a tote large enough to hold flat shoes for the subway and a lunch pail is definitely where it's at. Granted, I probably wouldn't put either of those things in this one, but it can comfortably hold my laptop, bag of cords, wallet, water bottle, scarf, makeup bag, and perhaps a small dog. This bag is a splurge (I got an amazing deal on mine), but a nice treat if you can swing it. 


Laura B said...

I'm loving how you are taking these trends and making them your own. I think this outfit is fabulous. I love the monochrome look!

The Style Fanatic said...

Beautiful outfit, I like how you added that little jacket which gives it a more sophisticated look.

The Style Fanatic

Aly In Wanderland said...

I love your outfit!


stylesplash@live.co.uk said...

Fabulous summer outfit! I love the vest and capacious bag! Thanks for linking up!

Emma xxx

Mica said...

This is such a great neutral outfit! The knits look so soft and I really like the layering with the vest, it just works so perfectly in this outfit! :)

Thanks for joining the Weekday Wear Link up :)

Nancy 's Fashion Style said...

Such a lovely way to wear a waistcoat!

Doused In Pink said...

I love how you styled your vest! This is such a gorgeous outfit!

Jill - Doused in Pink

rupy merwar said...

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