What I wore in Palm Springs

People tend to picture L.A. or San Francisco when they think of California, but one of my favorite things about living in this vast state is that there are a bunch of quirky, singular towns. Carmel, Mendocino, and Big Sur are several of my favorites, and the longer I live here, the more I realize there are so many more to see. I had only been to Palm Springs once before—in 2006, years before I lived here—but when a friend mentioned he was going to Modernism Week this year, we decided to make a long weekend out of it and join him. There's plenty to do in Palm Springs when there's not a festival or big event happening, but if you're at all interested in architecture or design—particularly midcentury modern—I'd highly recommend going. It was also a completely different experience being in Palm Springs in the winter versus the summer, when I'd been there before. The weather was kind of all over the place, but I went with it. Here's what I wore in Palm Springs. 

My 2023 birthday wishlist

Two miraculous things happened with my birthday wishlist last year: one, it was one of the most-viewed posts of the year. Two, due to the incredible generosity of my friends and family, I ended up receiving everything on the list with the exception of the Céline bag, which I had intended to buy for myself (in the interest of fiscal responsibility, I went for a secondhand Chloé Faye instead). I am not quite as optimistic about this year’s wishlist—especially since the stakes are a little higher price-wise—but a girl can dream. Here’s what’s on my radar this year. 

What to wear on date night

 Is it me or has all of the marketing around Valentine's Day gotten a little toned down recently? I feel like I used to be inundated with emails and sponsored posts and pitches and ads—and I still see them, of course—but now, if anything, the tone seems to have shifted to an empowered one (buy your own diamonds!) and/or a more low-key one (date night looks to love). I realize I've done a lot of Valentine's Day outfit posts, including a Galentine's Day last year, and since it's been a whopping six years since I've done a date-night post (and oof is that one outdated!) I thought now would be a good time for an update. Also, we rarely go out on Valentine's Day; if anything, we tend to stay in and cook a nice meal at home since restaurants tend to be a sh*tshow on V-day. So since it's still February—and still cold here—this one is on the cozy side. Here's what I'm wearing on date night. 

5 ways to wear white jeans in winter

It's been a very rainy winter so far here in California, and when it rains, I tend to get into a wardrobe rut of skinny black pants and sweaters. (Case in point: this post.) Last week's Get the Look, however, got me thinking—as long as it's not raining, why not change it up with white jeans? I've found that wearing lighter colors in cold, dark weather really helps brighten my mood, and a little pop of white can go a long way. So with a little serotonin boost in mind, here are 5 ways to wear white jeans in winter.