Buy it: Guerlain by Emilio Pucci Meteorites Perles D'Azur

I used to babysit a family whose mother had Guerlain Meteorites powder on her vanity. I was completely fascinated by it—the multicolored balls, the luxurious scent, the fancy gold box—and also a bit puzzled as to how all those colors mixed together on one's complexion. As time went on, Meteorites were something I always thought about buying but then decided against, because, in the end, they seemed a bit frivolous, and I'm actually quite unadventurous when it comes to makeup. But I was recently in Sephora with a gift card to burn, and my theory with gift cards is that you should always use them to buy something you'd never buy for yourself (you know, like a gift). So when I walked by the Guerlain section and saw the limited-edition Emilio Pucci Meteorites Perles D'Azur, it was fate. Honestly, it's almost worth buying for the superchic container alone (I plan on using mine to hold rings or pins once the powder is gone), but the powder does give your skin a pretty, subtly shimmery effect. I used it on my cheekbones and brow this morning, and I felt like a very fancy lady. Which came in handy when got stuck on the subway for an hour and a half this morning; it's all about bringing a little glamour to the everyday.

TheFind Guest Post: The Nautical Trend Continues With Striped Accessories!

Pulling off the nautical trend without going full-on "sailor" can be a bit tricky, but some summery wardrobe staples never fail to get the point across stylishly. The perfect striped tee, trendy takes on the boat shoe, raffia totes and clutches – when worn in moderation, the whole "yacht party chic" look can be accomplished without verging on costume-y, and that less-is-more mentality continues this summer with striped accessories. Sunglasses, belts, bags, and more – these simple yet stylish pieces add the perfect dose of nautical inspiration to any casual seasonal outfit, letting you embrace the trend without going overboard (pun intended)! You'll look and feel undeniably summery, but no one will be asking you to take them out to sea (unless, of course, you have a friend with a yacht)!

Pictured above: Madewell Indego Africa Striped Bangles, Gap Striped Open Weave Fedora, Dior Striped Acetate Aviator Sunglasses, Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC Stripe Clutch, and Tory Burch Elastic Belt.

- Alexandra Gambardella

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I Want It Now: Python

Today's post—a new recurring feature here on Cheryl Shops—is inspired by Veruca Salt, the spoiled girl in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory who meets her demise after falling down a chute for bad eggs. But there are no bad eggs here, just things I'm totally obsessed with, which, at the moment, is python: prints, textures, real, faux, whatever. My python picks are as follows:

Clockwise from top left:

I'll admit, I'm a total sucker for nail art, but so far I've been pretty uninspired by the ready-made offerings. Until now, that is—how cool are these At Your Fingertips nail stickers from ModCloth?

Equipment's silk blouses are so fantastic, I already own three of them and am hankering for another. Next on my list is this vividly dreamy python-print number, also here in more sizes and colors.

When it comes to exotic skins, few do 'em better than Kara Ross. This divided cuff is a chic choice from her lower-priced line.

Much like its namesake shoes, Jimmy Choo perfume straddles that fine line between glamorous and trashy. If this perfume were a woman, I'd like to get drunk with her. That said, I don't know what's more fantastic—the scent itself or the pink python box that holds it.

Zadig & Voltaire is a line I get very excited about when in France, but I forget that it even has stores here. Based on how sexy and French this silk chiffon skirt is, perhaps I should pay more attention.

My coworker has this exact Michael Kors Hamilton satchel, and let me tell you, it is one good-looking bag. The python texture is embossed, and it's a lovely, very subtle contrast to the blush-pink color of the leather.

And because we know Michael Kors knows his exotic skins, here's another winner, a pair of actual snakeskin sandals that I'm completely besotted with at the moment.

Join It: Lyst

Pinterest has spawned so many social-shopping sites, my head spins when I think about it. I try to keep up on these sorts of things—after all, it's kind of my job—but I've found that with so many of these imitators and derivatives, I sign up for them...and then never use them again. (I'm looking at you, Styl.Mx.) After all, there can only be one Pinterest.

That said, I've found one such site that has a lot of potential, and in fact I think it's so cool, you can expect to see a lot more of it here on Cheryl Shops. The site is Lyst, and I first heard about it because—wait for it—you can link it to your Pinterest account, and it will send you alerts when your pinned items go on sale. That alone is worth signing up for, no? But another cool thing about Lyst is that there are a ton of major retailers and designers on the site—you can follow them, which is a great way to find out about new products without having to go to all their individual sites and browse. Of course, being a social site, you can also follow your friends, which is kind of the main point (although what's interesting is that there's not a lot of distinction between designers or retailers and one's friends). It's really great for bloggers, however—one of my favorite features is that Lyst automatically generates collections based on my posts, so if you like what you see here, you can shop the items directly from my Lyst page. See something you like? Roll over it and click "add to my Lyst." You can then sort your items by type, price, color, and so on. It's a big time-suck, really, but if you're anything like me, I bet you're always looking for new ways to shop—and Lyst is pretty awesome.

So, please, join Lyst, follow me, and shop my picks—it'll be like we're shopping together for real!

TheFind Guest Post: Vacation Vicariously With Korres Magic Light Contouring Trio

Not all bronzers are created equally, but considering how many different options we have for getting our summer glow on, some brands serve up some pretty close competition with each other. And while the prettiness of the packaging itself doesn't exactly rank in the higher end of importance given all the determining factors that go into choosing your perfect bronzer, it's certainly a suitable tie-breaker. And what bronzer could possibly look prettier than Korres Magic Light Contouring Trio? With its picturesque Grecian sunset compact and the embossed, gradient pressed powder inside, this bronzer looks prettier than a postcard – both on its own and when applied to your complexion. Subtle shimmer and radiant Goddess-like skin is yours in a few easy sweeps, whether you prefer using each of the three shades separately, or blended to create your perfect custom shade. Designed to contour facial architecture in the most flattering way possible, this bronzer is universally flattering and never harsh, so consider kissing all competing bronzers goodbye, whether or not you have your own Grecian getaway in the works! - Alexandra Gambardella

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One last sample sale post: Qi & Ainsley

Last month, I said I wasn't posting sample sales anymore. Okay, I lied. But with good reason: I'm back to report knitwear line Qi and its sister label Ainsley are holding a joint sample sale this week (you can preview the items here). What's really awesome is that they're offering Cheryl Shops readers an extra 20% off when you bring the flyer below—either print it out or flash your smartphone, and then congratulate yourself on scoring such cute, versatile knits at such a fabulous price! Through 6/23; 9-7 daily; 260 W. 39th St. (7th & 8th Aves.), suite 200.

In These Shoes: Guess Studded Sandals

Just last week, I wrote about how I'm too cheap to invest in really expensive shoes and yet I remain fixated on the fancy footwear. Case in point: Valentino Rockstud sandals, which I first wrote about in March 2011. I'm still obsessed, and yet I can't quite shell out for the real thing. Which is why I'm so happy I found these studded Guess sandals. They aren't quite as subtle as the real thing—the white is really bright, the studs are very yellow-gold—but they retain that lovely ladylike quality that Valentino does so well, with a nice kitten heel and front straps that create a bow-like effect. I can report that they're comfy, with a totally walkable 3-inch heel and a bit of padding in the footbed, although they run a bit big—I had to go down half a size. The best part, though, is that they're on sale for $88, which makes them less than a tenth of the price of the real thing. Cheap? I prefer frugal.

Under $100: summer staples in basic black

Can we talk about this weather? I mean, did I unwittingly move to Seattle? Halfway through June and nearly every day is cold and rainy. As a result, I've been wearing lots of gray and black, and my pretty, colorful, lightweight spring-summer clothes are languishing in my closet. It's a little depressing, yes, but there is a silver lining to this never-ending storm cloud: Black is eternally chic, and in the summer, it's even a little unexpected. So, lest the sun never shines again—or even if it does—here are some stylish summer essentials in basic black.

Clockwise from top left:

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I get pretty lazy about my attire in the summer. On the weekends, I live in somewhat silly T-shirts like this one by Wildfox Couture.

I average at least one new beach cover up per year, and since I haven't pulled the trigger yet this year, this crocheted Roxy dress is a strong contender.

Fact: I let my body roast in the sun, but I keep my face covered as much as possible; a glam sun hat is an important part of this equation.

Summer is the perfect excuse to wear a lot of beaded bracelets. I currently have my eye on this Shamballa-inspired number from Susan B.

What else can I say about these Jessica Simpson Patia shoes, other than they have polka-dots and are incredibly fun?

There is nothing easier to wear than a shirtdress, particularly one in silk, like the Lylia dress from Guess.

Cindy Crawford once said the sexiest swimsuit is a black string bikini. I'd take her word for it, with this incredibly affordable Old Navy string bikini top and matching bottom.

The great thing about straw bags: They can get wet and survive, meaning they're perfect for this weather. They're also nice and lightweight. I like the vaguely exotic look of this SR by Sandra Roberts tote.

Shorts: love 'em or hate 'em, they're a summer necessity. These Daisy or Night shorts from Modcloth manage to be both relaxed and polished.

Finally, what's summer without a pair of sunglasses? I prefer traditional aviators, and Marc by Marc Jacobs makes a solid pair at a great price.

TheFind Guest Post: Sneakers Get Spiked for Summer!

Even if your days of forging doctors' notes to get out of gym class are long behind you, you should still be able to appreciate the sneaker for its non-athletic purposes. After all, they're far more comfortable than your average stiletto heel (at least, they should be!), allowing you to go the extra mile in your lengthy shopping endeavors. Plus, the newest spiked additions to the sneaker family will have you appreciating their ability to make a statement as well! From spike-embellished hidden wedges to all-over spiky high-tops, these edgy takes on the tennis shoe may be a bit too dangerous to rock on the court, but they're perfect for pairing with your favorite cut-off shorts or skinny jeans for an updated, moto-inspired summer look!

Pictured above: Ruthie Davis 'Tennie' Trainer, Sam Edelman 'Alexander' High Top Sneaker, Jeffrey Campbell 'Edea' Spiked Sneaker, and Rodney P. Hunt Hi Top Spike Sneakers.

Alexandra Gambardella

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Buy it: American Eagle sundresses

Summer is the season when I don't try so hard. Based on how much my traffic dips in June, July, and August, I assume you don't either. And that's cool. Most of the time, it's too damn hot to care, which is why I keep it simple: sundresses, clogs, and a cardigan. The cardigan keeps me warm on the subway, the clogs keep me high above the filthy sidewalks, and the sundresses are cute and easy, and if I get all gross and sweaty, I can throw them straight into the washing machine when I get home. My secret source for affordable, wash-and-wear sundresses? American Eagle. Yes, I do worry that when I shop there, the salespeople are like, "Who's this old lady?" But their salespeople are actually incredibly friendly and, well, there's always the website. Anyway, American Eagle has supercute summer dresses that top out at $50, the fits are flattering, and the prints are current without being too trendy. Here are some of my favorites.

The party dress has an almost Moroccan-inspired print. The ruffle drapes over your bust, the tie belt cinches your waist, and the straps are adjustable (a big bonus for sloped-shouldered ladies like myself).

This flirty floral sundress has a vintage, bohemian look that totally works for summer, and I love the crochet detail at the racerback.

And this striped sundress looks a lot more high-end than its price lets on—doesn't it remind you of Splendid, Ella Moss, or one of those breezy California contemporary labels? Except at $24.99, it's like a tenth of the price!

In These Shoes: Vince Camuto Toleo Sandals

In spite of the fact that I write a blog devoted to the pursuit of shopping, I have a price threshold for most things. For shoes, my favorite, it's actually about $300. (An exception: I paid full price—much more than $300—for my wedding shoes, which I wore, you guessed it, once.) And while I do manage to score some amazing pairs on sale, this has prevented me from investing in some really quality footwear. Take, for example, YSL Tribute sandals. In a neutral color like black or nude, they're practically a classic at this point, and I have a feeling that if I actually ponied up for a pair, I would definitely get my money's worth. (Side note: They are, by almost all reports, incredibly comfortable, which is always a bonus when you're spending $800 on a pair of shoes.) The problem is, I just can't pull the trigger.

I had no problem whatsoever buying Vince Camuto's Toleo sandals. Okay, they are a blatant knockoff, however the front straps are thinner, and the platform doesn't have quite the same sculptural quality. That said, they are finished quite well, with a stitched sole and a nice balance to them. While I can't exactly compare them with the Tributes, I can report that they're so comfortable, I walked from my office in Times Square to the East Village with nary a blister. Also, it should be noted, they make your legs look fantastic. At $98, they're pretty much a no-brainer: I will probably order them in nude and, Vince, if you're reading this, whatever other color I can snatch up—silver would be absolutely fantastic, wouldn't it?  

TheFind Guest Post: Blouses Got Back! Our Favorite Open-Back Tops For Summer

From tanks and tees to button-down blouses and more, all of our favorite summer fare is getting the open-back treatment! We've seen cheeky peepholes and shoulder cut-outs make their way onto our favorite styles through the spring season, and now for summer, things are getting even breezier with open-back blouses. Romantic draped cowl-back styles, playful cut-out shapes, and curved hem button-back blouses put a whole new spin on bringin' sexy back (sorry, I couldn't resist), and put a sultry new spin to showing just the right amount of skin! Of course, backless styles always beg the 'bra or no bra' dilemma, and if going braless isn't your thing (we're not all so daring!), don't fret – play up the open-back style by showing off a contrasting swimsuit underneath for a stylish beach day or barbecue, or equip yourself with a sexy lace bralette to play peekaboo with skivvies that were designed to be shown!

From left to right: Emerson Thorpe Draped Open Back Shirt, Camilla and Marc To the Limit Open-Back Silk-Organza Top, ASOS Sequin Tunic with Heart Cut-Out Back, and Ark & Co. Animal Tie-Back Blouse.

- Alexandra Gambardella

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Buy it: Arm Party by the Man Repeller at Baublebar

As you might expect, a lot of people think I'm hard to shop for. This might be true, but some of my favorite things were given to me as gifts. The fun in having other people shop for you is that often they pick things that you never would have chosen yourself—and I, for one, often find myself pleasantly surprised by the results. So when the excellent jewelry site Bauble Bar teamed up with one of my favorite bloggers, the Man Repeller, I jumped at the chance to shop it. Here's how the Arm Party works: You answer a few questions—wrist size, feelings about skulls, etc.—and Bauble Bar sends you a curated set of five bracelets. I have small wrists, but otherwise I left everything to chance. At right is a picture of what I received. While I don't think I'd wear all five of these together—the two blue/brown bracelets don't work so well with the neon green, orange, and yellow—I at least have two mini arm parties that can be integrated into my existing bracelet collection. Individually, I like them all, and I can almost guarantee I never would have picked them out on my own. A pleasant surprise indeed.