What to wear with a leopard-print coat

Ermigahd, how is it August already! Spring seemed to drag and now we are blitzing through summer, which is actually fine with me, because I can't wait for autumn. September and October are generally the warmest, clearest, most glorious months here in San Francisco, but first we have to make it through Fogust. And in case you were wondering why I'm wearing a coat (albeit a lightweight one) in the middle of summer, that's why. Generally, it's foggy until midday, at which point the sun comes out for a few hours, then by mid-afternoon, the wind picks up and the fog rolls back in. And now that you know way more about San Francisco's weather conditions than you ever wanted to, let's delve into the outfit. 

The best face masks

Here we are, five months into the Covid-19 pandemic, and since things are not getting better, more than 30 states are now requiring that masks be worn in public. Yes, they are slightly uncomfortable and not as easy to breathe in as you'd prefer, but wouldn't it be nice if everyone just wore one for the next month or so and then we'd have the virus contained and life could go back to normal? Since April, I have been wearing a mask every time I leave the house—even to walk my dog or ride a bike—and while I keep trying new ones in search of my holy grail mask, I've found that the key is figuring out what's most comfortable for you. Here's what I look for in a face mask. 

How to wear all black in summer

Let me guess: you're thinking, "You don't look dressed for summer," which could be true if I lived anywhere else in the country but San Francisco, where summer means fog, wind, and temperatures that hit the mid-60s if we're lucky. Earlier in the day when we shot this, it was glorious and sunny (we ate brunch outside and I actually got a little sweaty), but sure enough, late afternoon rolled around and so did the clouds. So long story short, always bring a sweater, which thankfully I did. That said, even if you don't live in San Francisco and, say, have to deal with blasting air-conditioning all season, this outfit will also work. While it's definitely a little dressier than what I've been wearing lately, it's also incredibly comfy (and can be even more laid-back with a change of shoes). Here's how to put it all together.

Yosemite travel diary

When I was a kid, we mostly went to the beach or lake for vacation—my family was not super outdoorsy, and we definitely weren't campers. I still love a good beach vacation, and living in California, it may seem like a pretty obvious choice, but with all the Covid craziness still in full effect, we wanted to stay away from people and be outdoors as much as possible. Neither Sean nor I had ever been to Yosemite, so when it reopened with limited capacity, we decided to tack it on to our Big Sur trip. So while we got a week-long pass, we ended up going only three days; you could definitely hit the major sights all in one day if you got an early enough start, or you could spend an entire week in the park—there's so much to see and do there. Oh, and did I mention how insanely beautiful it is? It's kind of surreal to see in real life things you've seen in so many photographs and movies—sort of like the first time you go to Paris or New York, but it's all nature. Now that I sound like a total city slicker (which, of course, I am), here's how we spent our three days in Yosemite. 

What to wear when you've gained weight

I recently heard someone refer to jeans as “hard pants,” which made me literally laugh out loud. We’ve obviously been wearing a lot of “soft pants,” i.e. leggings and sweatpants, the last few months, and if you’ve been eating and drinking like I have, the thought of putting on anything without a lot of give may seem daunting. So today I’m not only sharing the most flattering (and comfy!) pair of jeans I’ve put on in ages, but also how to gloss over the fact that you may have put on a little weight. Yes, you should love yourself at whatever weight you are—and I do—but I think it’s also important to feel confident because you look good. So here are my tips on how to accentuate the positive. 

Get the look: white flowy dress

House dresses are having a moment, which makes sense, because we are, for the most part, literally housebound. But as I noted in Monday's post, just because you're staying at home doesn't mean you can't look pretty. This month's most repinned look from my Outfit ideas for ageless style Pinterest board manages to feel both comfy and feminine, which pretty much explains why it's so popular. And who can say no to a little white dress at this time of year? 

What to wear with a boho dress

For most of the year, I'd like to think that I dress in a pretty polished, minimalist-classic-yet-casual kind of way, but in summer, I've always gravitated toward a more boho look. There's something so effortless and appealing about light fabrics and a carefree vibe. This year, of course, things are a little different—for one, life is not so carefree, and pretending it is feels like a state of denial. But on the other hand, I'm dressing more casually than I ever have before, now that I don't have to go into an office, and while comfort is typically my number-one concern, I still want to look and feel pretty. So I've found myself gravitating toward midi and maxi dresses. They're super flowy and thus comfortable, but I don't feel like I'm letting myself go or succumbing to wearing athleisure all day (which I do do sometimes, so no judgment). I had hoped that this dress would arrive in time for my vacation, while it unfortunately did not, I found it worked just as well as a daytime dress to wear while working from home. Here's how I wore this boho dress out to dinner on Friday night. 

Big Sur travel diary

In spite of the fact that I'm not a textbook outdoorsy person, Big Sur is one of my favorite places on earth. I've day-tripped or driven through it multiple times, but had never actually spent the night there. So when my company announced that we had to take a mandatory week off—and flying anywhere was out of the question—Sean and I decided to take a road trip, and Big Sur seemed like the perfect place to hit first. Depending on traffic, it's about three and a half hours by car from San Francisco, and I highly recommend taking the scenic route, Highway 1, which goes along the Pacific. Big Sur is a magical place; it's surrounded by mountains, heavily forested, with a river running through it, and it stretches along some of the most gorgeous parts of the coastline. It's also incredibly peaceful and relaxing; on a usual vacation, it generally takes me a couple days to totally relax, but I felt completely mellow by the end of our first night. We spent four nights in Big Sur, but whether you're spending an entire week or only one night (considering we had a different neighbor every night, I think that's what most people tend to do), there are a gazillion things to do. Here's what we did in Big Sur.

This is the Bixby Creek Bridge, a must-stop on the way into (or out of) Big Sur 

What to wear on a road trip

I will preface this post by noting that it features a much more casual vibe than you're used to seeing here. I obviously like to bring more low-key pieces into the mix on a regular basis, but I rarely tend to wear them all at once. But when you're on a road trip, comfort is truly key, and when you're choosing to stop in very outdoorsy locations like we did, function and practicality are essential. My general packing philosophy is that (almost) everything you bring can ideally be worn together, so you have multiple outfit options out of fewer pieces (more on this here)—you'll see several items repeated throughout this post. We didn't capture every outfit I wore (you'll see a few more in my travel diaries, coming soon), but here are some of my favorites from our California road trip last week. 

The joy of treats

This post is sponsored by WellPet, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own. 

As I alluded to in last week's post, having a dog is an incredibly rewarding experience on many levels, but you also need to put in a lot of work. There's the physical work, like exercising your dog, and there's mental work, which is often the more challenging kind. In order to make life easier for you and your dog, a certain level of training is in order. The most basic is housebreaking, followed by sit, stay, and come; you can get fancy and teach your dog tricks, and if they have the right temperament, they can be trained to be a service animal. However you train your dog, repetition and reinforcement are key—we practice training Zuni every single day—and in order to make it stick, you need to reward your dog. Some dogs respond better to action-based rewards, like getting to play with a favorite toy, whereas others respond best to treats. Zuni falls into the treat-based category, and when she's being stubborn (which is fairly frequently) it helps to have some that are really rewarding. Thankfully we've discovered Old Mother Hubbard, and Zuni loves them so much, she'll do just about anything for one. 

How to dress like a French woman in summer

I will preface this post by noting that this is probably the spendiest outfit I've ever featured here, although as you read on, I will detail how it can be had for much less than the retail price. Now that we've taken care of that, this is one of my favorite outfits I've ever featured on this blog, because every piece is meaningful and was carefully considered. One of my big goals for 2020 was to be more thoughtful about what I buy, and several of the key items here were long-planned and saved up for, while others are just some of my all-time favorites. So to set the scene, let's go back in time to my birthday trip to Paris back in March...

Why you should get a dog

This post is sponsored by Wellness, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Anecdotally speaking, people have been adopting dogs in record numbers over the last few months, and they're onto something. For one, since we've been staying at home more, it's an ideal situation to both focus on training your dog and bonding with it. For another, having a dog brings a sense of normalcy and stability to your life: you have to feed and exercise it on a very regular schedule, which forces you to take much-needed breaks—and for me, especially, walking my dog, Zuni, has been critical in terms of both my physical and mental health. But most importantly, Zuni and I have an emotional bond that's hard to put into words that don't sound cheesy. But I will try. 

Must-have summer dresses

I didn't do a trend report this season for multiple reasons. For one, I didn't feel like (or have the need to go) shopping for new things this spring, because I've been staying at home since mid-March. For another, I'm trying to buy less, so following trends kind of seems like a recipe for disaster. That said, I have been shopping a bit, and now that it's finally summer and I am starting to venture out into the world, I've had one thing on my mind, and that's dresses. I will probably never tire of buying summer dresses—they look great, they're comfortable (even more so than sweats, I believe!), and they're just so effortless. There are some trends emerging this year, and basically, the key look is a boho prairie thing, with puffy sleeves, a voluminous tiered shape, and a ditsy floral print here and there. You can often find more than one of those elements in a single dress, if you want to get even more bang for your buck. So without further ado, my top summer dress picks are below, plus I'm trying new widgets that let you shop even more of my favorite styles—let me know what you think! 


The square-neck, smocked-bust trend has been happening since last year, and this year there are even more great options: with or without sleeves, printed or solid, mini or maxi. I love this style because it flexes for all bust sizes, and empire waists can accommodate a food baby (or a real one). 

More smocked dresses:


It's hard to call wrap dresses a trend because they've been around forever, but this season's wraps tend to be longer and more drapey, and pretty much feel like glorified bathrobes, which I'm totally okay with. This is also a great silhouette to combine with puff sleeves and/or ditsy prints. 

More wrap dresses:

Puff sleeve

Sometimes actual puffs, other times more like giant balloons, this season's sleeves are all about the volume, which is awesome if, like me, you have a little arm dingle-dangle that you prefer to keep covered. Plus, lengths can vary from full to short, accommodating a range of summer weather. 

More puff sleeve dresses: 

Ditsy print

Of all the summer trends, this can be one of the trickier ones to wear, because it can look juvenile if the style of the dress is too precious. So stay away from too many ruffles or cutesy details for this one and look for more chic, streamlined shapes—it's all about contrast. 

More ditsy print dresses:


The tiered babydoll kick started last summer—when I was in Scandinavia in July, it's what all the women were wearing—and it's still going strong this year. This can also be a tricky one to wear; I've found that sizing down tends to help tame the volume. 

More tiered dresses: 


Okay, white dresses aren't exactly a trend either—I tend to buy a new one every year—but they're a great way to incorporate more than one of the above elements. For example, this LPA dress has puffy sleeves, smocking, and tiers. 

More white dresses:

How to wear a dress to work in summer

Based on how things are going in most of the country, I'm assuming that many of you are going back to your office soon, if you haven't already. I am a bit jealous—I'll be working from home until Labor Day, if not longer, and while I don't miss commuting every day, I miss the camaraderie of being in a workplace, plus all of the "let's go grab a coffee" or "let's meet up for a drink after work" normalcy. I also miss the temperature control of an office building; while air conditioning can be a bit much, it does wonders for one's seasonal allergies, as I'm now discovering after months of at-home watery eyes and sneezing. Anyway, for those of you dealing with the 90-degrees-outside-to-68-degrees-inside daily transition, here's my take on how to wear a summer dress to work. 

What to wear with a white linen shirtdress

You know when you have something in your wardrobe that's just so good, you pray that nothing ever happens to it? That's how I feel about this shirtdress. It's a very special dress in the realm of Cheryl Shops; you last saw it in Carmel, but it has the honor of being what I wore on the day I decided to bring the blog back (also, coincidentally, in Carmel!). Long story short, you don't have to spend a fortune on a white shirtdress—this one is from Gap—but when you find a keeper, wear the hell out of it. Here's how I'm wearing it this year. 

Get the look: black blazer and leopard slip dress

As I mentioned on Monday, it's dress month at Cheryl Shops, so it's fitting that the most repinned look on my Outfit ideas for ageless style Pinterest board features a dress. It also features a blazer, which makes it very similar to last month's most-repinned look, but obviously you guys are vibing on this combo. I think it's perfect for summer; there's nothing easier than a flowy dress, and the blazer keeps you from freezing in the air-conditioning, plus the accessories make the whole thing feel casual yet chic. Here's how to put it all together. 

What to wear with a striped dress

The last week has been a little heavy; as I write this, helicopters are circling my neighborhood, thousands of protesters are likely spending the night in jail, and the world feels even more unsteady than it has the last few months. I will always argue with people who call fashion frivolous, but writing about it does feel a little off right now. That said, life is beautiful and everyone deserves to enjoy it. I was reminded of this today when I ate lunch in a real restaurant (!!!) and looked around to see so many families and friends reconnecting with each other after months in isolation. We have more in common than we realize, and we have to fight for each other. So I'm opening my eyes and ears to the experiences of people of color, opening my heart to their struggles, and opening my mouth to fight institutionalized racism on their behalf. To start, I highly recommend reading this op-ed from Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Next, here's a list of things you can do to help the Black Lives Matter cause. And finally, I know you probably didn't come here for Woke Cheryl, but thank you for taking the time to read this. If you can change one mind, you can change the world. 

Father's Day gift guide

My dad was always a hard person to shop for, and I'd always complain about and agonize over what to get him for Father's Day (and for his birthday, and for Christmas...). Of course, now that he's been gone for two years, I'd do anything to have to buy him a present again! Long story short, if your dad is still around, I hope you show him how much you love him, whether that's sending him a present, doing a socially distant drive-by, or breaking all the rules and giving him a big ol' hug. And if you're in need of gift ideas, read on. 

What to wear with white ankle boots

How quickly everything changes. A week ago, when we shot this, it was chilly and had been raining (which is very rare in May); today, as I'm writing this, it's gorgeously sunny and in the upper 70s. All of a sudden it feels like summer, and I'm here for it. I know I'm not alone in thinking what a crazy year this has been so far: I took my laptop home on March 13th, thinking I'd be working from home for a couple weeks; I just found out last week that my entire department will continue to do so until Labor Day. Long story short, nothing is certain, and the only constant is change. So with that in mind, I thought I'd try something new, e.g. a pair of pointy-toe white ankle boots. Anything that gets me out of my house slippers is a good thing, right?

Memorial Day sale picks

It's no secret that retailers are hurting right now. It's also probably no surprise that nearly everything is on sale right now. And it makes sense: we haven't been going anywhere, so we haven't really needed anything to wear, hence we haven't been shopping. (Not to mention, stores have been closed for 2+ months.) Also, many of us are furloughed and/or unemployed right now, so maybe shopping isn't the best idea, to be honest. BUT, if you have disposable income and want to make sure that the stores and brands you love don't go out of business, who am I to stop you? Here are my favorite items on sale now, plus more stores with amazing deals below.

What to wear with a tiered midi skirt

Back in March when I was in France, I wanted to shop...but I didn't, at least, not to the extent that I thought I wanted to. At the time, there were several factors: for one, I was sticking to my sustainability resolution (e.g. buying only the items I really, really wanted). For another, even with the VAT refund, full-price prices were still pretty high. But the real underlying reason I didn't shop very much was that COVID-19 was just starting to break, and when things are starting to feel very uncertain, the last thing you want to do is spend a bunch of money on stuff you don't necessarily need. I have no regrets about what I didn't buy in Paris (god knows, I bought enough as it was); that said, I made a mental note of things to pick up if I found them on major sale, and it didn't take long for me to find this √ątoile Isabel Marant tiered midi skirt at a price I just couldn't pass up. Long story short: I love it. Here's how I've been wearing it.

5 spring transitional outfits

Sunny and 70 degrees one day, raining and 40 degrees the next—sound familiar? It even snowed in parts of the country last week, which just feels insulting in May. Dressing for spring weather always presents a unique set of challenges, but one that I'm up for. So while many of us are still sheltering in place, parts of the country are starting to open up, so that means no more sweats, people. Here are some spring transitional outfit ideas to wear until the weather fully commits to summer.

The ultimate classic outfit

Sheltering in place has made me reassess a lot of things in my life. For one, I've discovered the wonder of online workouts, which I now do every morning, much to my (and my wallet's) delight. For another, I've realized I'm actually not a bad cook, that I enjoy cooking, and that most of the time, what I cook is just as satisfying as ordering takeout (but when I do order takeout, I make it really count—like mind-blowing pizza or a super-juicy burger). I've also been taking a hard look at my wardrobe; I recently stripped out about 50 items that will soon be making their way to my Poshmark closet. What's left are things that I really, truly love; that I feel good wearing; that feel true to who I am right now. And something that will always feel right to me is the classic combination of a blazer, white tee, jeans, and heels. The proportions may change, but the components will always be the same. So let's break it down.

Get the look: slip dress and oversized blazer

While I haven't necessarily been pinning a lot of athleisure, I take comfort from the fact that this month's most-repinned look from my Outfit ideas for ageless style Pinterest board is somewhat dressy. It gives me hope that one day we will stop wearing sweatpants and we will put on nice things again. That said, there's a certain ease to this look—you would not be uncomfortable in it. So let's put it all together, and maybe you can event try something like this at home.

What to wear with a black slip skirt

When I was younger and I had an item of clothing that I really liked, my mom would encourage me to buy it in multiple colors. At the time, I found this to be embarrassing and eye-rolling, but now I realize that 1) I was a teenager and found everything embarrassing and eye-rolling, and 2) my mom realized how hard it was to find good clothes, so she was doing me a solid by pointing this out. So, at the ripe old age of 42, I am finally not ashamed to buy things I love in multiple colors. In fact, I'm going to do it more often.

Mother's Day gift guide

Here we are in May already and Mother's Day is just a few weeks away. With stay at home orders still active in much of the world, most of us won't be celebrating in quite the same way. I usually go home to Chicago to visit my mom, but even if you live closer to yours, it's a big bummer to not be able to celebrate in person. The silver lining is that since we're all in the same quarantined boat, it kind of makes shopping for Mother's Day gifts a bit easier. So here are my favorite gifts for Mom, with a stay-at-home (and supporting local businesses!) theme. Send one (or all) to her and make Mom's day.

What to wear with a boilersuit

I no longer know what day it is, what time of year it is, or where I'm supposed to be right now, which may explain the hot mess that is this outfit. The centerpiece is a boilersuit, or jumpsuit, and because it's spring (I think) and the weather has been all over the place, that may explain why I'm wearing a leather jacket and suede sandals with it. Earlier in the day, I was almost sweating while walking the dog, yet when we went out to shoot this, it became inexplicably chilly. And yet, I wanted to wear both this jumpsuit and these sandals, which Vionic sent me ages ago and yet it's been too cold to even think about putting them on, until now. Somehow throwing a leather jacket onto all of this seemed like an easy fix. I don't know...maybe it works? You be the judge.

What to buy during the Sephora sale

Probably every blogger you follow has been talking about the Sephora Spring Savings Event recently, and for good reason—Sephora rarely offers blanket discounts. And while everyone has their favorite products to recommend, I'd like to think that mine come from a specific point of view. I rarely talk about my day job here on the blog, but for those of you who don't know me personally, I work at Sephora's corporate offices as an editorial creative director. Yes, it's pretty much a dream job, I love it, and I know I'm lucky to have it. As part of my job, I'm exposed to a lot of products, so I have pretty strong opinions on what works and what doesn't. In other words, I'm pulling rank here! So if you're in a place to be spending money right now, here's what I recommend. Don't forget to use code SPRINGSAVE through 4/29.

What to wear with flared jeans

Back when I was in Paris (it feels like ages ago although it was only last month), I noticed all of the coolest women were wearing flared-leg jeans. At first, I thought, "Been there, done that," but Parisians have that effortlessly chic way of wearing anything that just convinces you to just go for it. At the ripe age of 42, I feel like I've lived through at least two rounds of flared jeans in my lifetime, but it appears they're on the verge of another comeback. And while I normally take a pass on trends I've already endured, I'll generally make an exception for denim. Thankfully I held on to a pair of flares from about 12 years ago, the last time they were in fashion, and I'm glad I did, because here we are. So here's how to style flared denim and not look like your 18-year-old self.

What to wear with culotte jeans

In a pretty stark contrast to last week's all-knit outfit, I'm in all wovens this week. And while normally this outfit would seem pretty casual, I felt rather dressed up wearing clothes with buttons and zippers! That said, this is a look that I more or less wore in London last month, but I had to keep the jacket zipped up because it was so chilly. It's definitely still on the cool side here, but these lighter colors at least look a little springy—hence why I jumped at the chance to shoot it again under some pretty blossoming trees. Here's how it all came together.

Get the look: floral midi dress

While Tuesday's outfit post was all about reality, this one is about escapism. IRL, I've pretty much been living in leggings and sweatpants, however once a week I put on a skirt and it makes me feel human again. And while I know there are bigger things to be worrying about right now, I'd like to offer a bit of optimism via fashion: soon life will return to normal, the weather will warm up, and we can dress up to honor the beauty in life once again. I have a feeling that's why this pin from my Outfit ideas for ageless style Pinterest board has been so popular lately, so in preparation for brighter days ahead, let's re-create the look. 


What to wear while sheltering in place

I know what you're thinking, so I'm going to cut to the chase: yes, I am wearing sweatpants AND Uggs at the same time. To be honest, I did it on the regular before this coronavirus thing happened, however it was usually while walking my dog early in the morning and it rarely showed up here. But these are strange days, and times have certainly changed. I am definitely dressing for comfort nowadays, however I spend most of my time on Zoom calls for work, so I do need to look somewhat presentable. Perhaps you've heard of this concept as "dressing from the waist up" and that's exactly what this outfit is: a somewhat presentable ensemble on top and a hot mess on the bottom. I encourage you to fully embrace it. 

10 work from home outfit ideas

So you're working (and schooling and eating and working out and relaxing) at home for the foreseeable future and the temptation to wear sweatpants every day is strong. I won't stop you—I have a dedicated sweatpants outfit post coming next week—but in case you want to change it up a bit, here are some comfy outfit ideas for when you're sheltering in place.

What to wear with a zebra-print dress

I'm going to cut to the chase and acknowledge the elephant in the room, which is that, yes, I am wearing a dress. A somewhat dressy dress. In the middle of a global pandemic when I'm supposed to be sheltering in place. And yes, even though I'm allowed out in public to exercise and make supply runs, I felt very obvious walking around my neighborhood in a zebra-print maxi dress. I'd like to think it's because this dress is so beautiful—and it is—but when everyone else in your vicinity is wearing athleisure and you're in a floor-length gown, you can't help but stick out like a sore thumb. That said, I have contractual obligations and social distancing was fully observed while shooting this post. Plus, we'll be able to return to normal soon, so might as well dress for it, right? Right! So let's talk about this dress that I can't wait to wear again for real.

What I wore on my birthday

Apologies for totally bailing on the blog last week. I had a ridiculously busy week at work and, honestly, was not feeling super inspired to write. After a very relaxing weekend, however, I've recharged my batteries, and I'm back. It still feels a little silly to be writing about fashion right now, but maybe we can all use a little distraction? Either way, if you have any topics you'd like me to cover, feel free to leave them in the comments below, or email me.

As I noted in my Paris outfit post last week, it feels rather surreal to be writing this post—and maybe more so now that we in San Francisco have been ordered to shelter in place for the next three weeks. How funny to think that just two weeks ago, I was in a foreign country, going to museums and out to restaurants like I didn’t have a care in the world! Selfishly, I’m glad I got to enjoy my vacation, and my heart goes out to everyone who’s had to cancel a trip. Granted, I know the collective health of the world is way more important and there are much bigger things to worry about. But if you could use a little distraction, here’s what I wore in London on my birthday.

Paris travel diary

It feels slightly surreal to be writing this mere hours after Trump announced a month-long travel ban to Europe, considering I just returned from a weeklong vacation to London and Paris on Saturday. While our friends in London were good-naturedly indulging in gallows humor (and stocking up on toilet paper), things in both places generally felt like life as usual. Granted, our flight home was less than half full, and in retrospect, some things were definitely a bit emptier than normal (but more on that later). That said, we had a wonderful time and are glad we went, regardless of when we'll be able to return. Here's how we spent two days in Paris, just as the Coronavirus began to spread.

What to wear in Paris in March

I went to London and Paris last week for my birthday, a trip I’d been planning for months. And while no one expects a global pandemic, it was a bit bizarre to be so far away from home while all of the latest Coronavirus developments were unfolding. That said, it felt like business as usual in both cities (which have been pretty unaffected thus far), which was reassuring; we were able to enjoy our vacation, albeit with a little more hand-washing than usual (although that’s never a bad thing, especially while traveling). I’ll be posting my travel diaries over the next few weeks, but in the meantime, here’s what I wore in Paris.

My birthday wishlist

Monday is my birthday, I'm leaving for Europe Friday, the dollar is strong, and I am going to shop. I am only two months into my no-new-clothes resolution and, let me tell you, I have the biggest urge to spend. (I realize it sounds like I have an addiction, and I probably do, but I'm working on it, I promise.) In spite of my urges, I'm not going to go on a shopping bender; I'm going to do it responsibly! Here's what's on my tightly edited birthday wish list.