The top 10 posts of 2022

I've always been fascinated by which posts attract the most clicks on this blog; some get a bunch of views from Pinterest, others pull in heavy search traffic, and some are good old direct load. No matter how you're getting here, I'm glad that you've come, and I hope that you stick around. And by looking at—and analyzing—the most-viewed posts of the year, it helps me create even more compelling content for you going forward. But before we move into 2023, here are the top 10 most popular posts of 2022. 

My favorite outfits of 2022

I always love when the "best of" lists come out in December: it's a time to add more books to my reading list, catch up on music I may have missed, and watch all of the Oscar-contender movies. Last year I decided to do my own best-of post, and I found that it's kind of like when you finish a big project around the house, then sit down with a beer and admire your handiwork. While I certainly had some misses in 2022 (like last week's clogs, ooof!), I had some pretty cute hits too. So let's take a look back at my favorite outfits of the year, in no particular order. Let me know which one was your favorite in the comments below!

What to wear in December

It's my last outfit post of the year, and while I love everything I'm wearing, to be honest, I don't think that it's all completely working together. Three of the things are new, and I wanted to get them all up on the blog as soon as possible because I'm excited about them and wanted to tell you about them. But I will admit, I think I was trying to make fetch happen a little here. It's okay—bloggers are not perfect (god knows I am not) and sometimes we make outfitting mistakes. That said, there's a lot I do love about this look. Here's how it all came together.

Honest reviews of products I finished in November

If you follow me on the 'gram, you might recognize this series—at the end of the month, I'd share the beauty products I finished, with mini reviews. I haven't done them for a few months, because thanks to Instagram's constant algorithm f*ckery, they're kind of a lot of work for very little return. But then I thought, why not just do them here instead? So here we are, and here are the things I finished last month. I've noted where I received items for free, however as always, the reviews below contain my 100% honest and unfiltered opinions.