Shopping for your boyfriend
MW complains that I only have stuff for chicks on my blog. Um, with the exception of MW, I'm guessing most of my readers are ladies anyway, but if you want more stuff for dudes, e-mail me, and I'll start including it. In the interest of service journalism, however, here are some gift ideas for your boyfriend.

For the metrosexual: Seven jeans. Like the ladies' version, they do wonders for your butt. (Also available online at eLuxury.)

For the Justin Timberlake wannabe: James Perse Eagle Beanie, which, I think, is actually a cool hat.

For the gadget freak: Neiman Marcus has a whole section of high-tech and sports-related gifts, including this teeny digital camera.

For the traveling guy: Jack Spade laptop bag--not that I'm endorsing Kate Spade products after the debacle of Sunday afternoon, but you can't go wrong with a classic yet funky bag like this one.

For the hipster: Urban Outfitters has a mind-boggling selection of ironic T-shirts (I can't link to them directly, sorry).

For the reluctant metrosexual: Brave Soldier Jet Set. Brave Soldier? Can we get more manly?

For the connoisseur: California Party Wine pack, and maybe he'll let you drink it with him.

For the rock star: Boss Hugo Boss Dragon Crewneck (a portion of the proceeds benefit Vh1's Save the Music Foundation).

For the guy whose wallet is bulging all over the place (pretty much any guy, really): Roadster wallet--stylish, affordable, and genuine leather.

For the kid at heart: motorized scooter. Why the hell not?

For the Mod guy: Ben Sherman Wakeman Print shirt, or any other Ben Sherman shirt, for that matter.

For the handy guy: Hummer Multi-Tool, and now he'll have no excuse not to fix stuff around your apartment.

For the Wall-Streeter (who you love a lot): Tiffany Bull and Bear Cufflinks, and pray for a bull market.

For the guy you've been dating for a month, so you're not really sure whether or not you should get him a Christmas present: Loop refrigerator magnets in hip-hop, low rider, or mod, are a very non-committal $13.

LVMH wonderland eLuxury is having a sale of 30%-40% off. My beloved Marc Jacobs fleece-lined lace-up boots are included, however they don't have them in brown. Oh well. Christmas is coming and I probably shouldn't be buying myself $400 boots anyway. Also, spend $100 and get free shipping when you enter the code SLED at checkout.

Language's Thanksgiving sale is still going on. Enter code THANKSGIVING at checkout for an extra 10% off.

Tomorrow is sale preview day at Loehmann's. Take 25%, plus an extra 10% off sale merchandise. This weekend, they're having three-hour specials from 8-11 a.m. Friday and 9 a.m-noon on Saturday, when you can take an extra 20% off everything in the store.

If you're still into logomania, check out City Moda for Prada, Gucci, Fendi, and others, at a discount. Enter code MODAF3D at checkout and get upgraded to UPS three-day shipping.

Starting Friday (aka, Shopping Day), BCBG stores have items for up to 50% off.

Arden B has free ground shipping until January 4.

Get a free 4.5 oz. deluxe sample of Philosophy Pumpkin Pie when you enter code PUMPKIN at checkout at
In the papers
Probably not as entertaining as Pat Kiernan's daily version on NY1, but...

The style reporters at the Post have been writing some really interesting stories lately. Yesterday, they had expert staffers from Madame Paulette's examine a variety of little black dresses and estimate the price based on the quality of the garment. Most of their guesses were within $10 of the actual price, but the big surprise? They thought a $30 H&M dress cost $250, proving that H&M uses the best overseas sweatshops. Also in the Post: My favorite swimsuit and party dress designer, Shoshanna, takes a spin at Shopaholic; colorful stripes are fun!; a lot of wraps (but no pictures); and luxury is selling this year.

Even though the Post did an article on sample sales last week, the Times has one in today's paper, although the spin is more about the psychological and economical ramifications of sample sale-ing. The Times, God bless 'em, also has a list of sales, including a Dolce & Gabbana sale tomorow! Woo-hoo! Also, the new Bluefly store (second item).
A rant
Before I go, I thought I'd complain for a bit. Yesterday I decided to check out the Kate Spade sample sale. I thought, "Oh, it's a Sunday, it won't be crowded." Wrong! I waited in line for almost two and a half hours to get in, which is probably why I'm so sick today. I will say there was still a ton of merchandise, however, the line to check out wound around the entire perimeter of the Metropolitan Pavillion (which must be at least 5,000 square feet), and I figured it would take at least another two and a half hours to get out. So I left, and the security guards seemed to think I was crazy for not buying anything. Maybe I was, but I decided to cut my losses at three hours instead of five or six.

My advice? Go to this sale only if you're a tried and true Kate Spade devotee. Or if you have five hours to kill.
Limited posting this week
1) There are zippo sales this week (well, at least until the Shopping Day--i.e., the day after Thanksgiving--sales kick in on Friday).
2) Today I am at home, sick. Hopefully it's just a cold and I'll be back to work tomorrow. Still, today I think I'd rather sleep and watch dumb TV than sit in front of my computer all day--no offense to you, my dear readers.
3) Wednesday I leave for my mini-Thanksgiving vacation. I will be at my parents' house (complete with super-speedy DSL line), so, again, my postings will be limited.


4) If I'm feeling better tomorrow, I'll post some shopping ideas for the guy in your life. I'll also work on moms, dads, siblings, etc. So stay tuned!
Weekend shopping

Get out your claws, brides-to-be--it's the Vera Wang Bridal Collection sale. Get there early and bring a whistle like Monica does in that one episode of Friends when she takes Rachel and Phoebe to the bridal sale and fights over a dress with that mean lady. Expect to tussle over dresses, headpieces, veils, and shoes at 75% off. Yikes, that almost makes me want to get married! (Don't worry, MW.) 11/22; 8-5; Penn Plaza Pavilion, 401 7th Avenue (32nd and 33rd Sts.).

Yeah, Kate Spade is kind of boring in a Waspy sort of way, but she's also very classic and, at times, kitschy. Get her bags, paper, pajamas, luggage, and Jack Spade collection (for the fellas) at wholesale. 11/23-11/25; Sunday 2-6, Monday 9-7, Tuesday 9-6; Metropolitan Pavilion, 125 W. 18th (6th and 7th Aves.), ground floor.

Don't forget, the Steven Allen, Kieselstein-Cord, and Alice Roi sales are still going through tomorrow. Also, a girl in my design class said that Bloomingdale's is having a good sale. Since the lovely Jenny sent me a Friends & Family 20%-off coupon (thanks, Jenny!), I'll be checking it out.

Have a good weekend, everyone!
Three is a magic number
There are three excellent store openings tomorrow. What did I do to deserve such bountiful gifts?

The Container Store is finally coming to Manhattan, with a huge store across the street from Bed Bath & Beyond, on Sixth Avenue between 18th and 19th Streets. They'll be giving away prizes every hour, including $1,000 Elfa dream-closet makeovers and hotel stays at the W Union Square and the Giraffe Hotel. Plus, 10% of opening-weekend sales will be donated to DIFFA.

Designer bargain wonderland Bluefly is opening a physical, brick-and-mortar store at 43 W. 24th St. (5th and 6th Aves.). Hooray! The merchandise will be similar to what's offered on the website. Hours are 11-8 Tuesday through Friday and noon-6 Saturday and Sunday. Half-price Prada, here I come!

After you've bought your organizational supplies and designer clothes, head out to Dumbo for the West Elm store opening at 75 Front St. (at Main). Act like a diva and with a dramatic flourish, say, "I'll take it all!"

Loehmann's has Robert Lee Morris 14K gold and sterling silver jewelry, originally $995-$11,111, for $172-$1,879.

Crazy dutch company Oilily is having a fall sale of 30%-50% off, starting today. I used to get my party dresses here when I was a kid, and while they now have women's clothes, the kids' stuff is still the cutest. You can't shop online, but you can preview the collection, then go to their store at 820 Madison Ave. is having a sale of up to 50% off, plus free shipping when you spend $125 or more.

Bluefly misses me, apparently. Do they miss you? Enter MISSEDYOU987 at checkout and get 15% off through 11/29.
In other undergarment news
The Daily News has a 1400-word story on thong backlash. I don't think this is "news," really, since there have always been girls who find thongs uncomfortable, gross, etc. Although one-sided (the reporter appears not to have interviewed any pro-thong sources) the story does make several good points, which I shall interpret:

1) Unless you're trying to seduce Bill Clinton, do not let your thong peek out of your pants.

2) Do not wear a thong if you have butt cellulite that will be visible (e.g., if you're wearing a tight, light-colored bottom). In this case, visible panty lines are preferred.

3) If you hate thongs, shut the fuck up and buy some boyshorts. Or go commando.
Heaven must be missing an angel...
...because God knows there were way too many of them on the runway (and in the air) at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Yes, I watched it. My comments:

*Enough with the angels. Remember when Victoria's Secret had the faux-British theme? That was so much classier, and wittier, considering the allusion to Queen Victoria, who was even more of a prude than Queen Elizabeth. I digress. Sending models down the runway with eight-foot feathered wings extending behind them does not make them look like sexy angels; it makes them look like Vegas showgirls.

*What was up with the Batman theme song running throughout?

*My favorite part of the show: Sting "dressing" Giselle and grabbing her ass. Good thing Giselle is such a good sport.

*Also, did anyone notice Sting was wearing a muumuu-like dress? Is this a Tantric thing? Still, he doesn't hold a candle to Vin Diesel in a skirt.

*I also loved the gay Eurotrash dressers backstage.

*God bless Naomi Cambpell, the only Supermodel who still does runway on a fairly regular basis. Just seeing her makes my face light up.

*Ah, the models. What do you need to wear a bra? Breasts! So, we have Giselle, Heidi Klum, Tyra Banks (more on her in a minute), even Liya Kebede. Great. But Jacquetta Wheeler? And Carmen Kass? I had bigger boobs than theirs when I was eight. Were they there for fashion-industry cred? Were they the butt girls? Now, before all the A-cups out there knock me (with all due respect, I would die to go one day without a bra), let's look at the big picture: How are you going to sell a bra if there are no boobs in it? Look at the catalogue--it's all busty chicks. You're an average B-cup; you see Giselle in the Dream Angels demi-cup whatever with cleavage up to her neck; you think, "maybe i can have cleavage up to my neck, too;" and you shell out $40. So, again, you're an average B-cup; you see 105-pounder Jacquetta strutting down the runway with zippo boobage. Do you buy the bra she's wearing? Hell, no! See?

*More on breasts: Wondering how some of those models got implant-like globes? Toupee tape and what stylists refer to as "chicken cutlets," otherwise known as huge silicone boobs that you stick in your bra (and, yes, they bear an uncanny resemblance to chicken cutlets). Check them out here.

*Poor Tyra Banks, the model whose body is probably the closest to the average American woman's (although, again, she's still a model and she's like six feet tall and gorgeous). They gave Tyra all of the "big butt" outfits--there was always a skirt or wrap of some sort disguising her derriere.

*All in all, I'd estimate that there was only about 15 minutes of actual runway time, much like a real fashion show. Did we really need the awful Sting/Mary J. Blige duet and the "backstage cam" that, incredibly, didn't show the models smoking and swilling champagne?

*Still, all of this bitching and you can bet your bippy I'll watch it again next year.
Anything you wear can and will be used against you
In this week's E! Fashion Police (sorry, I'm a day late): Why don't I have a body like Halle Berry's? She looks good even in orange. I can't say the same for Britney Spears: Hey, Britney, lose the hats. Sarah Jessica Parker, however, is fabulous as usual; it looks like Penelope Cruz is wearing some sort of back harness (does she have scoliosis?); Sandra Bullock channels ancient Egypt, to semi-disastrous results; and Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis go for a matching '20s gangster-and-moll look, which, although E! knocks, I think works for them.
Oh no you dih-n't
In a "Ding-dong, the witch is dead" reverie, The Village Voice's Lynn Yaeger hits Chinatown to scope the Gucci knockoffs, then Century 21 for the real thing, discounted. I love Lynn Yaeger and think she's refreshingly outspoken, but her main criticism of Tom Ford seems to be that his clothes are made for skinny women in stillettos. Um, almost all designer clothing is made for skinny women, or at least is designed with a skinny woman in mind. (The sad fact you're taught in design school is that clothing looks best hanging off of a six-foot, 110-pound model.) So if you're gonna criticize one, you gotta criticize them all, Lynn.
Camp for beginners
In this week's Observer, the ever-cheeky Simon Doonan tells us how to achieve Gracious Living. Think Joan Crawford.
Tits and ass will change your life
Get ready for some jigglin': The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is on CBS tonight at 10 p.m. Beforehand, watch 60 Minutes II at 8 p.m. They're doing a story on my boss, Felix Dennis, and I might be on TV! (Well, I at least had the camera up my nose on several occasions while I was blabbering away at a staff meeting.)
In other blogs...
Daily Candy has an '80s trend that I can actually stomach: Bianca White's metallic tote, reportedly carried by the likes of Britney Spears and Cameron Diaz. They're available at Intuition, an L.A. boutique.

New York Magazine's Best Bets Daily has neon-colored, mod votive candle holders (they're great if your home is more more Kartell than Anthropologie), from Garnett Hill. Price: an amazingly cheap $24 for a set of four.

Hint's Shop Tart column has Adidas cleats (great for traction in slippery weather), mysterious new store Nom de Guerre (640 Broadway), and more. has editors' spring accessories picks: more clutches (die, clutches, die!) and the return of the clunky heel. My reaction? A big, resounding yuck (with the exception of the Prada bag, the Louis Vuitton bag, and the Viktor & Rolf shoe). Clutches are not practical, and clunky heels make for clunky legs, especially if you have chunky legs to begin with. Continuing with the ugly theme, Candy Pratts Price picks gold shoes for the holidays. Since when did Christian Louboutin start making platforms that rival Steve Madden's?

Yesterday's MUG has umbrellas: ShedRain and GustBuster are city-wind-and-rain-resistant, and for presumably the city's best umbrella selection, check out Rain or Shine, 18 W. 55th (5th and 6th Aves.). An umbrella store? As Cindy Adams would say: Only in New York, kids, only in New York.
Assorted holiday shopping tidbits
I'm starting to get tired of holiday shopping e-mails and it isn't even Thanksgiving yet. Still, here's what's out there:

Can you fit anything in this Marc Jacobs key pouch? Probably not. But it's $95 and it's damn cute.

If you're not a big fan of clutches but still feel the need to carry one since everyone else is doing it, check out this Ferragamo clutch, a veritable bargain at $110.

For a truly indlugent purchase, the Prada Lip Tint Set is $65, which is a lot, considering you're getting basically six samples and a pouch that you can't really do anything with.

The above gifts can be purchased at If you spend $100 or more, get free shipping by entering the code FREESHIP3 at checkout.

I can't link to specific items on the Barneys website, but if you go to "Holiday Catalog," then "Other Fun Stuff," there are some great cashmere pillows that say "Lucky," "Snob," or "Chic" for $125 (although why is "Chic" brown and orange? Hello, Cleveland Browns!). For the Chosen People, there's a modern $98 menorah with crazy $28 candles. And that's about all that's affordable at Barneys.

Crate and Barrel has a Holiday page with links for Christmas, Hanukah, and Thanksgiving. I like the red-striped bowls, the twist double old-fashioned (with generous capacity), and the sequins placemats. My mom would probably like the snow deer dessert plate. In fact, if your mom is semi-cheesy like mine, this is probably a great place to look for Christmas gifts for her.

Net-a-Porter has a nifty new "Tell Santa" feature. Click on the item you want, such as this Rick Owens wrap cardigan, then click on "Tell Santa", and you can e-mail the link to Santa, your boyfriend, your sugar daddy, or whomever else you think will shell out $1100 for it. By the way, does anyone happen to have Santa's e-mail address?

Click here to preview Bluefly's holiday gift guide (it goes public on November 19). It's a lot of gloves and scarves, with some nice Italian leather accessories thrown in.

Coming next week: Gifts for boys.
Stuff and nonsense indeed
In today's Times, David Brooks discovers Lucky and makes some strange comparisons to de Toqueville and democracy that I don't quite understand. In the fashion department, where you don't have to think so hard, Guy Trebay examines the relationship between fashion and social consciousness.
Even more sample sales
This sounds too good to be true, but the so-called Multidesigner Sample Sale has clothing, shoes, and accessories from YaYa, Three Dots, Michelle Mason, Frou, Hardtail, Seven, Frankie B., and others, below wholesale. 11/18-11/21; 10-7; 230 W. 39th St. (7th and 8th Aves.), 7th floor.

Barry Kieselstein-Cord's handbags, jewelry, and accessories--all coveted by ladies who lunch--are $80 to $900. 11/20-11/22; weekdays 10-6:30, Saturday 10-4; 20 W. 57th St. (5th and 6th Aves.), 6th floor.

For the boys: Hugo Boss suits, sport coats, trousers, sportswear, and golf gear are wholesale and below. 11/17-11/21; Monday-Thursday 9-6:30, Friday 9-5; 560 7th Ave. (40th and 41st Sts.), 2nd floor.

Aubade, maker of girly French lingerie, has bras for $20 (were $79-$99) and panties for $15 (were $55-$85). Cash and checks only. 11/19-11/21; Wednesday and Thursday 11-8, Friday 11-6; 40 E. 34th St. (Park and Madison Aves.), suite 607.

While you're in the same building, check out the ultra-fancy Simone Perele sale. Bras are $25; panties are $15 (cash only, yet again). 11/19-11/21; 10-5; 40 E. 34th St. (Park and Madison Aves.), suite 1107.

The Wrights has leather skirts and jackets for $200-$300 (were $600-$850) and knits for $60-$120 (were $220-$350). Cash only. 11/19-11/21; 10-7; 110 W. 40th St. (Broadway and 6th Ave.), suite 1002.

Satya's "yoga-inspired" jewelry, found at Anthropologie, J. Jill, and other stores, is up to 70% off, starting at $10. Cash only. 11/21-11/22, 11-8; 330 Bleecker St. (at Christopher St.).

Another for the guys: Britain's Ben Sherman and Japan's Evisu Genes are having a joint sale. Ben Sherman items are $10-$100; Evisu items are $45-$100. All sizes are available. 11/20-11/26; Thursday and Tuesday 10-7, Monday and Friday 10-6, Saturday 10-4, closed Sunday; 261 W.36th St., (7th and 8th Aves.), 2nd fl.

Believe it or not, there are even more sales starting this weekend. Check back Friday for details.
It's never too early... think about spring shopping! According to WWD, the top accessories trends for spring will be:

* Lots of color, especially pink and orange.

* Jeweled embellishments on handbags, hair accessories, and scarves.

* Handbags made of rubber, PVC, or plastic coating.

* Bold and graphic silver jewelry, sometimes paired with leather or suede.

* Zodiac motifs.

* Pearls, especially oversized ones.

* Cargo bags.

Many of these sound like holdovers from last spring (pink, cargo bags), although, thankfully, there is no mention of the clutch purse, which, if you ask me, is a dead donkey. As for the rubber handbags, Jelly Kelly, here I come!
Shopping for a cause
Not to be confused with shopping with a cause, this is a way to be charitable while doing something you do anyway, i.e., buying stuff online. So, courtesy of the lovely Brie, here's how your reckless consumerism can benefit EngenderHealth, a women's global healthcare nonprofit:

1. Click here.
2. Hit the purple Join Now link and fill in relevant info.
3. Shop at your regular haunts, like eBay, L.L. Bean, Barnes and Noble,, Cheap Tickets, NetFlix, Travelocity, and more.

How does this work? Most of these places give 2%-6% to EngenderHealth if you access from IGive. Best of all, this is totally free--the donation is made by the company, not by you. So shop to your heart's content and help out the ladies in the rest of the world.

Sample sale bloodbath
This story has been done before, but the Post's take on shopping as extreme sport is pretty entertaining. Um, if anyone knows how to get invited to the Prada, Chanel, Chloe, etc. sample sales mentioned in the article, please e-mail me. Also in today's Post. current and upcoming sample sales, the miniskirt will not go away, and shopaholic.
The week in shopping
Kids, it's a bonanza this week.

Staff International is usually a great sale, especially if you're into the Euro look. This time they have 2003 fall/winter clothes and accessories for men and women by DieselStyleLab, Dsquared2, Martin Margiela, and NewYorkIndustrie. Jackets wholesaling for $600-$1000, are now $300-$500, and skirts and shirts originally $200-$400, are now $80-$150, and all sizes are available. 11/20-11/21; 10-6; 495 Broadway (Broome and Spring Sts.), 8th floor.

Frenchie Philippe Adec has jackets starting from $180, pants from $85, skirts from $70, shirts from $70, and knits from $45. All sizes are available, but the sale is cash only. 11/20-11/22; 9-7 weekdays, 11-5 Saturday; 209 W. 38th St. (7th and 8th Aves.), 2nd floor (use freight entrance).

Jeanine Payer and Pure Accessories has accessories from the following: bags by Paint the Lily and Serpui Marie; scarves by Bindya; and jewelry by Jeanine Payer, Lapis Lois, Mimi Golzer, and Oscar & Nancy. Jewelry is $40-$75; bags are $75. Cash only. 11/19-11/21; 10-7; 389 5th Ave. (at 36th St.), suite 508.

Joe's Jeans, Follies, Left of Center, and Da-Nang are featured at this true sample sale, i.e., sizes are 4-8 and small. Items for men and women are $20 and up, cash only (a big trend this week, it seems). 11/17-11/21; 9-6 (9-7 Tues. and Wed.); 231 W. 39th St. (7th and 8th Aves.), suite 200.

MZ Wallace handbags are all $40 at this annual sample sale. Of course, great bags for cheap means one thing: You guessed it, cash only. 11/20-11/21; 10-8; 93 Crosby St. (Prince and Spring Sts.), 2nd floor.

I love shoes. I especially love Italian shoes. Therfore, I am excited to say that boots, shoes, and sandals from Hogan, Bruno Magli, and others, in all sizes, are $59 and up. 11/17-11/22; 8-7 weekdays, 10-5 Saturday; 141 W. 36th St. (B'way and 7th Aves.).

Beth Bowley has girly clothes for up to 75 percent off (dresses are $60 to $80). 11/19-11/20; 10-7; 611 Broadway (near Bleecker St.), no. 907.

Circle by Mara Hoffman has sexy women's clothes for 40 percent off: Dresses are$140 to $225 (regularly $300 to $500), short frill skirts are now $80 (were $165), and hand-dyed velvet dresses, skirts, and tops are $75 to $250. Cash only (aiiieee). 11/21-11/22; 11-7; 195 Chrystie St. (Stanton and Rivington), ste. 602A.

Vivienne Tam's asian-inspired clothing and accessories are up to 75 percent off, starting at $30. 11/19-11/21; 10-7 Wednesday and Thursday, 10-6 Friday; 550 Seventh Ave. (at 39th St.), 20th fl.

Araks' excellent cotton lingerie is up to 75 percent off, starting at $5. Checks accepted (I guess that means no credit cards). 11/19-11/21; 9:30-7; 121 E. 12th St. (3rd and 4th Aves.), no. 6I.

Steven Alan's sale is always great, especially if you're a hip downtown gal. This one features Mint, United Bamboo, Twinkle, and others for 30 to 75 percent off. 11/20-11/22, 8:30-8 weekdays, 10-7 Saturday; 103 Franklin St. (just west of Church, I believe).

Alice Roi's sale is fun because sometimes the designer herself shows up to shill her own schmattes. The clothes are half off; checks accepted.
11/19-11/22; 9-7 Wednesday, 10-6 Thursday and Friday, noon-5 Saturday; The Inn at Irving Place, 56 Irving Pl.

Nicole Farhi has men's and women's fall samples for up to 80 percent off. Coats start at $200; knits start at $25. 11/18-11/20; 10-7; 14 E. 60th St. (5th and 6th Aves.), 2nd fl.

Yigal Azrouel's sleek dresses ($90), jackets ($200), shirts ($105), and more are at least 65 percent off. 11/18-11/20; 8:30-7 Tuesday and Wednesday, 8:30-5 Thursday; 225 W. 39th St., 7th fl.

Like the bling-bling but don't like to pay P.Diddy prices? Kenneth Jay Lane's flashy baubles are at least half off. 11/17-11/20; 10-3 Monday through Wednesday, 10-5 Thursday; 20 W. 37th St. (5th and 6th Aves.), 9th fl.
Weekend shopping
I have been lusting after a pair of ultra-comfy Sacco boots. For the rest of the month, their shoes and boots are 25 to 50 percent off. 11/14-11/30; Mon.-Fri. 11-8, Sat., 11-7, Sun. noon-7; various locations (see webpage for details).

Oliver Peoples' fancy glasses are 60 percent off this weekend (yeah, I know, there has to be a catch somewhere). 11/14-11/16, 755 Madison (at 65th St.), or 366 W. Broadway (at Grand St.).

The highly underrated A.P.C. has sophisticated yet hip, well-cut men's and women's clothes and accessories for $25 to $200. 11/14-11/16; noon-7pm; 33 Grand St. in Williamsburg.

Billion Dollar Babes has James Perse, Joe's Jeans, Ella Moss, Oliver Peoples, Anya Hindmarch, Blue Cult, Miss Sixty, and more (for guys and girls) at up to 80 percent off. You have to RSVP here in order to get in. Yeah, it's exclusive and it's dumb. What else would you expect from an L.A. company? 11/15; 8 a.m.-6 p.m.; The Altman Building, 135 W. 18th St. (6th and 7th Aves.).
Men in skirts
Inspired by the Met's new "Bravehearts: Men in Skirts" exhibit, The Village Voice's Lynn Yager tells you where to buy a kilt.
Language is having a pre-Thanksgiving sale, and when you enter THANKSGIVING at checkout, you get an additional 10% off, now through November 30.

Now through November 27, shop the Saks gift guide and get free shipping (on orders of $100) when you enter code FREESHIP3.

Target and Marshall Field's have so many offers going on, it's hard to keep them straight. For the next three days, save 10% when you spend $50 or more by entering the code TDDEALS4FALL. Then get free shipping on select gifts at Target, and free shipping when you spend $75 at Marshall Field's. Whew!

Save $15 on any order of $75 or more at when you enter code C117400321107 at checkout.

Get 20% off tonight from 6:30-8:30 at the Club Monaco at 5th Ave. and 21st St. Click here to view the invite.
Needless Markup? Nope, make that markdown
My inbox is being flooded with sale e-mails. The best one so far? The Neiman Marcus First Call sale. And here's where my troubles begin. I like this Anna Sui ensemble (especially the sequin top), this Marc by Marc Jacobs outfit (although maybe not together), these terribly girly Kate Spade shoes, and this charm bracelet with--what else?--shoes!
Interesting read
Also in today's WWD, an assessment of the most successful independent retailers (including Fred Segal, Scoop, and Jeffrey). This story has more of a business angle, but I still thought it was pretty interesting.
And in March, Cheryl will go broke
Just in time for my birthday, La Perla is opening a new store in March at 425 W. 14th St., right in between Stella McCartney and Alexander McQueen, Women's Wear Daily reports. Considering this is less than five minutes away from my apartment, I am going to be in big, big trouble.
How to have a cool apartment
Last night I visited my friends Mina and Deighn in their new apartment in The Solaire, and, let me tell you, it is the most stylishly decorated studio apartment I've ever seen in real life. If you want to attempt to get their look (good luck!), purchase the following:

The geometric storage unit and the graphic-pattern rug from West Elm, mentioned in this post. Also, get West Elm's platform bed, long low table, and modular wall shelves.

Two Jackson Occasional chairs from Crate and Barrel.

A big purple couch from Jennifer Convertibles.

Lots of cool lighting, including a paper floor lamp like this one from Design Within Reach.

They also have the coolest bar stools I've ever seen. They're metal and saddle-like, and they're similar to this model, also from Design Within Reach.

(I hope you guys don't kill me for sharing your design secrets. Your apartment is just so damn cool.)
More L.A. Fashion Week post-mortem reports on L.A. Fashion Week. Notice how there is very little focus on the actual clothes. This is most likely because there's nothing to say but "It was a lot of jeans and T-shirts."
I'm not supposed to be shopping for myself, but...
New at Girlshop:

This Blue J buckle cuff looks very similar to the Marc Jacobs version and is about a fifth of the price. (It's also vegan-friendly!)

Suddenly, Free People, formerly found at Urban Outfitters, has gone totally classy. Everything in this mini-boutique is supercute--and ladylike.

I loooove Lulu Guinness, and this purse is so typical of her girly style.

Yochi has some great chandelier earrings (I like these, in pink pearl).

This coat, by Dosty, is very Matrix, but a little sexier, and a little less goth.

Finally, it's $133 and you could probably knit one yourself without too much difficulty, but Anna Kula's helmet hat is just the cutest thing.

Odds and ends
If you like fancy French dinnerware, Apilco and Pillivuyt are on sale for 20% off at Williams-Sonoma through November 30.

Today through November 20, Bloomingdale's is having a sale. Enter code SALE23 at checkout for 20% off.

Get a free "Choose Juicy" T-shirt when you buy $200 worth of Juicy Couture at I like the tuxedo velour tracksuit, the cropped flare jeans, and the green smocked dress.

Daily Candy tells us the hot new T-shirt is by Park Vogel. Lightweight, stretchy, and made of cotton crepe, they're available at Steven Allen, 60 Wooster St. (Broome and Spring Sts.).
Aren't you going to frisk me?
In this week's E! Fashion Police, Vin Diesel looks inexplicably hot in a leather kilt; Christina Aguilera cleans up in Versace; Andre 3000 of Outkast reminds me of that Simon character that Mike Myers did on Saturday Night Live (you know, "Hello, my name is Simon, and I like to do drawrings"); Beyonce looks like a cross between Emma Peel in The Avengers and Joan Rivers in Dynasty, circa 1986; Paris and Nicky Hilton...I'm going to cut them some sex-tape-scandal slack and just not comment; and Meg White makes a cute '60s homage, but Jack scarily resembles Michael Jackson (someone get that guy to Mystic Tan!).
J.Lo from head to toe
WWD reports that Warnaco will produce a line of J.Lo Intimates. Her love don't cost a thing, but her undies are expected to run a very non-Versace-like $24-$35. Expect the line to be in stores next fall.
Candy perfume girl
First, take a test to see which Chanel fragrance is right for you (I can't vouch for the test's accuracy, however--it told me I should wear Chanel N. 5, which is way too grandmotherly for me). Then enter to win a free gift set of the perfume of your choice.

Speaking of Chanel, their website is offering an inside look at Chanel's "secret places". These "secret places" include 31 rue Cambon (Chanel HQ), with tours by actresses Jeanne Moreau and Virginie Ledoyen, Carine Roitfeld (Editor-in-Chief of French Vogue), and Jacques Polge, the Chanel "nose". You can also watch Lady Amanda Harlech at the Ritz hotel and view the Fine Jewelry Salon at 18 Place Vendôme with Karl Lagerfeld and Anna Mouglalis, "actress and Chanel Ambassadress." Then pretend you're Elsa Schiaparelli and call Coco "the little bourgeoisie!"
Everybody goes to Hollywood (Tom Ford included)
Hey, look, it's Madonna day at Cheryl Shops! Anyway, the Times' Ginia Bellafante speculates on the prospect of Tom Ford becoming a director. She interviewed several Hollywood execs who were quite snarky ("There are plenty of people who pal around with top stars who can't convince them to be in their movies") but, of course, asked that their names not be used, for fear of offending a potential future player. Typical.

Also in today's Times, a Jersey resale shop for teens (second item).
You must be my Lucky star
Yes, it's once again time for my critique of this month's Lucky. Without further ado...
Cover: Model Josie Maran, who prompted MW to say, "She's pretty hot." Indeed.
p.29: Five lingerie websites, and I'd only heard of one. Well done!
p.39: I am a sucker for anything that sparkles. Here's a whole page of shiny party attire.
p.53: On a page about tiered chiffon, they have the most adorable Marc by Marc Jacobs dress that's perfect for the spring's "return of the dress." It has a multicolored clover print...and is $358. Aiiieee. Is it me or are his clothes getting more expensive? Here's hoping for a sale...
p.56: Three alternatives to Uggs: more expensive and still ugly.
p.62: Black dresses and strappy heels, all under $100, and all very ctue.
p.68: Veering slightly into Mafia wife territory with two pages of jeweled heels. Add some gold lame and shoulder pads and you have Michelle Pfeiffer in Married to the Mob.
p.89: My mom says only hookers wear dark red nail polish, but I still like it. My favorite color (not pictured here) is Hard Candy's Porno.
p.112: Eight bath products with evergreen scents, just in case you want to smell like a pine forest.
p.139: Gift guide, a.k.a. 20 pages of stuff to buy for yourself. Still, it has a lot of pretty cool items, and they're all affordable (unlike the gift guide of a certain magazine where I work, in which a lot of the "gifts" are in the four figures). Categories here include floral, brown & turquoise, animal prints, old-fashioned, $25 and under (this is where some of the best stuff is found), bound gifts, mod, and shiny.
p.164: A feature on party clothes...if you're going to an ugg-lee party!
p.180: A jewelry story featuring cuff bracelets, little rings, chandelier earrings (which, thankfully, don't seem to be going away anytime soon), and estate-style necklaces. I would wear pretty much anything pictured in these pages--it's all classy and simple.
p.188:"How to Look Good Bundled Up" (not to be confused with "I want to look good naked," from American Beauty) is, in theory, a good idea, but half of the models in this story are way too exposed to qualify as being "bundled up." Oh well, they probably shot the story in August.
p.212: WWKD? (What would Kate (Moss) do?) In summary, she'd wear an army jacket, a denim miniskirt, diamond earrings, aviators, the designer-bag-of-the-moment, and ballet flats.
p.218: A guide to shopping on the other Fifth Park Slope.
In today's Post...
...Sally Hershberger's $600 haircuts versus 10 cuts under $100, which, thankfully, doesn't mention my wonderful Paul or his place of employment (if it did, I'd never be able to get a haircut there again without a month's notice). The Post also joins Simon Doonan in arguing in favor of visible pany lines (yuck!). Also: Elie Tahari has yet another new line, Helen Wang goes Shopaholic, and pink is the new pink.
The week in shopping
Without further ado, this week's sample sales, events, etc.

Aeffe USA has Moschino, Gaultier, Narciso Rodriguez, Alberta Ferretti, and Pollini. Items are 60% below retail (starting at $25) and include Italian-made suits, ready to wear, sportswear, knits, eveningwear, dresses, leather, lingerie, and accessories. Unfortunately, this is a true sample sale, so only sizes 6-8 and medium will be available. 11/11-11/13, 10-6, 30 W. 56th St. (5th and 6th Aves.).

Marilyn Monroe wore Delman shoes, and that's good enough for me. They're having a sample sale featuring Delman shoes and boots, including their famous ballet slippers, for $85-$150 (formerly $175-$350); Nina styles are $30-$60 (formerly $69-$85); and samples (size 6-7M) are $30-$50. 11/12-11/19, 10-7 (closed Saturday and Sunday), 730 5th Ave. (56 and 57 Sts.), 8th floor.

Ladies shell out big bucks for Judith Leiber's evening bags, but at this sale they start at $100. 11/13-11/14, 8:30-3 Thursday and 8:30-4 Friday, 20 W. 33rd St. (5th and 6th Aves.), 2nd floor.

Wanna dress like Elizabeth Hurley? Go to the Versace sample sale Wednesday through Saturday. The sale includes men's, women's, and children's clothing from Versace, Versus, Versace Jeans, Couture, Versace Classic, and Versace Sport, marked down 60 percent or more, with prices starting at $30. Get out! 11/12-11/15, noon-7 weekdays, 10-5 Saturday, Metropolitan Pavilion, 123 W. 18th St. (6th and 7th Aves.), gallery on the 4th Floor.

Hey, pregnant chicks! You can buy a cheaper version of her line at Target, but if you like the luxe stuff, check out the Liz Lange Maternity Warehouse Sale. Items are up to 80% off and start at $20. 11/12-11/13, 8-6:30, 315 W. 36th St. (8th and 9th Aves.), 5th floor.

Vanessa Noel has some sexy, sexy shoes on sale for up to 75% off every day this week. Shoes are new and samples, and include pumps, boots, slingbacks, mules, sandals, and bridal shoes. Daily, 9-5, 158 E. 64th St. (Lexington and 3rd Aves.).

Who loves cashmere? I do, I do! Central Park West Cashmere is on sale for up to 50% off. All sizes and colors of turtlenecks, V-necks, scarves, basics, cashmere hoodies, and sweatpants, in chunky, basic, and tissue-weight knits, are available. 11/12-11/14, 9-6 Wednesday and Thursday and 9-4 Friday, 230 W. 39th St. (7th and 8th Aves.), 8th floor.

SoHo fashion palace Kirna Zabete is holding a spring 2004 preview (hey, it's never too early!) for designer Luisa Beccaria, with a cocktail reception Tuesday from 5-8. 11/10-11/11, 11-7, 96 Greene St. (Prince and Spring Sts.).

Spend $100 and get free shipping at Old Navy when you enter the code NOVFS100.

Buy a pair of shoes at and get $20 off a second pair.

For eBay lovers
My cranky operations manager, of all people, sent me this link. It's hilarious, especially if you're an eBay freak: Collection of 26 Beanie Babies from Ex-Wife
Weekend shopping
Yikes, kids, I've been ridiculously busy today! What is it about Fridays? Anyway, without further ado, some shopping ideas for the weekend...

Bloomingdales is having a home sale Saturday only. Check out a preview here (at your own risk--the website is a clunker), or go to the store (highly recommended).

Banana Republic is having a 30% off sale. I like these pants, this sweater (good for the gals who are lacking in the boob department), and these cute ballet shoes, which are quite trendy right now.

Loehmann's has a new shipment of designer goodies: Clothes from Dolce & Gabbana, Vivienne Westwood, Moschino, Valentino, and more Italians; and accessories from Christian Dior, Ralph Lauren, Kenneth Cole, Via Spiga, and others. Clearance merchandise is an extra 20% off, but unless you have three hours to kill, I'd recommend skipping those racks.

For the peeps in Queens: Today Sephora is opening a new store at 71-30 Austin Street in Forest Hills.

If you spend $50 at, enter code HOLIDAYTREATS at checkout and get the following gift with purchase (hooray for gift with purchase!): Sample-size Definicils mascara in Black, Rouge Absolu Creme lipstick in Port Glace (a brownish red color), Maquiriche Quad (um, that would be eyeshadow) in Honeymoon, Coquille, Noix, and Rustique (all neutral brownish shades), and a pot of Resolution D-Contraxol (i.e., fancy wrinkle cream).

Need some posters? Enter code C209133682416 at for 20% off.

My friend Kate is in town this weekend, so I get to take her shopping. Woo-hoo! Expect a full report on Monday.
Times bonus
Because one day of fashion per week simply isn't enough, the Times has graced us with some bonus fashion business stories. At Galleries Lafayette in Paris: Buy a thong, get a lesson from a "striptease artist" (apparently even strippers are artistes in France). Cathy Horyn weighs in on the Gucci "situation". Plus, what the Gucci "situation" will mean for Louis Vuitton.

Kind of not really related to shopping, but sort of, the Times also published a story on cupcakes. Yes, really. They use Magnolia Bakery in the lede, and since Magnolia is on the strip of Bleecker with the three Marc Jacobs stores, Lulu Guinness, Fresh, the new Ralph Lauren store, the Otter, etc., I think it's legitimate to mention it, because it's a good mid-shopping snack-break spot. So stop there (it's on Bleecker and 11th) and have a cupcake after you blow your paycheck at the Marc store across the street. There's nothing like a little sugar to soothe the soul.
Find Outlet (361 W. 17th btw. 8th and 9th; 229 Mott btw. Prince and Spring) has a new shipment of Nancy, Mon Petit Oiseau, Cynthia Steffe, and Julia.

Design Within Reach has opened yet another New York store at 76 Montague Street in Brooklyn Heights. Go here for more details.

Clothingline has booked a Joie sample sale for the week of December 15. (Don't forget Theory and Kulson starting December 6th.)

I got the invite for the November 15 Billion Dollar Babes sale. Should I go? E-mail me and tell me what you think. If you want to go, click here to RSVP.

Perfect 10
Lynn Yaeger hits East 10th Street and finds some eclectic stuff in this week's Village Voice.
Fashion Police
In this week's E! Fashion Police, J.Lo channels Aunt Jemima; Eve reminds me of the transvestite hookers that work in my neighborhood; Demi Moore is so elegant, I want to kill her; Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen still look eight years old to me; Beck hops on the gross jeans-stuffed-into-Ugg-boots train; and Anna Nicole Smith is getting much closer to the fighting weight of her Guess days.
A mouse in my house is the bearer of good news: Marc Jacobs' elusive mouse shoe is making a comeback, in slingback and flat form. Buy all the 8 1/2's and I'll kill you.

Also at The spring accessories report (think whimsy and gold metallic platform shoes), and editors' resort collection picks.
Gucci: the aftermath
Women's Wear Daily provides a long but detailed account of the split, including speculation on who will design Gucci and YSL now (Alexander McQueen and Nicolas Ghesquiere, respectively?) and what Tom Ford will do next (Hollywood? His own line?). And because this is WWD, there are no fewer than seven stories on the Gucci breakup. More coverage:
Industry reaction
Ford's tenure at Gucci
Speculation on the new Gucci and YSL designers
Ford-hater Yves Saint Laurent gloats
The beauty angle
The business angle
Also, as a tribute, I'm wearing my black circa 1999 Gucci blouse today.
Battle of the beauties
It's Sephora vs. Gloss in the holiday beauty gifts showdown. Sephora has a whole gift section broken down by price, recipient, occasion, etc.; Gloss, now through November 11, is having a Best in Beauty week with mondo sample and gift-with-purchase giveaways. Where, oh, where shall I go to order my holiday cosmetics?
Cookin' in my book
Domestic goddess Nigella Lawson's "Living Kitchen" collection is available at the Container Store. Everything is soft, feminine, and curvy, with a bit of weight to it. Come to think of it, kind of like Nigella herself! I especially like the ceramic mixing bowls, which are shaped to hug against the arm, with a slight tapered end for pouring. P.S. The Container Store is opening in Manhattan, across from the 6th Avenue Bed, Bath & Beyond, on November 22nd. Woohoo!
Cashmere for dummies
Today's Daily Candy marvels over Isaac Mizrahi's cashmere hats, gloves, and scarves for Target. (If those colors are a bit too bright for you, there's a black-and-white striped version.) Prices? $14.99 for the hat, $16.99 for the gloves, and $19.99 for the scarf. One hundred percent cashmere. Unbelievable. I applaud Isaac for doing whatever it takes (is he shaving the goats, spinning the yarn, and knitting everything himself?) to get middle America out of freakin' acrylic knits.
Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming
In today's Times, the death of cute children's clothing (thank God!) and Gwen Stefani: Why let other people make money off my look when I can make money off my look?
Holy shit, part 2
Okay, I've caught my breath. Yikes, kids, this is the end of an era. As much as I may knock Tom Ford for designing by committee, you can't not appreciate what he's done for Gucci and for fashion itself. We have him to thank for the return of the boot cut, designer logos (you could say this is a bad thing, but, let's face it, we're conspicuous consumers and we dig the logos), aviator glasses, velvet jackets, wispy chiffon dresses, stilletos (and assorted fuck-me shoes), peasant blouses, and a host of other components of our modern-day wardrobes. Pretty much everything he designs is unbelievably sexy, and it stuns me how every season he comes up with new ideas and new ways to be so sensual, provocative, and sophisticated. Gucci can hire a new designer or one of Ford's underlings (or several), but I'd think it would be impossible to match his level of innovation.

Aside from his design talents, Ford, with Domenico De Sole, acquired a host of brands for Gucci, including Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney, and Bottega Veneta. I can only hope that Gucci will continue to support these smaller designers because, God knows, I live three blocks away from the McQueen and McCartney stores and there is never anyone in either of them. While McQueen is a (mostly misunderstood) genius and McCartney, well, has yet to really prove herself as an independent designer, brands like these are culturally and artistically significant, and need to be nurtured, as they probably couldn't exist without the help of a big corporation, sadly.

I don't mean to sound so morbid; I realize that Ford is leaving the company, not dying. I can only hope that the parent company, Pinault Printemps-Redoute, and its owner, French billionaire François Pinault, don't royally screw things up. I believe De Sole was near retirement age; I hope he enjoys it with style. As for Ford, I can't wait to see what he does next.
Holy shit
Tom Ford and Domenico De Sole are leaving Gucci. I'll comment on this once I catch my breath.
Post fashion
In today's Post, Laura Eisman (founder of the excellent Girlshop) goes Shopaholic on 14th street, and fitted jackets are in. Duh.
Clothingline = not so much
In the previous post, I said I'd check out the Clothingline sale on my lunch hour. I did, and I'm sad to report that it's somewhat lame. The majority of the space is devoted to the Vakko shearlings and leather (shearlings are $500-$1,000; leather is $99-$200-ish). There is one small rack for the vince. merchandise, but what was there was cute: miniskirts and cashmere sweaters. And, judging by the amount of fringe, I'm guessing the Kooba bags are last year's, so, sadly, no $200 clutch. I guess I'll have to pray it's still around for the season-clearance sale at Barneys. Yeah, right.
The week in shopping
Since Halloween is past, now begins the official holiday shopping season. (Hmm, remember when it began after Thanksgiving?) Hence, the onslaught of sample sales. This week's offerings:

Chaiken's tailored trousers and chunky sweaters are less than half off retail at 260 Fifth Ave. (between 28th and 29th), Tuesday through Friday (11-7 Tue., 10-8 Wed., 10-7 Thurs., 9:30-11:30 a.m. Fri).

Fan-cee party clothes from Rubin Chapelle are up to 60 percent off at 410 W. 14th (between 9th and Washington) Thursday through Saturday (11-8 weekdays, 12-7 Sat.).

I can definitely vouch for the always-excellent Denise Williamson Showroom sample sale. This round features trendy, trendy stuff from FrostFrench, Ulla Johnson, Charlotte Corday, Samantha Treacy, Sass & Bide, and Fake London, with prices up to 75 percent off retail. Thursday through Saturday (9-7 weekdays, 11-6 Sat.) at 115 Mercer (Prince and Spring).

Attention shoe whores: Cynthia Rowley, Nancy Geist, and NancyNancy boots and shoes are on sale for $60-$100 (originally $175-$400) at 307 Seventh Ave. suite 2307 (27th and 28th) today through Friday (12-7). And it's all about the Benjamins, i.e. cash only.

Don't forget to buy your dog a Christmas present. New York Dog has carriers, collars, leashes, beds, coats, and toys at 133 W. 25th St., (6th and 7th), suite 8 West.

Perhaps the store with the easiest-to-remember-address, 12 Little West 12th St (located at, um, 12 Little West 12th Street, between 9th and Washington) is selling its trendy knitwear (sweaters, scarves, hats, gloves, and skirts) for up to 75 percent off, today through Wednesday (12-8).

Clothingline has vince., Kooba bags, and Vakko shearling coats. I'll be checking it out during my lunch hour (I hope they have the $200 clutch I've been eyeing at Barneys for the last month), so expect a report sometime this afternoon. 261 W. 36th (7th and 8th), (10-6 Mon., Wed., Fri. and 10-7 Tue. and Thurs).

Max Mara's, suits, sportswear, knits, coats, eveningwear, and accessories are wholesale and below today through Thursday at 560 Seventh Ave. (40th and 41st), 2nd Floor (Mon.-Wed., 9-6:30, Thurs., 9-5).
L.A. "fashion" week
Los Angeles designers attempted to prove they can make more than jeans and T-shirts. The Times managed to devote 500 words to their efforts.