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Fall trends: snakeskin boots

Snakeskin print is the trend that just won't quit—I featured it back in spring, and also last fall. And while it may never replace my first love, leopard print, I think I'm finally ready to add some snake print to my wardrobe. I think the coolest way to wear it this season is in an ankle boot—there are all shapes and colors too, from metallic silver to pink. Just to clarify, these are generally snake-embossed leather, not actual snakeskin boots. Here are some of my favorites for fall.

What to wear with a red blazer

My wardrobe is mostly neutral by design—it's more interchangeable that way, however I do enjoy an occasional, well-placed pop of color. Red is strong color that takes a bit of boldness to wear, but I love the confidence it inspires. I had a red blazer that I loved, but it was literally unraveling and unsalvageable, so I decided to replace it. The one I ended up with has quite a backstory (keep scrolling) but I love how casual it is in spite of its strong color. True, you can rock a red blazer with black trousers and feel like a total boss, but I love how approachable it feels with jeans and a T-shirt. Here's how I wore my new red blazer on the weekend.

Fall trends: plaid boyfriend blazers

I wear a blazer pretty much every day, to the point that I worry about turning into Suze Orman (although it would be nice to have her financial savvy). But a blazer is the one piece that instantly makes anything I'm wearing feel that much more pulled together. This season, I'm all about the plaid boyfriend blazer, the longer the better (bonus points if it covers your bum, so you can wear it with leggings). It's obviously menswear-inspired, but with details or colors that make it softer and more interesting. Here are my favorite oversized plaid blazers for fall 2019.

How to wear knits on knits

I’ve always been a big fan of knits on my upper half—what’s not to love about a good T-shirt or sweater?—but have only recently gotten into them on my lower half. Since knits can be clingy, and since you may or may not want to draw attention to certain parts of your lower half, dressing with them can be quite a challenge. But the guideline is simple: emphasize what you want to, and draw attention away from what you don’t want to. The best part: wearing knits on knits is incredibly comfy and cozy, but can look polished too. Here’s how.

Fall trend preview

Since Monday was officially the first day of fall, now we can talk about fall fashion, which is my favorite season for it. I mean, what’s not to love about cozy sweaters, comfy boots, and an overall feeling of hygge? I am really excited to share my favorite fall 2019 trends—so excited, in fact, that I’m going to try something new and kick off my fall shopping guide with a preview of everything I’ll be featuring. The best part is that all of the items can be worn together to create one amazing (and age-appropriate) fall look. Here are my must-have trends for fall 2019.

How to wear a leopard skirt to work

How many leopard-print skirts is too many? Asking for a friend. And by a friend, I mean me. Actually, don't answer that question. This most recent acquisition is my fourth leopard-print skirt—I have a short one, a midi one, and a green knee-length one—and I swear, it's totally different than the other three. For one, it's bias-cut, so it has a slip-skirt look. For another, it has a more cheetah-like print than the others. But most importantly, I love it and I will certainly wear it, so who cares. Here's how I wore it to work last week.

What to wear with bright pink shoes

Putting an outfit together is something that has always come naturally to me, hence one of the many reasons I write this blog—and hopefully it's something that you, dear readers, find helpful. However, I occasionally get stumped by certain items. Rockport sent me this delightful (and very comfortable) pair of hot pink suede sandals, and I truly couldn't figure out what to wear with them. They looked too matchy-matchy with pink or printed dresses, and they just looked wrong with jeans. I was at a loss. Thankfully, we all get by with a little help from our friends, and when I saw Nancy's post on her last summer outfit, all of a sudden I knew what to do: pair them with a soft green cargo pant and classic white shirt. 

How Zuni and I are celebrating National Fetch Day

This post is sponsored by Chuckit! but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

As the owner of a dog who LOVES to play fetch, National Fetch Day is unofficially every day at my house. But officially, October 19th is the big day, and it’s about more than just playing fetch (although that is a big part). National Fetch Day is all about getting outside, meeting other dog owners, and, most importantly, playing. So what better way to celebrate than with Zuni’s favorite toy, the ChuckIt Launcher?

Get the look: white shirt and wide-leg khaki pants

It's been a minute since I've done a "get the look" post, but my Pinterest followers have been busy pinning this neutral look from my Outfit ideas for ageless style board. And coincidentally, it's another one focused on wide-leg pants—are we on the verge of a major silhouette shift, or is there just something effortless about a wide-leg cropped pant? I can't answer that, but I can re-create this look while it's still warm enough to wear it.

What I wore in Kansas City

Last weekend, we traveled to Kansas City for my nephew's wedding. Yes, I am old enough to have a nephew getting married. No, I will not shut up. Anyway, Kansas City is known for being ridiculously humid this time of year, but thankfully we lucked out with hot but not terribly muggy weather. The trip was a bit of a whirlwind, but we squeezed in as much quality family time as possible. Here's what I wore.

The sneakers I can't stop wearing

Taos Footwear provided the the sneakers in this post, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own. 

I am very late to the sneaker party, but better late than never, right? Lately, I've been wearing sneakers with everything from jeans to skirts, and I especially love how they look with a midi dress. I've been trying everything from designer brands to actual athletic shoes, but the sneaker I've been wearing nonstop lately is the Star Sneaker by Taos Footwear. They look like a classic canvas sneaker, but on the inside, they're so much more. Read on for what makes this shoe so ridiculously comfortable.

10 things I love on sale

Labor Day is a weird time of year to shop. There are often amazing sales, but they’re usually for summer styles—and can be the bottom of the barrel at that. Granted, summer still technically lasts for another month, and in many parts of this country, maybe longer than that. That said, I love a good sale, and I really love passing along a good deal to you, dear readers. So to make your Labor Day sale shopping even easier, here are 10 things that I love—and have featured here on Cheryl Shops—on major sale.

What to wear with a long cardigan

I bought this long cardigan during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale and took it to Sweden, thinking I'd need it at night. But since we were in Europe during a heat wave, I didn't get the opportunity to wear it until our very last night. Thankfully, there have been plenty of opportunities to layer it on since we've been back in San Francisco; I pretty much lived in it last weekend in Carmel, but I wanted to show it in a more transitional way too. Thankfully, it goes with nearly everything. Here's how I wore this long cardigan to dinner last Saturday night.

36 hours in Ystad

36 hours in where? Exactly. The entire trip began when my friends and I saw this year’s Outstanding in the Field lineup. Last year, we had traveled to Burgundy, France, for an OITF dinner there, and we had so much fun, we decided to do it again this year. Except we picked the dinner at Kaseholm Castle in Tomelilla, Sweden, outside of Malmo (where IKEA is headquartered). That’s how Sean and I ended up building our trip to Stockholm and Copenhagen—our final destination was Ystad, Sweden, where we met up with six friends (!) for a two-night stay, including the dinner. It was filled with friends, food, and most importantly, fun. Here’s what we did in our 36 hours in Ystad.